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Title: Long Term Negotiations and Incorporated Taker Crews
Post by: LordSkys on October 14, 2018, 05:23:57 AM
So I have this idea for a game where the crew has a backer. This backer is a taker centered gear developer in the Loss that buys, collects, and sells unique/pioneering tech and taker gear from both pre and post Crash.

One big thing about the group is how integrated this backer should be in their group. With it being economic horror, a lot of the economic problems may not come into as much play when you have a dedicated backer. How can I keep these as a more mutual business partnership than the players slowly gaining a friendship with their backer? How does one use the same negotiator for a large number of undertakings without dulling the whole weak and soft spots out over and over again.

Also, it would make sense to use these guys as a way to add some more... interesting gear into the game. Maybe a unique item or two that are prototypes that are nice gift spots, while they may also field test other gear (to varying degrees of effectiveness).

Carrying/using this prototype gear for field tests make you a Target for competitors, including roaches, as well as having a unique weapon or device. This can also be a way to get some extra bountt from the job.

All in all, I was wondering what kind of gear we might want to add. So far I have a few ideas, but I only have so many hours to scan spy movies and current day pioneering tech to see what might actually be useful.

I also have to figure out what kind of items they might have to get while on these missions.

A couple of my current proto type ideas:

Spider Dronkey: the spider dronkey has extra stabilizers and movement speed, the legs can separate into two sets of four legs, and it has a gyroscopic cart which can stay level no matter what the terrain. It is slightly smaller than a standard dronkey and only carries three haul, but has stealth servos as a standard package.

Shotgun Axe: the name says it all. Take it a shotgun, make it an axe. Kill C's without ever switching weapons. It uses charges as a shotgun or axe, but most are freshly made and in rather decent condition; so, unless they are found, they usually have sturdy built in.

Ranged Suppressin Delivery Pistol aka RSD: a small single shot handgun that fires Suppressin at short range as a needle with built in contact based injection. Basically a Suppressin epi-pen launcher.

Self Performing Tourniquet: A band, much like a belt or armband, that can save a limb by tightening as soon as fatal amounts of damage has been dealt to a body part other than the body or head. Results are promising, but not always reliable. Proven to not stop the spread of blight.
Title: Re: Long Term Negotiations and Incorporated Taker Crews
Post by: Negative Entropy on October 17, 2018, 08:54:56 AM
Make the backer a company and their handlers find them jobs for them.
The handlers have different personalities and spots. You still get the chance to interact with the client from time to time but most times it's a low paying low risk shlub job found by the company where the real money comes from testing new kit and doing in the field reviews.

The takers then are the complication. Find a way to test this new piece of kit on camera.
They then have to put themselves in danger to earn above hazard pay.

It sounds like a Paranoia mechanic.
Title: Re: Long Term Negotiations and Incorporated Taker Crews
Post by: LordSkys on October 18, 2018, 05:38:14 PM
I love this idea, Entropy.

One of the main parts of the backer that I have been trying to get across, is that they are essentially part of the company as the company's sole (or at least main) takers.  But technically the "company" doesn't exist. No legal documents, 99.8% Loss based (with the other .2% being spies for them), Homo Sacer, the works.

How do I balance the "test this stuff" and "collect this stuff" missions? I don't know how I can make them unique without occasionally just giving them random "prototype" gear to test out while on there other missions. It's kinda hard to make red markets compelling when it's "hey, use this gear this many times in this many ways, and record the results". The idea of it just being, "So while you're out there 007, try out this thingamabob. Will it work? Maybe." makes way more sense to run in this type of scenario.

Actually, rereading this thread and what I typed so far; mixing these types of play could help make it dynamic. The better their Rep, the more and different types of gear they can test; and the more likely they will be to keep something good.

I'm leaning towards a 10% testing / 40% collecting / 50% jobs that don't relate directly to the company (which I will call indirect from now on) to start. As t goes on testing and collecting will slowly increase as indirect jobs lower. I'm thinking they might need to double check with their handlers to take jobs outside of the company, but it might not be completely uncalled for.

It would also make sense if the team slowly became more and more valuable as time goes on, that just makes common sense to me.

Entropy, I think I will use your idea with some extreme prejudice.

I am starting a thread soon of tech prototype articles, since "If there is a working prototype of it in then Real World, it exist in Red Markets".

EDIT: ---------------------------------------------

I have decided to change them into a sort of pseudo-incorporation group. Each job will play into the perfect JOLS scenario. Think like the Ocean's 11,12,12, and 8 style scenarios. Each heist plays into things needed for the big break. Specialized vehicles, unique and precise items needed for the job, bounty to pull it off, alibis, the works.

I think it will ultimately make a lot of people angry at them, but you can't find who you don't know.

Scams and bounty pulling will be important, since you need to make money as well as gather the materials for your perfect heist.