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Title: Leg/Job site- detention centers/camps
Post by: Askew on March 30, 2019, 03:12:19 AM
I’m going to go ahead and stick a content warning here for this one.

So this is one to keep the X-card ready and waiting, but I was just thinking about if the “Immegration/migrant detention centers” (concentration camps to be blunt), were still around at the time of the Crash, they would be really bad Hot Zones afterwards. Especially one of the ones with all the kids, would be a pile of self-control checks.

I honestly feel like I need a shower after thinking about this one, but if anything is true in the Loss it’s “Hell is other people”

This one is definitely a crit fail on the leg charts. Lots of casualties, bad record keeping, no/very limited bounty.
Title: Re: Leg/Job site- detention centers/camps
Post by: Dadalos on April 01, 2019, 11:00:16 PM
you see this very story crop up from time to time in shows or movies though. one of the clearest / most recent for me is fear the walking dead. Early in the show you see them set up in a quarantined security neighborhood (what might have become a military enclave in redmarkets) and then later on you see them visit a similar site and the sheer number of 'casualties' definitely make the site a red (No-Go) zone for most teams. but horde killers might pull up to places like that all the time to carve out what they can. sites like that might offer supplies that noones been able to get to because of the mass of C's.

I would roll these kind of events into the 'Failed Early Enclaves' section of my notes and let the players decide what they want to do with the site. plenty to mine story wise : horde killers ( funnel C's into kill zones hoping quantity beats quality in terms of loot) / Black math / Shepard's / crashed drone - aircraft site /  ect