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Title: LordSkys' Blog
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I've realized I use Ubiq often enough I may as well start keeping track of my adventures.

So I've decided to do what any Post-Crash Gen Z kid would do... I started a blog.

So that is exactly what I'm doing.

Also, i will have a Casualty kill count running for only confirmed casualty kills by myself.

Beginning Total: 0

Please do not post on this thread, treat it as a blog


I know the following is a repost, oh well.

Also, this thread is main Canon for MY character LordSkys. While that means they will say stuff that may not exist in other continuities, each thread they are in is treated as a different continuity. License isn't Canon, so each thread Lord Skys is in may be different.


A picture of an androgynous person with neon blue hair cut in a bob is shown. Their eyes, nose, and most of the face is blurred out, but a smirking mouth with purple lipstick stands out at you. Military grade cargo pants and women's black tank top are visible, and they have tattoos of a Celtic cross and a tree with roots growing down the left arm. They have their arms on the shoulders of a set of male twins, carpet armor on the arm around the latent one, her tattooed arm on the one that's not. There are black X on each eye of the twins. In the lower corner is an elderly pissed of man with a large pint and a very large cigar.

I realize I haven't exactly introduced myself. My name is LordSkys. Before you say anything... yes, someone "like me" did survive the Crash. As far as I'm aware I'm the only one that has survived to this point. Prefers she or they pronouns.

The hair was dyed before the Crash. "Evercolor Blue #97" has lasted five years. Lipstick wore off a while ago.

In the picture is my crew. Foxtrot and Coyote were my brothers. Coyote is the latent, Foxtrot was not. And that other guy is Cigs. Cigs is... well he's Cigs. Anti-tech type. I don't talk much about Foxtrot and Coyote, but suffice it to say I'm in the market for new partners.

Speaking of partners, Elsie is my rock. Our would-be wedding was crashed... bad choice of word... "invaded" by some neonazi Hicks. And then crashed... better use, still not a great word... by some vectors.

We made it out with Foxtrot and Coyote. Saw Mother Johnson's neck get torn open and ran with them and didn't turn back.

I'm a taker by trade, but I work on tech. Will sell information or unique gear for the right price. Unique is my specialty, and a passion. You can count on a fair deal on any unique items I pawn or get pawned.

U beasts is a great distraction from the Loss. Got a 13th level Alt-color Fearataur, max abilities. Looking for a Cryofin, must be female and have the "adventurous" desposition. Will trade just about any U Beasts for crypto, won't go the other way around.

Lightning Round

Abberants: They're real, but not well understood. Wierdest one I dealt with had four arms and threw a vector at Cigs like it was a football. That... wasn't fun.

Randians: Fuck em.

Latents: They're dangerous but still human.

Palbickle: Dead.

Gnat: Necessary. Ubiq is the only way 98% of humanity has stayed alive, some people are just to stubborn to admit it.

DHQS: A necessary evil. Terrible people, good loot.

Recession: Not for me. The crash was bad, but the recession eats people like me for breakfast. Plus I like the openness of the Loss.

Killing: Meh. I had killed before the Crash, self defense. It's not nearly as dangerous or as intimate at 500 yards.

Meds: No SOMA or Stim Sauce. Slow release medication implants pre-crash. Got another two years before that shit is up, and I already have replacements ready.


So LordSkys is a Roach. They (at the time of the first post) have Str 1, Spd 3, Adp 3, Int 2, Cha 1, Will 3.

She has the Weak Spot of "Difference breeds Resiliance". She has been different all her life. Boy, girl, other, trans, f****t, she's heard every term in the book. She holds back, but saying just the right thing can make her hot headed, and her trust is not won easily due to those scars.

They also have the Soft Spot "The Few who are Loyal". She has a soft spot for those who are loyal to a fault. She never had that kind of support in her life before Elsie, and she sympathizes with those that are so desperate for that connection, whether or not it is a healthy or mutual relationship.

They have maxed Shoot, Athletics, Scavenge, Awareness, Self Control, Profession (Drones), and Mecahnics. She also has a smattering of other skills.

They are Lost for life, and more than a little unhinged. They are also willing to do desperate things for desperate times.

Finally, she has a unique rifle with all upgrades and a digital scope which doubles as a fully upgraded set of binoculars. She also has carpet armor, a Kevlar vest, a versatile club, and a wrist mounted EverLight. She has recently acquired a limited edition DHQS Special Ops Light Chassis drone, which has the hampering quality removed, whisper drive, and autocomplete algorithm. The Light Chassis cannot be taken with BeeMail Chassis.
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LordSkys Blog

Date: November 5
Starting Casualties: 0

Chapter #1: A UBeasts's Purpose

Update 1: Total: 0
So I just finished up a little stint in New Athens. This place has closed itself from most all of the cloud based markets. These guys use Battlebeasts as a currency. It's negotiations and bartering every step of the way, but you can usually low ball them since they don't have much to offer in the knowledge of bounty trading.

I don't usually try turning these kind of trips into a score, but this enclave was too good to pass up. My Specs had about 6 years of beasts here, and being a UBeasts fanatic played to my advantage. Using location tags, depositions, alt-colors, rarity, level, potentials, the works for everything that played into the worth of these things. You set your collection to view with your client/supplier, and get to work trading. I must have cleared half a gig of battlebeasts off my specs.

Cigs and I have found some new blood in the area, and we're gonna meet up with them soon. A couple of gals from Hawlocker will be meeting up with us soon, and I'm ready to get to decent job pulling again.

Update 2: Total: 12
On the way to Hawlocker, I capped a few casualties and pulled some cards. As Cigs and i were going down the road, we found an old cross-country bus flipped on it's side. The driver and most of the passengers were strapped in, and made for easy pulling. The first aid kit was missing,but the overhead still had some decent-condition clothing, so we quick changed and decided to move on before people found us.

All in all, I'm excited for Hawlocker, and got some a sweet new toys to sell when we get there.
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LordSkys Blog

Date: November 6
Starting Casualties: 12

Chapter #2: The Road to Hawlocker

Update 1: Total: 12
Leg was uneventful; found a bike repair shop that was empty of people and casualties, and we were able to put together two bikes to speed up our trip to Hawlocker. We plan to sell them when we get there.

Update 2: Total: 16
Ran into a small town, a couple of Vectors charged us from a gas station while I was setting up the scouting drones. I hate how they always have to scream as they try to rip your face off.

After checking out the station, my best bet was that a latent went vector and killed his crew. I'm happy with the new gloves though.

Cigs and I hope to make it to Hawlocker by night fall.
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LordSkys Blog

Date: November 7
Starting Casualties: 12

Chapter #3: Tailpipe, Birchnut, and Stitcher

Update 1: Total: 16
So last night we rolled into Hawlocker a few hours after nightfall. They are NOT very receptive to those that roll around at night. While I don't blame them for their policies, the full body checks were pretty fucking invasive.

We found a little hole in the wall (figure of speech, not safety violation) to sleep in, and decided to stop on by the shopping district in the morning.

Let me just say Hawlocker has more Randians than shit has flies. I understand I just got out of bounty central, but these rands can't be serious. Half of them tried charging just for walking in front of their stalls.

After that foray into mindlessness, I think it's time to pick up the new recruits.

Update 2: Total: 16

First Impressions-

Tailpipe is an asshole, but he knows how his way around a gun. This guy is fast and not all there; his "audition" video, as he put it, was him out running three Vectors. He likes to be fast, i just hope he can learn to be quiet.
Tailpipe is a character I played for a short time. He dumped all of his bounty into maxing his speed, will, and adaption. He has Profession (parkour teacher), Athletics, Shoot, Awareness, and Scavenge. He's a Roach, and is not afraid to burn sanity. He is a Caucasian man from north LA.

Birchnut is paranoid about bites. I sold him some custom armor a little while back that I had modified from a score. He's head to toe decked in the middle of the enclave. I can understand a little bit of protection; but I mean kevlar, carpet, helmet, glove, military boots, chainmail, and a shield strapped to his back.
Birchnut was a one shot character I ran that dumped everything into being untouchable. Max Strength, Speed, melee, spear, shield, and a stupid amount of armor. he has Scavenger as his tough spot to afford it all. He is the son Mexican-American immigrants, and is about 5' 8".

Stitcher is bait, I can feel it. She doesn't know what the fuck she's doing. She and Tailpipe have been together for a few months now. She's a demolitions expert, supposedly.  She was a last minute addition, but she knows her way around a med kit, so we'll just let it be for now.
Stitcher is a Steward with ties to Alosine Corporation. She was born and grew up in Detroit, but took the opportunity to better the lives of her husband and her two daughters; by taking on this undercover job for the organization to check over the outer reaches of the heartland, for new growing area to support the contracts Alosine has with the Recession.
She has brown hair, green eyes, and a gleam of intelligence that is hard to ignore. She has Profession (DNA Researcher) or an equivalent skill.
Alosine will help her find information on DNA research projects and herbology, usually in return for samples from the enclave's food stores and out in the Loss.
She feels nothing for Tailpipe, but a cold bed is warmer when you sleep next to someone.

Anyways, with a full crew we might need to split it more ways, but there is more to be paid in the long run. Hopefully Elise will be here soon.
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LordSkys Blog

Date: November 9
Starting Casualties: 16

Chapter #4: Slow Start

Update 1: Total: 17
We've been on the road for a day now. Tailpipe is anxious as a chihuahua on espresso and amphetamines. Apparently we all run a bit too slow.

Found a casualty without arms or legs off the side of the road and killed it. I'm kinda anxious we haven't seen anymore.

Update 2: Total: 22
We've found about two dozen Casualties now without arms or legs.

Some are missing jaws, noses, or eyes. I've been trying to teach Stitcher the basics, but her and Tailpipe are way too antsy to pay much attention.

I don't blame them, but they need to keep their minds on track. I've been doing a little recon topside, and the surrounding fields also have limbless blight mines.

I just wanna get out of here.

Update 3: Total: 37
I've given up on killing any of these things that aren't immediately in our way. We've been walking for hours now with these things all around.

I've seen a grand total of three with enough limbs to be dangerous, and even they weren't fully intact.

None have cards or anything. I just hope they don't stick around too much longer on this trip.

There is an attached pic of a road running by a field with no distinguishing landmarks. There are a few Casualties with that look as if there limbs were ripped from there sockets.

Update 4: Total 41

We came up on a raider's camp on our walk. On the outskirts of the camp was at least a dozen of the limbless casualties.

As soon as we were in eye sight they started firing at us. Tailpipe is at least a decent shot, and Cig's been hunting most his life, so we take out the raiders easily enough. 6 men, armed with clubs and a few with guns. They all fought to the end.

As we were looting the camp a Vector came charging at Birchnut. He wasn't even phased as he smashed the things skull. I don't know whether to fear or respect a man that can do that; especially while wearing so much armor that it must actually have negative returns.

We left the raiders camp and eventually we stopped seeing those casualties.

I'm glad I have something to do while everyone else is taking a breather. I found a new Badgerbil, which is pretty nice; and I found out Birchnut still plays.

I traded him for a Mothrone, so he's at least pretty chill.

Update 5: Total: 41
Just got off my watch, found a place to hunker down for the night.

I'm not sure how much I trust Stitcher. I know she'll try to shoot the casualty coming for my leg, but there's a 50% chance she'll bury a slug in my head instead of the casualty's by mistake. Her hand is steady, but her aim is... unrefined.

Though that would explain why her demolitions would be so good, better with spray than precision.

Cigs is complaining about the light from my specs, so I'm heading to sleep.
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LordSkys Blog
Date: November 10
Starting Casualties: 29

Chapter #5: Señor Fuzzy
Update 1: Total: 29
I've been thinking about yesterday. While the casualties were still up, they were essentially harmless as long as you didn't step in their mouth. I think I'm gonna count each one as half a casualty.

i saw some goats out in a field we passed by; and ever since I've been thinking about Señor Fuzzy, a LALA up north. He's a goat herder that trades with the local enclaves.  He's never been right in the head as far as I'm aware, but at least the fleece is soft.

I think I may get a few bounty out of them if I clean and carry them back to the enclave, but we're a bit too far out for that kinda trouble. Plus, Big Bird doesn't fly very well when it has to carry bloody bodies.

Now i'm craving cabrita gyros. Fuck I'm hungry.

Update 2: Total: 30
Found a small farmhouse off the road. Place was completely empty, except for a casualty in the bathroom. Like every piece of furniture was missing. There was a shed outback with some stuff, and we found a rug that could fix up some carpet armor.

We stopped there for lunch, I'm still craving gyros.

Update 3: Total: 33
Finally got into a forested region, hoping to find something to make this trip worth while. Taking out the raiders brought in some cards, but paying bills is only breaking even. Carding casualties only works for so long, and my slingshot will only work so well before the C's are too close for safety.

This job we picked up should help turn out a small profit, but we gotta start pulling bigger gigs to make this work.

Update 4: Total: 34
Been thinking about Fuzzy. I'm pretty sure he's dead. I haven't seen him in a little over a year, and comes back every 48 days for exactly one day. Elise hasn't seen him when I was out last spring.

I think if I ever make it out, being a goat herding LALA is a best case scenario.

The fire is attracting casualties, and my watch is up. Night y'all.

Update 5: Total: 34
Someone pinged my specs with a trade request, it's a local area ping.

We are doubling up on watches for tonight, and leave a little before dawn.
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LordSkys Blog
Date: November 11
Starting Casualties: 34

Chapter #6: On We Go
Update 1: Total: 34
We left about two hours before dawn, and have been making sure we aren't being tracked every step of the way.

I've been sending Little Bird out scouting, and I haven't seen anyone yet. We've been avoiding casualties as to not leave a path, and the whole nine yards.

Cigs is worried I'm gonna attract unwanted attention if I keep blogging what we're doing, but I'm keeping my stories purposefully vague as to make sure no one can track us.

Birchnut is getting paranoid about the number of casualties we are leaving out there, but we couldn't risk taking them out. I'm starting to wonder if he has Mather ties.

Update 2: Total: 36

To clarify from my last update; I don't have any problems with Mathers, I just know they don't like leaving casualties when they can be taken out.

Anyways, we scouted out another farm house. The barn was barricaded shut, but the old blood stains and broken doors points to them being overrun. We had to deal with a few C's inside, but the cards were worth it, and it gave us a place to plan our next move.

I decided to make use of little bird and scout out the area for anymore C's, and it looks like we weren't as silent as we thought. Hopefully they'll pass us by instead of getting into a fight with us.

Update 3: Total: 40
Tailpipe got bit. The fucking idiot sneezed and drew in casualties. We had two of the fuckers left when Tailpipe gets bit in the shoulder. Fucking amateur.

Stitcher's blood tests show no blight in his system, but I still don't trust the guy. Stitcher patched him up while we got ready.

No more Casualties coming our way, luckily, but goddamn if that wasn't stupid.

I should clarify also that those are MY casualty kills, not our group's kills, and they are only ones I can confirm are mine.

Update 4: Total: 47
We finally got out of there. I'll explain later what happened, but mission was successful.

We "commandeered" a car, so I'll be home in a few hours.

Update 5: Total 48
So here's what happened:

We were contracted to do a mass mercy for an enclave that fell about a year back. Anyone remember Pipe-Dream? Yeah, mass outbreak in the populace, something about takers not telling their crew members about bites.

The C's had begun getting out of there, and it was a pretty big problem for the surrounding enclaves.

Anyways, Pipe-Dream was an old water treatment plant turned enclave. It was on a man-made river islet, and had multiple catwalks and bridges.

We had to go in and collect some supplies from the enclave before we take out the bridges.

We moved in quickly, using Big Bird to lure C's away from us, etc.

We had gotten the last of the weapons from the armory when I see two men running from shadow to shadow. At first I think we found Vecs but they were alive.

They bring us down a stairwell and we find children. Not a few children, 37 children. They've been scrounging and surviving for a year now, but there has been no way for them to clear the C's. Apparently they were holed up in an old Rec room turned storage turned orphanage.

We eventually decided to get them out using some buses they had in the parking area. Barely made it off the bridge.

Stitcher and Tailpipe Rigged the bridges to blow while we were in the enclave, and the whole place went up in a blaze of smoke.

All bridges were cut off, so the river should be safe now.

Cigs is a big grandpa type by nature, and he's playing games and what not with the children on the way back to Hawlocker. I don't know what to do when we get there, but the men keeping them safe paid us to eacort them out of the city.
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LordSkys Blog
Date: November 12
Starting Casualties: 48

Chapter #7: Running Low
Update 1: Total: 50
The bus got held up at a roadblock along the county line. we did't have the rations to support the children, and the men were living day to day at Pipe-Dream.

We siphoned from diesel out of an old rusted-out tanker's fuel reserves, and hoped it would get us back to Hawlocker by morning. It didn't make it. We had to carry/hike the children from the 241 exit sign out to Hawlocker. The kids were silent, but that many boots were creating enough noise to drag every casualty in a two mile radius towards the roaming dinner caravan we had made.

We lost two of them. Two kids. Who fought through the Crash. Who fought through the fall of Pipe-Dream. Who fought through everything. One was bit on the way out of Pipe-Dream. Runt of a kid. she must have been no older than nine.

They say her name was Sophie.

The other one was seventeen, a boy so thing he could hide behind stalk of wheat. The men said he would sneak his food to the other kids, they tried to stop them, but they gave up eventually. He had gone back to save another that had fallen on the way to the bus. The kid was saved, but the C's dragged him down.

They called him Schmidt.

I've been nursing a bottle for hours now, enough to keep buzzed without being drunk. I've written this over the course of a few hours.

Fuck the Loss.
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LordSkys Blog
Date: November 15
Starting Casualties: 53

Chapter #8: Randian Purgatory
Update 1: Total: 53
So I have decided to get back into my blog after this short break. I'm doing okay now.

We caught a ride with some folks out to High View Falls. I understand staying in Hawlocker due to family or financial obligations; but that is a Randian hole, digging itself deeper and deeper, just like the US Economy Pre-Crash.

I sold a guy a new kevlar vest. Price was predetermined, he agreed to it and signed and everything. When he looks at it starts yelling about the wrong color, over vs. understrap, and demands to take the vest for half the price. fucking half. I tell him no, and he starts arguing with me some more. Eventually he tries pulling his gun on me, grabbing the vest, and bolting.

He trips over the freaking furniture on his way out, I restrain him, and like any good Randian charge him five bounty per wrist to uncuff him when he wakes up. Enough to make it out to High View Falls on the next bus w/ Elise. Talked with Cigs and the crew, we're out that night. We made good time though, so hopefully we'll be back in our apartment in High View soon.

Update 2: Total: 54
Had to pop one on the way in to High View, but we're home sweet home.

I sometimes forget how good it feels to just work on something and forget everything else. Little Bird got new rotors, which are much nicer than the cheap ones I got in Hawlocker, and cost about half as much.

And to Pennyville: I have your order finished, so don't get in a twist.

Update 3: Total: 55
Romantic night on the town w/ Elise, and not a Randian in sight. Stuck a C that got a little too handsy with the fence.

I miss Foxtrot and Coyote. I keep dreaming about them and the kid.
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LordSkys Blog
Date: December 4
Starting Casualties: 71

Chapter #9: On the Road Again
Update 1: Total: 68
Wait... LordSkys isn't dead? They aren't gnawing on some poor Idaho farm boy?

jokes aside, I've been coping.

Last week was interesting.

I was on my way back to High View after a quick closure job for a client. We stopped by a hobby shop to see if anything was worth grabbing, when I found the back room was unlooted. Drone parts, animatronics, the works. Then I found it.

A picture of Cigs next to a shelf full of 3D printer plastic. It looks like 5-8 haul.

Cigs is calling that a horde is on the way to the fence, gtg.

Update 2: Total: 147

Been up all night. Had to clear the gutters before going to sleep.

To clarify we call the giant pit trap around an enclave a gutter. Most of them i know of in Idaho have gutters.

We lost 17 fence guards, and Cigs got some use out of the new upgrades I gave his arm. It's technically the 5th, so I'm going to sleep the day and night off.

There were a lot of Vec's and fresh C's last night. We think one of our sister enclaves fell, but since there was no contact from any of the enclaves (damn balloons haven't been here for a week). We have to send scout out either by drone, falcon, or man. The enclave really have the resources for any of those, but maybe High View will get me a contract for a couple long range drones; since Whirlibird was one of the 17.
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No time for fanciness.

Cig's dead. Stitcher's dead.

Waiting for the screams to stop.

Out of ammo.

Out of rations.

5 out of the six major enclaves in the area have been invaded, overrun, or fallen.

The Falls are mostly black as it pulls the blight and vectors over the cliff.

Elise lost a leg.

Send help.



The mayor's dead.

Everyone's dead.

I'm in charge of the "treasury". I am willing to pay for help. As much as you want.

Help us.

There are just over twenty of us here.

Mostly children.

Tailpipe is freaking out. He's popped six Soma in the last hour.

We're stuck here.
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Tailpipe OD'd

Out of water.

Someone send a drone.

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Elise lost an arm on the way out of High View.

Haven't seen Birchnut since the night of the herd.

We were able to make it to my workshop before getting out.

Got some emergency bounty and the best gear I had.

We have two kids with us, they have nothing left to go back to.

We have nothing left to go back to.

We're currently just trying to survive.
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Found an overturned APC, got some new Kevlar plates for Elise's vest.

She's getting used to the prosthesis, she can walk and even jump, but she isn't out running anything yet.

The arm wasn't cut clean, but Dr. Professor should be able to help her.

Dr. Professor is this LALA I met a few years back now. He talks in riddles, but will trade medical help for stories and rations.

Dude's harmless, but has chained up C's to the side of his house. The blight leeches on to the wall and all over the chains, but they are normal C's.

I hope he has a spare arm I can trade him for the story of the Southern Idaho Fall. ( As I here the few survivors are calling it)

Update: Shacked up and on watch. Rations are starting to run low, but we should be able to collect enough rainwater to refill our bottles.

We found a respite, but since we don't have the means to replace the food, we're just getting the bare minimum.

Phoenix_the_Brave is almost back, gonna see if I can pull some jobs with him.

Phoenix was in my OG crew with Foxtrot, Elise, and Cigs.

That's right, Elise used to pull jobs with me, but she took on her own crew for a while before dropping of that curve. Coyote joined after the second or third job.

Anyways, Phoenix discovered some family in the enclaves out east by the line, and we've kept in touch.

He took the pic of Cigs, Foxtrot, Coyote, and me. Now it's just him and me left.

He's coming back with his sister, his new girlfriend, and his baby girl. They are just the cutest.

He and Minotaurus just took a shit in the DHQS's kitchen sink, so it'll be interesting to see how it works out.
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December 23rd.

Found one of those high end electric cars in an auto shop. Took a day to fix up and charge the batteries, but we were cruising for a while.

We ended up at an archivist stronghold I found a few months back, and traded them some car repair manuals for entrance into the place. The people here are surprisingly helpful.

They agreed to take us in, in return for helping them out on a few collection missions. They call the place Lexicon.

Lexicon is a strip mall that has been repurposed into an archivist paradise.

While the enclave is run mainly by archivists, Lexicon seems to have a thriving community; of which many are not archivists.

The one problem I have with archivist idealogy is that collecting knowledge is considered more important than possibly using it. The people here are somewhat in agreement, and help each other in using the open use library the archivists have made.

Supplies are low here, but hopefully not abysmal. Phoenix will be here w/ Minotaurus, and then hopefully we can cash in, cash out, and keep safe here.

After High View, Pipe-Dream, and the other enclaves were hit I thought Lexicon was gone.

The Meek will most likely be looking for it next.

Luckily for us, archivism does have it's perks.

They have some of the best walls and defenses imaginable, while still making it look over run and ultimately in unsavable. I only knew where to look since I helped save an archivist from here, and they took me back.

Elise is doing okay, but Dr. Professor was a bust. Guy must have been bit months ago, found him walking circles in his living room before he saw us. Got some medical supplies and Suppressin, but nothing useful enough.

As far as I am aware, we are among the last of the High View survivors, and no-o e else is out there. I am gonna use the emergency fund for something more useful than wasting the bounty in the bank on takers that'll never come.

I spent several bounty on a doctor for Elise, who fixed up her arm and got us a new prosthesis for the price of one. I'm not the best negotiator, but I channeled my inner Coyote and got a good enough trade.

Elise is doing well, and hopefully we will be too in short time.

Update: Found out that only archivists going out to collect more knowledge still leave Lexicon regularly. They're barely surviving since they don't let their location be know to anyone outside of the trusted enclave and affiliates, which means no drone deliveries.

They have a faux enclave they use for drone delivery, which you have to go to do any sort of actual trading.

The entire enclave is rigged up with a GhoulNet-style proxy server, so you can't even ping the address.

Phoenix and I already are lining up a job over the specs, and it is gonna be good.
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December 24

Out for a quick collection run. The guys in charge of Lexicon want me to scope out a small bookstore they discovered on a map of a town a few hours drive out. They agreed to charge up the car for the run if it means bringing back more books.

They insisted I bring back up, so I found Almanac. Almanac is the guy I saved a few years back. Nerdy guy, smart as a whip, but not exactly the most sensible.

 Almanac is an archivist believer. He has high intelligence and speed, medium adaption, and low charisma, strength, and will. He is out fitted with a silenced handgun, kevlar, carpet armor, and a club. He also has binoculars and a tailored lockpicker's kit by the next time they get out there.

Elise is making friends, and Tanner and Denise are holding out. We found an orphanage-type place in Lexicon, but they are extremely fanatic about archivism. I also still can't get the images of Schmidt and Sophie out of my head when I walk in there.

Phoenix should be at Lexicon by nightfall, and hopefully Minotaurus is as tough as he sounds.

Anyways, people have been asking if Elise is really my wife's name. No it's not. No one is safe out here, and faux names are just one more layer of protection. They have also been asking about her taker name, but I'm letting her choose to reveal that name.

It doesn't matter Sky and Elise are our names now, just like how Coyote, Foxtrot, Cigs, Phoenix, and everyone else are them now.

I've been thinking about my business as well. I have Littlebird and Bigbird with me, and I have the basic materials to continue it, but without settling down I can't really invest long term into multiple contracts.

I understand that there is some demand for niche gear, but demand is always high when I can't fill it. Would it be better if I made gear and auctioned it off? Maybe, but part of my business is the specialization of the gear to the people I work with. Plus, how many people really need an axe that doubles as a shotgun?

(Actually need, not just want)

Anyways, the bookstore had some C's around it, but I took care of them silently.

I know solo missions aren't safe, but I can handle myself, and I don't exactly trust anyone else I go out here with will actually have my back. Luckily enough I know that Almanac is harmless as long as you don't destroy a limited edition around him.

The bookstore was surprisingly untouched, even for the Loss. Dust everywhere, but clearly no one messed with the books, and luckily enough for me, I had a moving dolly to crate the books out to the car. We filled up box after box with as many books as we could, multiple copies of some. No where near emptying it out, but was able to clear out the first few rows of the nonfiction and children's section.

I also chose to get some personal selections from some of the skilled trade sections. Survival manuals, how to books, etc. Hope to learn as much as I can on the topics I find useful. Almanac wasn't very keen on letting me take books for myself, but I promised I would keep them safe and put them to good use, and it satisfied him well enough.

I was able to relock the bookstore again, so I won't have to bother with Cs when I go back.

I just hope this buys us some time at Lexicon, as well as some use of the extensive library they have there; or, rather, it is.

Update: I just got back to the enclave, and turns out Phoenix got here about two hours after we left.

Most of you guys probably wouldn't know Phoenix. He's a practical guy. He's gotten real good at making deals for a while now. His kid has gotten him a little more serious, but that's okay.

Phoenix is Lost. He has decent speed, charisma, and adaption, but low will, intelligence and strength. His biggest weakness lies in his low strength. Since having his daughter he's been trying harder to work towards retirement. He has a rifle with the silent, scoped, and tactical sling upgrades, along with some carpet armor and ubiq specs. He works primarily as a face/negotiator.

Minotaurus is a beastly guy for sure. Seven foot, built like bunker. He's got a warhammer and a shield that seems to be homemade. I talked with him during a video chat w/ Phoenix, guys seems cool enough.

Minotaurus is actually 7’2” and a fenceman. He has high strength and speed, moderate adaption, and low intelligence, will, and charisma. He's decked out in chainmail, a sturdy warhammer, and a riot shield.

He gave me some condolences for High View, Coyote, Foxtrot, and Cigs. I know it's the humane thing to do, but do we still have to do that after the world went to shit?

I'm rambling.


“See" y'all tomorrow.
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Post by: LordSkys on December 25, 2018, 04:43:55 AM
my goodness, page 2.

Do you guys actually enjoy this? Or just let me ramble?

If you actually want to answer that, put it in the general discussion about it. Including if you guys want a mention/be a contact/etc.

And thanks for letting me be an idiot online, you guys are the best.
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December 27

We're on the road again.

Elise decided to join us out on the job. So far all is good, but she is still getting used to the arm.

Elise is Lost. She has high speed, adaption, and average strength. She is equipped with a silenced, extended magazine handgun; along with a sturdy knife and a modular Kevlar vest. Her left leg and her right arm are prosthetics. Her leg has advanced polymer and blade runners, and her arm has Handshake and "BiteMe" Plate. She has a 1 in Athletics(Prosthetics) and a 3 in Profession (Animal Handling) but lost her dog on a run before the fall of High View

Right now our crew is Phoenix, Minotaurus, Elise, Almanac, and myself.

We had to hide in some SUV's as a herd passed us by. No screaming, just shuffling and clacking. It was unnerving, but luckily enough Phoenix was able to chill Almanac out, and we found some old MREs in the back of a Humvee.

We found a place to shack up, and I got first watch. I caught a Knightaulis and a Boaring, so that is fun.

Gonna reconnect with y'all in the morning.
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December 29th

Yesterday we went threw a small town made up of no more than two dozen buildings.

Spent the day scavenging up anything we could and killing any C's inside. Pulled a few cards and was able to fix up everyone's carpet armor, but nothing of extreme value.

We ended up spending the night in the most defendable house there, and moved out in the morning.

Today we found a mudslide blocking the road a few miles out of town. There were some C's buried in the mud that made it hard to get through. Scouting with little bird showed that it wasn't too big, but enough where it would add a day or two to out journey, so we had to find a way across without being bitten.

We ended up using some metal sheets from a construction site a mile back to get across. Anyone remember that game where you had to move from spot to spot across a gap with your team? Where you had to move the spot in the back to the front so you could keep moving? It was like that but the floor could actually kill you.

Took the better part of a day to get across, but we made it with no major screw ups. We found a dusty old shack to sleep in, and there was an axe over the mantle that could hopefully come in handy for Almanac, since he can barely take out a C with the club.

Phoenix called Elise by her old taker name, which was a flash from the past. I think we both know that it's time for Lupa, mother of wolves, to return.

It's getting to be pretty late, but I wanted to fill all of you in after not posting last night. Hopefully tomorrow we will get to our destination.
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December 31th

We got to our destination in a little under an hour from the shack. It took some time to pulls cards, but luckily we were able to bottle neck them into automatic doors for the first hour of clearing. Thank God for hipster "green buildings" with shitty password security.

We found the 3D printer schematics and got paid then and there for the data. We decided to take what solar panels we could find and get out of there after Almanac downloaded the extra schematics and designs of the server banks.

It was getting out that became a problem. Almanac had triggered some safety protocol with the building, which locked the lower floors. At this point we were half way up the building.

The security measures cause C's upstairs to crowd the stairs, elevator shaft, and even fall out windows in the hopes of getting to the source of the noise.

We're now stuck in the building, C's descending on us and creating an impassable barrier below us at the same time.

Elise and Minotaurus begin taking out C's coming towards us with pot shots and hammer swings, while Phoenix rigs a DDJ to buy us some time. Meanwhile, Almanac and I are dealing with the security system and clearing C's from the door out of there.

Just as the we unlock the security doors and clear the C's off the ground floor, we see the chunks of cheap eco-crete tear from the wall as the DDJ gives way. At this point Elise has taken Almanac's handgun out of the holster so that she can keep dealing with C's, having already ran out of her own ammo, and Minotaurus is using his shield as an impromptu wall against the undead while Phoenix takes pot shots at Cs.

We get the fuck out of dodge, and decide to use the building's door ways to try and pull a few more cards before going home. All in all, a good payday after such a stressful day at work.

I think Elise and I need a nice long shower together after that fiasco. We decided to use the shack again after clearing the rest of the Cs from the building and getting a pretty stack of plastic.

At first I thought Almanac was a little rattled, but less so after I realized he was just happy to expand Lexicon's 3D printer source library.

Hopefully The Moths enjoy knowing that the data they wanted off the hard drives is safely under their control now.

I decided to get some sleep before dealing with moving around the mudslide in the morning, which took almost all day
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January 1st

Another year in the Loss.

Congratulations to anyone that made it this far Loss side.

Sorry if you lost people, hell knows I have.

Anyways, nothing to take down so far. We're about two miles out from Lexicon without a C in sight.

Update: At Lexicon, and trying to set up a time pawn these panels.

They don't believe in new year other than as a date tracker, it makes sense to me, but I do miss those pre-Crash festivities.
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January 2nd

Phoenix and I found a punch bot going in circles a few klicks from Lexicon. It's left side treads were blown out, and it had an ever increasing mound of bodies around it.

Sometimes I forget how damn effective these things can be. It's not like I've been watching it very long, but the thing has got my last job beat when it comes to numbers.

Gives me an idea for some gear.


Phoenix and I were able to salvage the thing and dismantle it. Thank god for recession idiots that can't tell soft from strong metals for armoring. Double and triple checked and have no sensor or radio out puts, and have a fully functioning telescopic arm and sensor.

Now to get to tinkering.
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January 6

Been upgrading Lexicon's defenses with everyone else who can spare a hand.

It's surprisingly easy to convince archivists of the simple truth that a library needs more protection. Especially for it's curators to expand the knowledge and survive long enough to do so.

Lupa bought me some new rotars for littlebird from the shepards in the Toy Store, and we have been getting closer after she has gotten back into the field. She seems a little bit more... peaceful.

I still see it whenever I close my eyes, and hear her screams as the vector rips her arm off, jerking it as he bites down until it rips out of her elbow socket. As Kingsley tears her arm off, nearly infecting her in the process.

Her lying there in my arms, white from bleeding. She just barely survives, just to see her get bit in the leg as we escape.

I'm glad to have her with me.
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January 7
The punch bot arm is a finicky piece of work. The plating is part of the telescopic structure, so there are no chinks in the armor, because the chinks are armored themselves.

It seems to be hydraulic based, but the punch bot has a system that collects air from the surrounding environment then condences and pressurizes the air for the cattle gun.

I've seen the machines that create air pressure, but never one that can create enough pressure to work as a cattle gun on this small a scale. It's not cartridge based, or else it would have to refuel/restock every few days.

Unless part of this mechanism was housed in the central chassis of the unit, I frankly don't have a clue how it does it.


I might end up burning the midnight oil on this project. The telescoping arm just isn't functioning properly. It'll clamp before it extends, making it a literal punch bot, but not effective for dealing with undead.
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January 13

Picked up some work from the higher ups at Lexicon. The crew is getting ready for some picking.

Right now our crew is Minotaurus, Lupa, Phoenix, Almanac, and myself.

The punch drone is almost ready, but I'm working out some coding bugs, and would rather not let it loose at the moment.

We're heading out tomorrow morning, hopefully won't have a story to tell you guys when I get back.

Maybe the Loss will be boring for once.
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January 14

Found an old tree house. Boards were weak, but may be able to use it later on down the road. Found an old toolkit around back of the tree with blood smears all over the bag and on the tree.

Poor sap got bit and bled out, went off to god knows where.

Damn thing is too loud to deal with, so we had to come back for it later.

Found a Mothrone, so UBeasts is still working. It got me thinking about New Athens.

I miss having the availability of all the enclaves. Not to mention that the Meek are still out there, probably stronger now than before.
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January 15

Found a travelling Shepard caravan.

They traded us some rations, so everything is going okay.

Later down the road we took out some Cs and pulled some cards. Nothing really great after the pulling, just taking a quick break before we get back on the road.
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January 18

We've been guarding the site for two days now.

Protecting a dozen workers from wandering casualties is a bit harder than a bait may realize. The freedom of salvage on the dead is useful though.

We had a sandstorm blow through, which buried a lot of the salvage, and my skin is all sorts of screwed having to hold the fence as the dust and C's threatened to topple it.

I think Lupa's arm got some sand in the diodes, because it isn't working properly. Should be able to catch a ride back to Lexicon, since we're almost out of steel to be salvaged here.

Update: So there was an old amusement park half buried in the sand (Iowa dust bowl valley, baby) that we needed to salvage steel from the track and buildings for reconstruction. Or rather, the archivists did to better protect Lexicon while they continued to fill out their library; and we protected them from C's in the area.

At this point, everything worth salvaging is either taken or under six feet of sand. So I think it is a job well done.
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January 19

Lexicon is a quiet place. Kids here are indoctrinated into the faith pretty quickly, but it's interesting to see how many non-archivists live here.

The shepards here are kind, and they help the archivists by bringing the C's away from the walls, and a crew of Crusaders set up shop in an old TiberCo shop. Anyone remember them? One of the designer animal style businesses that got eaten alive by Alosine during the Crash. I'm pretty sure that the main difference between shepards and archivists are whether they are researching a cure for the blight, or protecting those that are "afflicted" by the blight.

I can't really subscribe to either philosophy. No point waiting for a cure that won't come, or protecting a corpse that wants to eat you.

I can understand the valor of wanting to have hope, but a lot of people lost hope a long time ago. I'd happily help either group in finding materials, but I won't be working the midnight oil over a microscope any time soon.

Elise and I found a hole in the wall that we can call our own, at least for now. She's trying to convince me we should buy a pup off of Dane. Dane is a hunter that domesticated some hounds after the Crash, an has been using them to find fresh and huntable creatures since the Crash.

Dude occasionally makes a buck selling jerky, but is just as likely to bring in livestock alive. I don't understand how he can get em to work with him. Anyways, his prize hounds had a litter, and they seem to be strong and loyal. I don't blame Elise for wanting a new companion out here, but I'm afraid if she loses another one it will take time to recover.

Currently reading an A/C repair manual. Interesting stuff.

I hear that a shipment of food will be coming in soon from another crew based in the area; so that should be a good event to see.
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January 21

If anyone thinks LordSky (the character, not me) is being a bit of dick in this post, In Real Loss she wasn't just yelled at. She was called some things that would secure insta-bans on the general discussion threadunder the guidelines of hate speech. She also was following a spot because of this and got a Will out of it.

One thing that really gets my goat is when someone can't understand basic health and food.

So this crew, the Vander-Beasts, comes back in with a truck of produce. The enclave is all rejoicing and shit. They open up the back of the movers truck, and it's grain.

Bushels upon bushels of grain.

Not produce, not vegetables and fruit. Grain. Seeds in fact. At first I think we're supposed to grow our own. Then I smell the warm Chestnut  smell of Alosine Select Flaxseed

Now don't get me wrong, food is food, but I see the people in the enclave. I see rickets and scurvy. I see Thompson's bones grinding under the skin because they don't have basic veggies. Staples.

I knew we should have taken that job; but because the Vander-Beasts have jobline privileges and we try to not undercut people (that's generally in bad taste if it's not necessary), and can't tell a potato from a stone, our strong enough diet of wheat, sorgum, and barley has been supplemented by flaxseed.

Everyone in the enclave was already kinda pissed at the meager addition to the one type of food we already have when I go up to the dumb ass in charge. He starts getting confused when I yell at him about how the people in charge sent them to get some vegetables from one of the three enclaves around us selling them. He gives me this dumb stare and says:

"We did, flaxseed is one of the strongest, safest vegetables in the Loss. Back off ///redacted for strong language" Strongest? Safest? Vegetable?
///redacted for strong language?

I start spilling on the guy. I first point out to him the reason it is so strong is because it ruins any other crops around it by leaching the surrounding nutrients. (The Alosine Flaxseeds give off a specific aroma. Learned that from Digger Doug, and how the prey on other crop's soil.)

Second off, what makes them safe? Oh...
He thinks they are non-GMO. They threw the old produce (actual lettuce, tomatoes, and shit) they were supposed to buy in the river outside the enclave they got it from because it was GMO. Then they spent an extra day going to another enclave, getting ripped off by a flaxseed farmer that the crops were 100% GMO free, (they weren't) and thus would satisfy this dumbass Detoxin crew.

Thirdly, Vegetables. I have mentioned how much of dumbass this group is. FLAXSEED IS NOT A VEGETABLE. Especially not an acid that may help reduce scurvy and/or rickets in children and the elderly, let alone full grown adults.

As for the last comment, I gave him my meanest right hook and prayed I hit above the nose and below the hair. Elise wasn't exactly happy with my behavior, but I gotta admit it felt good.


The archivists seem unlikely to bristle at the thought of indecent nutrition. "We're not meant to be next" and all that.

The Crusaders, Shepards, and every man seem more than a little peeved. There's a call for the council to dock the pay or even evict the Vander-Beasts. I didn't even think we had Detoxin in Lexicon, but apparently they all came together as part of the crew or it's dependants.

Lexicon is an utter theocratic meritocracy. The place itself is an archivist stronghold, but there is a smattering of religions here and there. They have to agree to contribute to the library of Lexicon; keep the dead from gaining entrance, collecting books, scribing the knowledge, etc.

(I do a mixture of the last two)

I'm kinda in the doghouse with Elise, but she isn't too mad.

I'm just glad there are no Randians here.
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 January 22nd

I've started the shop up once again, and it seems to be working well. Since we're 100% Ubiq based, I'm not as dependant as my competition on getting a pay day.

Anyways, punch drone is in testing phase.

As in I am piloting the thing around outside the enclave and looting C's as it goes.

The thing is linked to a smart RFID linker signal, so it can detect a person by seeing if it gives off the RFID tag. It can't attack anything when within ten feet of a recognized RFID tag, and so it seems to work pretty well.

Hoping that the bounty it pulls in will help finance making more, but that's just a hope.
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January 23

A Shepard got bit and went latent this morning. Dude was a natural latent, and just barely got out alive.

I am happy to say that the punch drone didn't kill him or his compatriots once I got them the RFID tags. I will also say that they weren't happy I was killing the Cs, but that is how shepards are.

Otherwise it's pretty quiet tonight, and the drone arm is hell to clean safely. Had to completely de-couple the arm to clean it, but otherwise got it. The blight just does not fall off naturally.

Heard there is a pack (herd? They kill for food so I think pack) of boars a few miles towards town. We may get to some hunting later this week.
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January 24

We've been scouting out the town, and this morning I think that we may be able to take home at least a boar and a heifer. Pigs and boars are relatively easy to farm, so maybe we'll be able to get some more meat in the diets of the enclavists.
This is gonna be a score, for those of you who care what type of job this is.

I'm not gonna reveal all the specific secrets we used, but I'll give you the lowdown.

Hogs are notorious for eating up all the shit you don't want to, and then turning themselves into things you want to eat. They breed fast enough to overrun an area if left unchecked, but they're also cannibalistic and will take care of scraps you don't want to deal with.

We've got a giant tractor trailer set with a one way gate and cages, and we're catching any hogs we can and putting them in the back of the truck. These things catch a pretty penny, and Jackel says he can turn it into a valuable industry if we bring em back alive. We've got about four males in the back of the trailer, and a few ones that we had to put down, when we hear talk on the specs about dead weather coming in. These hogs are already drawing C's when we start seeing the stampede roll in.

We all know how stampedes are. All consuming, all destroying, and (most importantly) all discerning.

We decide the only way we can hope to make it back to the enclave is to lure them away from our hunting grounds. Half the crew uses the electric (car) to lure the stampede off to god knows where while we finish catching hogs.

The punch drone kept guard over the area, so I think it may be worth selling on the open market soon. We collected enough bounty to excuse the fact we had drag a live hog behind the electric to keep them focused on them.

It takes the better part of four hours to lure the stampede away, but we finish the job with enough hogs to make a butcher weep with joy.

We get back to the enclave and sell off the hogs and meat.

I keep thinking back on the world before. How many people were devout about religious eating taboos, or being vegan, or whatever reason they had to not eat it. I saw a lot of people die from it, and it seems so superficial now.

Day to day survival is just... quiet. It's not loud, it's not colorful. You can either eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, live or die. It's black and white. Black goo, pale faces. Over and over again.

I'm over thinking again, good night y'all.
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January 30

Picked up some work with the crew.

Been on the road for a few hours now, and we met up with another crew heading the same direction for a little bit before turning east.

These guys, the Cansom Crew, were a decent group. All of them were hippies pre-Crash, and decided to just keep drifting after everything went to shit.

They work some pretty weird jobs, but I can say they had some decent weed. I think they may have had the munchies, but they were extremely kind about it. Anyways, good guys. Hope they make it.

Sombrero was definitely the best card puller of the bunch. The Latent could pin a C to ground with an arrow and strip the Casualty of its wallet, belt, necklace, backpack, and wristwatch in 15 seconds flat.
Short video of Sombrero pulling cards, he clears 10 in just under two and a half minutes. There are many congratulations at the end.

The other guys were pretty cool too, but goddamn if that wasn't impressive

Sombrero, Guinea, Hatcher, and Tripwick; good luck my friends.
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February 1

Been hiding in a cellar for the last two days. Extreme temperature swings are a pain in the ass.

It went from temperate to hail to extreme heat in the last few days. We tried moving, but it's hitting 130°F out there.

Been watching old vids and spending some quality time with Lupa. Just been chatting and shit.

Our competitors for the job lost two to heat stroke. Second one was latent. I hear the only survivor now is too. I feel bad for the guy, lost his crew, then he has to take the shot. Sucks.
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February 3

After moving fast across two bridges and a rest stop, we are back on track for the job.

We were tracked by some ferals for a few miles. Ended up being a cougar that we had to take out. Thinking I can find a guy that would buy the claws and teeth off of me for some ancient healing rites.

A few miles from the job site, setting up watch positions so we can be ready for tomorrow.

Caught a Mothrone and a Fearataur.
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Post by: LordSkys on February 05, 2019, 04:53:08 AM
February 4

Finished clearing out three buildings of C's.

Our client had hired us to clear out an old apartment complex outside of a city. They had discovered that the bottom floor had no windows and was made of high grade  concrete, and the other parts of the complex were raised above the ground enough to protect the bottom floor.

It also had a small park attached that was fenced in. I think they want to reinforce the other two buildings and expand the fence to the edges of all three buildings. How they plan to get water in there is beyond me.

Anyways, we were clearing the hallways on the fourth floor of the apartments of the first building; when Minotaurus got bit deep in the left shoulder. We're talking "picking teeth out a skin" deep.

After clearing the main hall and any apartments that were open to the hall, we blood test Mino. He has it. He's screwed. He takes the shot. The screaming. Dear lord the screaming.

If every C in the building didn't know about us, now they did.

Lupa, Phoenix, and I start finishing the rooms we had left on the floor, with Almanac having a trained shot on Mino's head just in case.

Just as I'm about to enter a final room, I get tackled by a C. I go to offer up my carpet armored arm to the thing, when Mino barges down the hall, warhammer in tow, and smashes the C to bits. The thing was knocked off of me and out a window faster than you can say recovery.

At first I think Mino's gone full Vector, but luckily he turned, gave me this wide dumb smile, and steps back so others can help him up.

Reinforcements come in tomorrow morning, so hopefully they can deal with one more missing window.
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Post by: LordSkys on February 05, 2019, 01:12:00 PM
February 5

Fucking assholes. The fucking randian shithead, sent hitmen after us to kill us when we finished the job. They attacked at fucking 3 in the morning.

God damn, if any of you meet a rand named Router, do me a favor and take him out. He tried arguing with me that the cost of the hitmen was coming out of our paycheck, because it was so expensive to hire professionals. He expected to have us pay out of our payment to be killed.


Luckily for us, these "professionals" were dumb asses that left their bounty accounts unlocked on their specs.

After checking with a reference (shout out to Slim-Haxor) and finding no dependents for these guys, we drained the bank.

A picture of a shorter balding man, he is asian-american with jet black hair and a small mustache. He wears a surprisingly clean grey suit jacket, vest, and pants. His red tie with yellow stripes stick out in the picture.

We all know rands don't pay. Blacklist this fucker with any taker crew you know.

I have since made it clear with Almanac that we do not work with Randians. Ever. Call me close-minded, but their religion is literally screwing over customers and employees.

In between carding and the hitmen's gear, I think we made up our payment, but we were a bit to close for my liking.

We got a little bit of a hold up on the way back, but I think we can make it home a little after night fall tomorrow.

I need a red ale and some decent fruit.

I forgot to pack extra snacks.

Today sucks.
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Post by: LordSkys on February 07, 2019, 02:45:42 PM
February 7

Been at Lexicon for a few hours. The Detoxin crew is having pay docked for screwing over the enclave. It's partial, since they did bring in something, but overall I don't know if enough is being done.

Minotaurus has been moved to the lower level Latent housing.

Otherwise nothing much happened. A lot of people got heat stroke during the temperature change, but otherwise not much news.

I haven't slept since the attempted hit. Maybe home is what will let it happen.
Title: Re: LordSkys' Blog
Post by: LordSkys on February 12, 2019, 07:35:53 PM
February 12

Almanac gave me an apology gift. I didn't expect one, but it was appreciated.

We got a new shipment of citrus from another enclave, and Almanac bought the entire crew a grapefruit the size of a volleyball.

I think we are gonna be bidding on some contracts soon, but all in all not the most terrible day in the undead wastes of the Loss.
Title: Re: LordSkys' Blog
Post by: LordSkys on February 16, 2019, 03:54:38 PM
February 16

We're on the move again. Tale's End LLC are some slimy bastards. I mean, we all are bastards in this line of work, but stealing the battery pack for all my crew's tech? That's low man.

Anyway, they snaked us on the job, so we found a nice place to hole up and card for a while. I think we can break even on this, but it's getting a bit to close for my liking. Luckily we have the supplies to get out of here in a snap, and we're ahead right now.
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Post by: LordSkys on March 27, 2019, 12:56:55 AM
March 26

I've run some jobs since last time. I keep feeling like I'm being followed. There's something alien about the feeling. Lupa knows how on edge I am.

There's something so familiar with it. Even now I feel like it's watching me.

We got the job on our own merits, but we had to go up against Tale's End LLC again. I bet a week of rations that the bastards sent someone after me.

We have a job tomorrow. Hopefully I'll cap this bastard who's trying to take my score
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Post by: LordSkys on March 31, 2019, 01:24:14 AM
March 30

Every night someone is watching us.

The job just finished. Tale's End hasn't even tried nicking our score. I think we may need some extra muscle or a sharp shooter.

Lupa and Phoenix have noticed it too.

Maybe we've all just been going Loss side too much.
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Post by: LordSkys on May 02, 2019, 03:45:55 PM
May 2

He's out there. Every night. Every damn night he walks outside the walls.

I put two between his eyes. He begged me to, after the blight began to make him turn.

It's Cigs.
Title: Re: LordSkys' Blog
Post by: LordSkys on August 03, 2020, 02:44:53 PM
August 3, a year later

He's inside the walls. I know it.

He's been out there for more than a year now. I've been selling my custom drones on the market. He's stolen shipments.

What do you want from me Cigs?

What kind of firepower do I need to put you down?