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Title: Interesting Enclaves
Post by: LordSkys on October 12, 2018, 06:58:53 PM
So me and a couple of my compatriots have a rule: don't get attached to that which can't be carried.

Basically, when you move on, you can only bring the essentials. This has gotten us out of so many jams when it comes to surviving I can't even begin to describe the first time we had to use it.

We spend more time out in the Loss than anywhere else, and you never know when your gonna find a new enclave or LALA's hide out. So I was wondering what strange and/or half baked ideas got turned into enclaves people have actually seen.

I'll start:

One enclave by the Canadian border that is doing interestingly well is Menagerie. Legend has it a single taker group of six cleared an entire zoo in less than 72 hours by letting the biggest surviving predators and stampeding animals in the zoo out of their cages and turning them on the Casualties inside. Then, they rounded the rest (of the Casualties) up around a central PA Tower and blew it (and the surrounding enclosures) to smithereens w/ enough mortars and plastic explosives to put an actual crater in the ground. Those predators that ate the blight, or stampeding creatures bitten, died off by the end of the week, and the rest is history.

The taker crew brought in "shareholders" in the zoo's conversion into an enclave, and from what I hear they trade w/ highly affluent people across the loss looking for the rare and exciting. It cost me 2 weeks of rations, but goddamn if a real medium rare 16oz wildebeest steak (which was about 70% unedible grizzle) isn't the best meal I have eaten on the face of the freaking Earth.

Every creature that could be domesticated is; and the leader of the enclave, the only surviving taker from the crew, (the rest moved on to a job up north and got serious rad poisoning IIRC) has made sure every animal has been put to some type of use.

He raised a couple of half-wolf hounds that he bred specifically for protection of the enclave; they took falcons, hawks, even a golden eagle and trained them as messengers. They turned the aquarium into a goddamn fish farm. Apparently a rather affluent taker crew bought a zebra to use as a pack mule, then they rode it all the way back to Distributy. (Though I think the last one was a myth, tbh. None of my friends over there ever seen a zebra)

This sounds all made up and shit, but I've seen Menagerie with my own eyes. It's pretty damn impressive to be honest.

Anyways, what other half baked scheme's became (at least semi successful) enclaves?
Title: Re: Interesting Enclaves
Post by: LordSkys on October 13, 2018, 02:48:19 PM
I know I set up this thing, but I have found some other wierd places in my time. One of the strangest was Canonbury.

Canonbury was on the top of a giant sub mountainous ledge, with a giant ski slope on one side and a giant, well, ledge on the other. The entirety of the enclave is a sports megaplex built by some crazy Olympic gold winner a while back. We're talking religious zealotry-level love of sports.

The entirety of the megaplex is in a super stadium the size of  a small town at the top of the ledge, and has a fucking one-way glass facade which can make it near invisible to the naked eye. At the bottom of the ledge is a warehouse that blasts the music tracks for every gym nut's and dude bro's ultimate playlist, and the C's freaking love it. Apparently they use these C's on treadmills to generate power for the rest of the freaking enclave.

But why do they need all this power?

Oh, because each of the five largest building have those retractable roofs, so they can open and close those buildings as needed for weather to protect their crops. They had some horticultural genius re-engineer warehouse-based growing methods to create more growing seasons.

There are enough of the smaller buildings that latents have completely separate housing, and the largest of the buildings is a time-based open air market of anything you could ask for.

A small group of those anti-GMO buzzheads live in one of the southern buildings, and they caught some rabbits and now have an invasive rabbit problem in their GMO-free farm- building. While it is hilarious to watch these bumbling idiots deal with these rabbits, they pay you 1 bounty per 20 rabbits caught, and let you keep the rabbits as an alternative payment.

These freaking rabbits hide under the floors and shit, so when you find one, another twelve are under that floor board, but the buzzheads refuse to let you go under the floors. I think they have a real stash under there.

The GMO nuts have occasionally been a little... argumentative with the others in the enclave. Overall I think they are just sad their dinky farm isn't nearly as useful as the five big ones the enclave uses to feed the surrounding region.

They also have some decent weed. Definitely not GMO-free, but they think it is. Cigs thinks it was laced with nicotine, but he's always had an addictive personality. From what I hear the cartel occasionally buys from them when demand is high.

The fact that this enclave is protected by plenty of placed snipers, but have no decent walls, means that the blight really isn't an intelligence-based disease if it hasn't gotten here yet.


Edit: Completely forgot I could expand on existing posts.

Anyways, I just stopped by a little enclave named New Athens. This place is based out of an old tech development building in northern Idaho. These idiots use UBeasts as a form of crypto-currency like no other I have seen before.

I think that something like 98% of the enclave were archivists, and I tried selling some e-copies of architecture and engineering books I had gotten from an engineering college in Montana. The guy I was bartering with said some one off things. "Damn that's a Fistothud of materials" and the like. When we got down to the down and dirty he said his opening offer was... "A Kangaslash and two Crocodigs. ???

I replied twelve bounty, and he said "I can barely get a Pairrot with that" and demanded two and a Fistothud.

After a few general wtf moments to myself, he agreed to nine bounty and a day of rations. He addressed me as 'sir' the entire time, but I kept it together.

While the actual enclave isn't much to speak of, they seem to have isolated themselves pretty much voluntarily from most of the bounty system. They recognize the bounty system exists, but they have no concept of the bounty's worth. To them everything was U Beasts. I had been playing the game since pre-crash, so I had quite the collection from my years and they were more than willing to trade gear and bounty for them.

They have a zero blight policy I think, since there were no latents in or in the vicinity of the building. Then again they may just not have any Suppressin there, since Soma was like 6 bounty a bottle.

I almost felt bad trading them the digital creatures in return for physical and crypto bounty, but beggars can't be choosers, and it was worth more to them than the plastic.

While I won't say exactly how much I brought back, suffice it to say that I won't need to go nanotube hunting for a few weeks, and Elsie will be getting some fresh gourds in time for the Ceremony of Moons (Yeah, new new-age Wicca, so what?)  and I might even invest in those public speaking books I have been eyeing.