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General Discussion / "Margins and Dividends" Supplement Thread.
« on: May 21, 2019, 10:26:33 PM »
Hey All!

I've found time and time again that part of what makes Red Markets so dynamic is the fact that the Market shares thematic control of the story with the players. A Taker isn't just a character or plot point, but a Nexus that can shape the story into new paths. When it comes to railroading, Red Markets doesn't require it. Since the plot is directly affected by any action the Takers make, story telling becomes the main focus of the game.

Part of what makes the game so dynamic is it's mechanical looseness, and how it urges players to try new things because of how endlessly interpretable the mechanics are.

The addition of Boom and Bust rules allow for even greater playstyle customization.

So why such the flowery, "praise be to Caleb" introduction?

As already mentioned in my Tough Spot Supplement Homebrew thread, I have begun writing a supplement for Red Markets, which has a working title of Margins and Dividends.

The point (at least for me) isn't to create "more variety"; as much as it is to show how flexible the game really is, as well as putting out my work in a truly official style for the first time.

This supplement would focus mainly around three main ideas:

1)New player options of already established mechanics. E.g. Tough Spots, Will Points, Combat Maneuvers, etc.

2)Thematic variations for existing mechanics options. E.g. New Believer sects, different interpretations of tough spots in character, the aspects of the blight, major loss groups,etc.

3)Major mechanics that change the plot and story of the game and it's setting.

I have had brief email conversation with Caleb about the possible avenues of publishing, but I won't go into the hubbub right now. Safe to say, I know how I can and cannot put this work out there.

The next few posts will be reserved for thread set-up/general information, but after that this is an input/updates thread.

I will attempt to start to get Google docs of working rules out for people who wish to play test what is already written. A number of base mechanics introduced in the supplement are already written and require play testing. This play testing is a WIP on the part of me and the groups I work with, so input on the mechanics in play is always appreciated.

Feel free to PM or email me if you have questions, or even ask them down below.

Looking over the RM gear lists, I got interested in vehicles.

I decided to rank them. For the calculations, I used a ratio of haul times ten (average bounty per haul) vs fuel demand times ten (full number of charges) plus upkeep. I called this the Profit Vs Loss ratio of each vehicle.

Haul * 10 : (Fuel Demand * 10) + Upkeep
H*10 : (Fd*10)+U

Here is how it worked out

Place Vehicle   Ratio
Flatbed / Commercial   2.6666 : 1
Semi / APC   2.5454 : 1
ATV   2.1739 : 1
Car / Jeep   2.1212 : 1
SUV / Truck   2.045 : 1
Motorcycle   1.3636 : 1

Since all vehicles are effected the same by each upgrade, the ratios change, but the rankings don't.

Only two upgrades have a chance of raising Profit or lowering Loss for this ratio, because the others are not quantifiable to their benefits for such calculation, since each market makes different scenarios.

The two are:
Alternative Fuel, which lowers Fd by 1
Optimized Load, which increases H by 2 and Fd by 1

The best upgrade / vehicle combo is:
Flatbed w/ Alternative Fuel and no other upgrades.
It gives a ratio of 120 : 35, or 3.4285 : 1.

General Discussion / Boom and Bust: Exemplary and Poor performance.
« on: May 10, 2019, 03:05:38 PM »
I had an idea after listening to the replay of my group's last session. There is a conflicting bust rule in the works.

Boom Rule: Exemplary Performance.

When on a contract, some clients still want you to play into their spots. When a Taker goes above and beyond, or bullshits enough where the client thinks they have, they may show some appreciation.

Players can gain their Crew Favor Spots from playing into your client's Weak, Soft, or Tough Spots. Playing into a client's Weak Spot requires going into farther trouble than following your own Weak Spot. Playing into a client's Soft Spot means getting into far more trouble than following your own Soft Spot.
In both situations, you likely give up any gains that could be incurred from a Leg to follow through on one of these spots, and you must know that spot to play into it. Gaining the spots at the job sight should be just as difficult as on a leg, not scaled up in difficulty compared to the legs.

Following a tough spot usually means bringing back at least double the expected haul of the chosen goods if collecting goods, critically succeeding to collect more information than what the contract requires you to collect (this is a second research or networking check) for your client, or some other way to go extremely above and beyond in your client's favor.
If a client is close to giving you a +Rep Spot for how much more money you made them than they were expecting, it usually qualifies as following the tough spot.

Any Favor Spots from playing into a client's spots on the job can be lost from going against their spots. Clients are finicky, so gaining Favor is easily ten times as hard as losing it. The Crew may only gain one Favor Spot from each of the three ways to gain Favor Spots. Favor Spots disappear after each contract.

If the Crew performs the job satisfactorily, and gains two Favor Spots, they have Exemplary Performance.

If the Crew has Exemplary Performance after a contract, they may petition the Market to renegotiate the contract. The market rolls a leadership check using the Crew's highest leadership skill. (Because the market rolls, no Will Point may be used.) The Market is encouraged to allow renegotiation if the client is more prolific,

On a Critical Failure, the client becomes insulted that you tried to weasel more money. -1 Rep Spot.
On a Failure, nothing comes out of the renegotiation, but the client doesn't hold it against you.
On a Success, the Crew gains their choice of a +Rep Spot or the client's gift spot; if it wasn't used in negotiations.
On a Critical Success, the Crew increases their payment by one on the sway tracker. If the Crew is already at Expenses, the Takers may each increase their pay by 1d10.

Having all three Favor Spots gains you an additional +Rep Spot, regardless of the leadership check. (A critical failure would give both a +Rep and -Rep, nullifying both.)

Favor and Joblines:
If the Crew is working a jobline, the Market cannot deny the petition to use Exemplary Performance to renegotiate the price of the contract. They automatically gain a favor spot for the client’s tough spot if they started negotiations at Buyer’s Market.

General Discussion / Clarification Needed: Weapons Platform Upgrade
« on: May 02, 2019, 07:04:10 PM »
So, weapons platform for the dron-key adds a capped shotgun.

I first want to say I don't think it is a literal shotgun, but it functions as a shotgun for all intents and purposes.

I thought this worked the same as the ubiq app for the prosthetic arm, which says ubiq spec apps are unavailable. But weapons platform doesn't say shotgun upgrades are unavailable.

It also doesn't clarify whether or not it just eats up dron-key charges, or if you have to buy and install an actual shotgun on the thing.

So there are basically two ways I see this working, which are on the opposite ends of RAI interpretation. I'm okay with each, but want to know what others think.

1) The dron-key, for only the cost of the upgrade, gets a basic shotgun with capped instead of charged mounted on the dron-key. The shotgun uses dron-key charges to shoot, and gets no shotgun upgrades.

2) The dron-key can be mounted with a shotgun for the price of the upgrade. The actual shotgun is bought separate and uses it's own refresh, charges, and upkeep. At least while mounted, the shotgun has capped. You can buy whatever shotgun upgrades you want for the shotgun. Remember it takes a twitch to pilot the dron-key, so spread would take two twitches to use.

I feel like both of these are pretty balanced. From a simplicity stand point, 1 makes the most sense; but 2 can be an easy house rule, and both types could function in the same game.

I think rule 3 would be 1 while being able to buy upgrades. Problem is it feels like the mediocre stepchild of both of the rules.

Ubiq / Recession Gossip
« on: May 01, 2019, 10:54:17 AM »
Okay, so, I know I really shouldn't care. At all.
But did you guys see that big expose on immune and latent celebrities? The one by the independent vlogger that is 120% dead now.

Who was most surprising?

Scarlett Johansen being latent?

Jason Stamos being immune?

I mean let's be real, this is the closest thing to real reporting since MDNN appeared.

General Discussion / Tough Spot Supplement Homebrew
« on: April 29, 2019, 01:51:05 PM »
Lordskys explains the poll in the post about thread changes. Look at that before voting!
So this thread is just a bunch of spots quickly written. These are simple static trade offs (like with fenceman, lost, or scavenger) that don't make dynamic differences in your character if you don't want them to.

The point (at least for me) isn't to create "more variety" as much as just to show what would be balanced as a spot in a game of RM.

Part of this is also crowd sourcing play tests, and I am trying to write up a little "supplement" here on lifelines for tough spots. No actual money will be payed for it, but if Caleb likes it I may try and get permission (check if I can get it done legally) to get it up on DTRPG as a free (or pay what you want) third party supplement.

If this sounds like a bad idea (the DTRPG part), I respect the community enough to not do that.

I'll keep a running list on top (the next post) of actual effects, but descriptors of mindset, play style, and the like won't be in that specific post. If stuff is seriously unbalanced let's work on balancing it.

General Discussion / Who is looking forward to May's new RM products?
« on: April 28, 2019, 10:08:26 PM »
I was wondering what everyone thought about the three new Red Markets products.

I, as a sucker for gear and stats of any kind, am most looking forward to Veblen Goods. 68 items, 25 new upgrades, and a cheesy car-salesman-style character with it all? Hell yes!

Trabajo and Elevation also both look great, especially since I believe they will both have bonus enclave rules/descriptor pieces.

What are you looking forward to?

General Discussion / Rules for Going Vector with a Prosthetic
« on: April 23, 2019, 12:36:41 PM »
So, I have began wondering about how vector biology would interact with a prosthetic limb. The book states that the mute scream, the deaf hear, and the lame walk; but what about straight up missing a limb?

I was wondering at what point is it fair to say a vector loses control of his prosthesis? I feel like they may be able to use it for a few hours when they first go vector, seeing as the blight just hijacks the neural pathways already present, but I feel like they would lose use long before they go into torpor.

On the other hand, vectors are so pumped to the nines that maybe a prosthesis would be unable to register all the different emotions and spastic movements of the vector, and would only last a few rounds?

I was considering they could use up charges as if it had hungry as a vector (meaning an unoptimized limb uses 4 charges) for each round, in addition to any other things they use the limb for, then the thing can power down or break as if they rolled a critical failure on the prosthesis check. From there the vector just has the situational/contextual of missing that limb.

How would you rule it? Should we just let a vector use the prosthetic till he goes into torpor, or do they fail right away? Or something in between?

General Discussion / Economy Type for Ubiq City
« on: February 13, 2019, 02:57:22 PM »
So, weird question, but what type of government is Ubiq city? Like, Gnat is in charge of everything, so I would think feudal would make the most sense; but that doesn't sound right. I don't remember it explicitly being said, but I may be wrong.

What are we all thinking?

Ubiq / Personal Abberants Sightings.
« on: February 11, 2019, 01:24:57 AM »
In my days I have seen a lot of shit I haven't wanted to see.

We've all either seen one or pretended we haven't.

I just wanna put out some of the shit I've seen. It's therapeutic I hear. I also hear that Palbickle's disembodied ghost lives inside Ubiq, so idk.

So, let's be honest. Who hasn't seen an empty? They just stand there, doing something. Whatever that is. Forever.
I can easily say I've seen a dozen in my lifetime.

Strangest one? I saw a generic frat guy drinking from an empty bottle of tequila. It had the cap on. It was a full bottle. 5 year old tequila, preserved through the horrors of normalcy in the Loss.

I like to think he still has it, unless someone else finally took it from him.

A little off the road on I-25, I saw this one. We lost a guy to the thing. It's tendrils had made it through cracks in the road, and it shot straight into his leg. He went Vector in less than a minute. We ran as far as we could to get away, after taking out Jhalsey.

There is a town in Oklahoma named Jameson. The town itself seems almost barren. I saw one, maybe two C's while I was there. Until we went into the sewers.

The entirety of the sewers were covered in the stuff. Cigs, Lexer, and I were the only ones that made it out uninfected, and Lexer doesn't even count since he turned out to be immune. (I can tell stories about him later)

We went through two and a half square miles of sewer, and it was covered in black shit. Bodies with just the smallest amount of skin left. The occasional half face as you walked.

Stay away from Jameson, Oklahoma.

I've seen two mutants in my time. One I had to deal with. The other someone else did.

The one I didn't deal with was a cougar or something. There was a rocky outcrop over some start of Papineu holdout, the thing jumped down the fifty feet to the ground and began killing people in seconds. I had dealt with the group earlier that morning, they had a strict no latent policy that almost got my brother shot. There were Vectors flooding out in minutes. One second clean, the next a cougar was infecting the populace.

We decided to "Drive! Just fucking drive!"

The other one was a snake. A rattlesnake about five or six feet long. The thing acted unlike any snake I met. It had blight sinews forming some sort of hood, and tiny sinews out the bottom would allow it crawl or slither with surprising speed. It has bit off part of it's rattle to make itself silent.

The thing would spring onto people curling around them like an anaconda, while the sinews stabbed into the victim it bit them in multiple spots, leaving deep black holes in the skin.

If you came too close it would spit liquid blight at you, like a viper with venom. Either some Alosine-esque company made ultimate snakes, or it had taught itself the hunting techniques of a dozen snakes. Either way it was nearly infectious by proximity alone.

It took out two squad mates, and I nearly took the shot before I remembered Reno had a BTU in his bag. I don't even remember where this was.

I've not liked snakes ever since.

Some people may recall my making a post about a four armed vector. That's what this is. I think it was in Nevada, maybe Colorado? It gets blurry at some points.

Anyways. The thing stood at easily 4 feet tall. Little guy. Or at least I think the bottom half was. The top was definitely female. At where the base of the neck connected was just this gory blight stitching that attached a second ribcage.
This thing would skitter around on six limbs, dodging from place to place surprisingly nimble.

But the most terrifying thing was what it did when it did notice you. This tiny fucker threw things at you. What kind of things? Casualties, Vectors, infected organs, whatever it could that was covered in blight. This thing would throw larger stuff at you using all four arms (Like C's and V's) or throw individual things at you with each arm.

It ripped apart a Casualty to throw a liver at me.

Then it threw a Casualty at Cigs.

We killed the thing. But goddamn.

For those of you wondering, this is an original abberant.

Give it a murder modifier usually around 3-7, and give it the ability to remove one Casualty or Vector from a mob or stampede to give it one of two special attacks. It usually appears around at least two mobs of casualties, (2d10) and is "territorial"; meaning it will find an area where it can use it's cover and flanking abilities to it's advantage.

The first allows it to launch the Vector or Casualty 1d10/2 + their murder modifier shambles in any direction. (Remember up and down can be directions too!) They usually make a running throw, so they throw them that far after moving up to their murder modifier.

The second allows them to throw infective viscera around them. They rip a Casualty (usually not a Vector) to pieces, killing it, then throws the internal infective gore. Treat as an explosion centered where it is thrown that only prompts infection checks. It can throw up to four of these from a single Casualty, but may only throw one a round unless it has a murder modifier higher than 5, in which case it can throw two. The viscera thrown is treated as hot or cold according to what it was from.

These things are clever and will use cover and flanking to it's advantage. It's smaller size allows it to use these more effectively. While it will use cover and flanking for self preservation, it will be killed before it gives up attacking. Other than these three abilities treat it as a Vector that has no apologies.

Finally remember it has four arms, which should be taken into consideration if restraining them or in other contextual situations. If a player is planning to do something where it's extra arms come into play, give them an awareness or foresight check to not be an idiot.

General Discussion / Unique/Weird Items
« on: January 23, 2019, 02:59:50 PM »
So, looking around the book and in actual games, there are weird one off items that don't have stats or real uses.

How would you use these items in game?

Do they have charges? Are they fragile? Do they actually have a use? What about other things?

I would think each would work differently for sure.

The Detoxin runner's trumpet
Winter clothes

Please give me more suggestions as items and/or how you might use them.

Ubiq / Skys Gear Solutions Reopened for business.
« on: January 22, 2019, 03:19:22 AM »
Hello there denizens of the Loss, citizens of the Recession, DHQS bastards, and Palbickle's disembodied consciousness that lives in the server farms of Ubiq City's highest peaks!

You all know me as LordSkys, or Sky for short.

I have a great big announcement to make.


Skys Gear Solutions is reopening as of tomorrow January 22nd

I am very happy to see that everyone is enjoying their merchandise. Please remember that it is first come first serve, and please begin sending/pming me with your orders TOMORROW at the earliest.

Finally, we will send you a Ubiq message when we are ready to begin work on your project. (There is a 10% down payment for the materials of a project) Remember that we put time and dedication into our work, so make sure to allow 10-20 days for delivery after we have began your order

Thank you all.

use this thread however you want. There's no significance to it other than for fun. Put down gear suggestions, talk about it, idc.

General Discussion / In Character Brutality
« on: January 17, 2019, 05:16:46 AM »
Okay y'all, got a hard one for you guys.

What is the most brutal thing you've done in character?

You can answer more than once.

Basically what did you decide to do that was so screwed up that your character was shamed for the rest of the game. Hell, maybe it ended a game.

I got two to start.

In a game with uncertain vignettes, and almost all the other bust rules, my taker Boulevard took a stress hit when he really needed some help. The roleplaying ended up with his wife pulling the cord on his mother without consent when he was out on the previous job. This was determined after we found out that this would be a break regret for him. He went into hysterics and jumped the wall that night. They found him the following morning, surrounded by dozens of Meek. Some casualties, most dead from his Big'Ol LMG and Plastic explosives. They put down his vector, which had no arms on it, grabbed his gear and left.

IIRC none of us had our original characters by the time we finished the campaign. Tontines my dudes. Game can get freaking hard.

My other one was after a JOLS a player had in another game. Was playing a steward named bat skcab (I was being intentionally unclever) and my crew had to hit up a JOLS for another player.
My dude was super paranoid and wanted to know as much as he could over the course of the campaign. Over the course of the campaign he immune checked himself and the rest of his crew w/ a gen 2 blood testing unit. He found no immunes. He then bought a stoploss fully upgraded bracelet, Soma, and Stim Sauce. He never used it himself, it was always just in case. When it came time he bought some fully upgraded DDJs and Plastic Explosives when we were sent out on our JOLS.
We were sent to receive a data stick from a major corporate tower in Seattle. As the crew was driving away my market says that we can make a special interlude because a  character is leaving. This is talked about in the book and my  crew had had some interesting choices on what occurred on these before.
My guy and the JOLS guy go off into the woods to take a piss. I silently unload a clip in the back of the guy's head. (Made Self Control like BAMF thanks to all the drugs) I activate my StopLoss, then I remote detonate the explosives I left back in the SUV. All of them. I take the data stick for myself and med evac to the StopLoss homebase, where my handler meets me and my character goes off to recession life as a king; having retrieved the data stick that was so important to Frond Engineering that it got me back into the new world actually retired for life.

My friends were not happy, but it was an interesting way to end a campaign. On a side note, I'm not allowed to play stewards when I play with certain markets.

So, what about you guys?

Ubiq / Children of Ubiquity - who's heard of them?
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:57:10 PM »
So I was recently scrolling through lifelines when I found an interesting thread/subforum.

These people were posting pics of tech and concept art. I've always been partial to tech, so of course I got interested.

These people start talking about new enhancements for prosthesis, which I have been looking into a little bit more recently, when one of them talks about his eye being replaced and trying to program the prosthetic goggles to work in infrared. What?

I go on his profile, and the dude has an implant that connects his ubiq spec's video feed to his brain. His FUCKING brain. I start looking at other people on these forums, and I realise I found everyone on the page are transhumanists with way out there enhancements. The kind of shit you needed to go to black market parties for tech elite, FDA not approving this shit for decades, levels of prosthesis.

I do some light reading, and discover these guys have something called the Tennets of Evolution. It's pages upon pages of cult-y propaganda about combining AI and brains to evolve past the need for a cure for the blight.

They called themselves the Children of Ubiquity, something about freedom of information so that humanity may evolve. I can hear Gnat's anger about there name from here, but they seem to worship Palbickle; or at least his tech.

Anyone else heard of this? I got booted from the subforum as soon as I started asking questions.

Working to flesh this group out as a possible believer group for a game I'm running hopefully by the end of the month. If it comes up enough and/or is enjoyed I may go farther with it.

Ubiq / Logistics of Reclamation
« on: January 02, 2019, 03:29:38 PM »
I know I may get booed off the boards for this, but how would we actually go about "ending" the blight?

Even if we found a cure that became an aerosol diffused into the atmosphere that turned every living latent and non-latent into immunes, that would not get rid of the shit.

There is enough blight in the world to fill a trash heap roughly the size of NYC in area and a mile deep.

When you burn the shit there is a chance it doesn't burn, just the body around it.

It dissolves in bleach, until suddenly it absorbs and metabolizes the shit. (Don't be going at me about impossible and abberants, the blight itself is impossible.)

Any Taker worth their salt on boat convoys out west has seen Floaties. The blight adapts and evolves to float if needed.

Not to mention that the actual blight is goddamn everywhere and can crawl and grow into areas neither man not machine can get to.

How do we reclaim that which cannot be reclaimed?

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