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This is awesome work.

I'd add that getting a big vehicle like a flatbed or a semi should rightfully transform the nature of the whole campaign. If you're "the guys with the truck," that's going to be your specialty for the enclave you're a part of. You can do jobs of a type and scale that nobody else can do.

If you're running the Market for a crew like that, just make sure that the risk lines up with the reward. A truck is a big asset -- but it's also fragile, vulnerable to mechanical failures, road and weather conditions, and theft. Don't be afraid to throw these challenges at your players. Make them work for the payoff that using a vehicle represents.

Now just need a BD Aberrant.

Make use of those crossbows. Look forward to 4th play test when released on Technical Difficulties.

Did giving last rights give Chivalry? Not sure about the Mercy Killings..

Also it's a really fun setting to listen to.

A palette cleanser from RM.

Thank you!

Thanks! The Last Rites thing would be Piety, not Chivalry. And keep in mind that Chivalry and Piety are reputation scores, so they only go up when someone is around to witness your chivalrous or pious acts.

General Discussion / Re: Bureau of Reclamation
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:41:28 AM »
I like it! DHQS needs some competition. Get the bureaucratic infighting going good! I would figure that Stewards are still DHQS, and they are very often working as cross-purposes to BoR (do Takers call them BoRers? Reccers? B-Recs?

There might be a tendency to see BoR as the "good guys" who actually care about helping the Homo Sacers -- but they're almost as likely as DHQS to come into conflict with a Taker crew. Because hey, they really don't care about whether you get paid any more than the DHQS does.

I can't fucking wait to read and play this thing.

Not many Casualties were killed in the play test. I can see how it's melee focused combat.

Crossbows allowed?
Yep! crossbow action features in the fourth playtest, which we recorded a couple weeks back. Pretty effective!

As far as casualty killing goes, those rules haven't changed from regular RM, so I haven't been focusing on casualties in playtesting. Plus since I'm leaning over toward more strict historical realism in my gameplay style, downplaying the casualty presence helps maintain that feel. Running RMBD without any zombies at all is going to be a valid option. Of course, the opposite is certainly true as well!

They're all gonna be great. Caleb's wrong about gear lists, just like he's wrong about maps. :)

been listening to this at work. Is wear and tear more common now? I'm trying to pick up on your revisions.  Bows having charged is good, I'm guessing the longbow that is manpower and charged?

Good catch! Yes, there's no Sturdy upgrade to buy off Wear and Tear, so you've always got to worry about wearing out your weapons. And bows are both Manpower and Charged, so theoretically you can spend both rations and bow charges to increase your accuracy.

Playtest 3 is up! With new weapon rules, nasty crits (both kinds), and special guest star Mads Mikkelsen!



Immune player characters developed yet?

I heard an Immune Cult Sacrifice survivor.

Maybe? Not sure on that.

Good APs. Look forward to 3rd.
You'll be in for a treat concerning that Immune survivor in the third playtest!

The issue with Immune player-characters is that there's almost no way to find out definitively that you're immune. I'm planning to explore the response to immunity in 14th century religion.

Black Death RM Project still ongoing?
It definitely is! We've had a third playtest to work on the revised melee weapon rules, which went very well. and I'm planning on working up something for mounted combat in the next phase.

I love this idea. Go with it!

General Discussion / Re: Gear and Jobs Card Deck Clarifications
« on: March 21, 2019, 10:45:11 PM »
Say ericbright2002, have you done much with the gear deck lately? I'm planning to work on making a gear deck in Indesign, but I don't wanna duplicate work if you've already done it.

General Discussion / Re: Actual Plays
« on: January 04, 2019, 06:59:27 PM »
Thanks for the support, Varlaax!

Really looking forward to more Black Death APs.

Maybe in 2019?
I think I'm about to finally have some time to do some more writing, so hopefully!

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