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Title: Worst Taker Burn Out
Post by: VarlaaxvUK on September 21, 2020, 09:16:48 PM
Now we know that LALAs exist.

But how do they turn to be that way?

Share your stories of how you've seen a fellow Taker burn out.

Fast or slow it we all burn out in a Loss..

I'm based post-Crash London.

Share alike.

Title: Re: Worst Taker Burn Out
Post by: Blood4DBloodGod on September 22, 2020, 02:01:57 AM
Lemme first start by saying "What Up from FEED!!"

Based in Misery (That Missouri for you Rec-Heads). Welcome To sign was blasted, so somewhere directly across the drink from some compound called Fort Lazerus.

Names Blood, I'm the guy you might have seen on drone footage attaching tracking harnesses to Cassies and using them to track Ground Weather (hordes) up and down I-55, good ol' Suicide Sprint.

Worst case of burn out I saw was my crew's leader, Fuqwad. I mean, everybody has their own problems, sure, but Fuq? His was both spectacular and silent at the same time.

Let's start with Kiera. Let's just say this, when your leader starts complaining of seeing his pregnant ex-girlfriend everywhere, maybe you should listen to him. That, and smack the SOMA out of his hands.

Fuq was our drone operator and rarely had to leave Feed , so when me and Checkers would bail and start stripping Cassies that wandered away from the bigger storm fronts as they passed, he would fly high and watch for back drafts or loose heads.

One day Check and I were out by Detention (some school where everyone dropped off their kids and left them. They survived because of some soft heart Brass setting fortifications on their little hill). Basic shit, checking generators running PDA systems to keep the hordes cruising down the 55.

We start hearing Fuq screaming at us.
Which wouldn't have been so surprising if we had not been talking about who was a better Face wrestler in the Attitude Era.
We all knew Fuq was obsessed with this concept, and I was the only one who humored him. Maybe I shouldn't have. I dunno.

Kiera, he claimed, would sabotage equipment, knock over PDAs, and even claimed he had footage (yet to see it) of her standing behind him. In Feed. Our 200+ strong, military surplussed home and garden fortress. A Cassie, right there.

Anyway, homie screamed he was going to end this and crashed this EXPENSIVE drone into one of those refillable oxygen things they used to fill bikes. At a gas station. 3 blocks away. And after a 7 day long siege that cut our supplies to skeleton levels, he was gone. Left a note saying he bailed, but left us a drop box with 200 B's.

I thought I saw him the other day. He either went native, or he and Kiera had that last encounter he wanted.

Anyway, TL;DR, check on your isolated nerds. They are not okay.
Title: Re: Worst Taker Burn Out
Post by: Blood4DBloodGod on September 22, 2020, 04:12:16 PM

I'm based post-Crash London.

What's it like across the drink? Is the Royal Family even still alive? I mean, besides Elizabeth? Is it true she was Immune? Does that mean the bloodline might be? How is Parliment even working there? We got a Brit in Feed. He bitches constantly about having to 7 Day Drone his precious Earl Grey across the Ocean. No boat, drone.