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General Discussion / Rations - how many can you have?
« on: December 16, 2019, 08:58:51 AM »
In my game I have multiple players who have bought more than one of the Rations item, so they have 20 Rations available to them without having to Refresh.

We play with the bust variant rule where you have to roll foresight to Refresh so it is a very smart thing to do, even if it cost more upkeep.

I could find no places in the book that ruled you can only have one Ration item.

However you also have one back pack at character creation (as well as a Ration) and I do not think buying another one would double your Haul and Refresh.

How do you play it in your game? Do you allow more Rations to be bought?

General Discussion / Fleeing and rations
« on: November 01, 2019, 10:34:17 AM »
Hi guys

We have played a few sessions now and when the players are facing off against casualties I find that the same thing tends to happen. Exciting fight happens then followed by a long boring retreat/escape scene.

 They always engage in fights were they have an objective otherwise it would descend into hack and slash pretty quickly and you do simply not have ressources for this in Red Markets. So last time they were to defend a medic NPC while performed surgery on a soldier in the middle of the street and they 4 mobs converging on them. They did pretty well and after the soldier was stable they wanted to flee the incoming Mobs attracted by shooting and explosions. How do you play this?

I ruled that if they got further away than 10 Shambles they had left the fight and could get away safe. But that leads to a really drawn out sequence of players rolling Athletics and burning rations which was rather boring.

This has been the case in the last few battles. Any recommendations to make it more exciting?

I have been thinking about making it a Skill Challenge (if you do not know what it is check it out right now . It is a very cool mechanic for making awesome scenes in DnD and I find DnD games without them rather boring). Maybe just a S6F3 (I have 6 players and I want everyone to contribute) to escape and on a faiure they end up in dicey situation where they have to fight to get out.

General Discussion / Re: Contract: Road Crew
« on: July 09, 2019, 03:06:47 PM »
So the contract has 3 Legs? I am just thinking in terms of getting paid if the group gets to Hazard Pay in Negotiation

What about adding a complication? Maybe as they are going home raiders exploit the cleared highway giving some action?

I have not noticed that you first get the will AFTER you survive whatever trouble you stir up.

It makes sense.

Thanks for all the answers. As it is not specified in the book I will play it your way.

General Discussion / How many points of Will can be used on a roll?
« on: May 29, 2019, 07:42:27 AM »
Many games have some kind of ressource that gives the players an edge on the competition, like Edge,Inspiration, Moxy, willpower etc etc.

In many of these systems it is detailed if the players can use one of these resources on a roll or more to increase their chances. In Red Markets it is not mentioned.

Can you for example flip the black and red dice for a succes (1 will) and then upgrade a succes to a critical succes (1 will) and then buy another narrative benefit to add onto an existing critical succes (1 will) for a total of 3 Will spent?

My players and I have combed the book and found no answer.

How do you play it?

I think we are on the same page about when the attack happens just not when Shambles goes down. I just let it follow the round number.

But it plays the same way.

If you read on from "The next round starts with the mob down to 5 zombies, one turn away (5M/1S)" it goes like this:
Teapot declares full offense and attacks but misses.
Kill hits with her attack, and sprays reducing the mob to B3/R1.
Teapot gets to attack with his twitch because of full offense at the end of the round but before casualties (as casualties are always after humans/Vectors), and kill two reducing the mob to B1/R1.
Then the mob  bites Teapot in the thigh.

So they act at the end of round 2.

General Discussion / Re: Frenzy Rules - Attacks of Opportunity?
« on: May 24, 2019, 09:14:46 AM »
This part of the rules actually makes okay sense, at least when you have heard a bit of actual play Podcasts. It breaks down like this.

option A/RUN AWAY!
According to Market use Tactic and Twitch to roll two Athletics to move SPD away. Or Market can make it a Task (consuming Tactic + Twitch) to roll a Athletics check to move SPD away, if he wants failure to be less likely,costly and minimize dice rolling for the Taker. Note that there is no attack on failed Athletics checks but you have wasted rations and are still in the grip of the mob, so you will be attacked at the end of the round.

Then comes the more risky options, as the book says: Attacking and then running is riskier than focusing entirely on escape.

Best case scenario: Make a succesful attack (reducing mob by 1 or more) and succesful Athletics check to move SPD away.
Worst case scenario: Attack fails, Twitch must be used to dodge with an athletics check. Succes means you do get bit by the mob BUT stay in place, failure means you get damaged.

Assumes: Someone before your initiative has reduced Mass by one or more this round either by joining you at Shamble 1 or shooting into melee.'
The checks works similar to option B but the other Taker has freed up your attack action, so you can use your twich first, to roll Atheltics to move SPD away on a succes. On failure you get damaged and stay in place. But you can try again with your Tactic.
If you succed however with your Twitch you can use your Tactic to attack the mob with a ranged/reach weapon.
-->So only chose Option C if you absolutely need to attack the mob otherwise take the safer option A.

You have killed them all. You are safe for now. But what was the cost?

To answer your questions:

1. Even if a taker is not trying to escape, will a missed attack against a mob lead to an attack of opportunity?
Missed attacks do not lead to damage. You must fail a dodge (Athletics roll eating rations and Twitch) to get damaged.

2. If someone else reduce the mass of the mob by 1, does the taker trying to flee get hit in the face by failing to flee? Does he actually, by failing both his tactics athletics roll and his twitch athletics roll, get hit twice?
Yes, I would say so. From option B I think we can be quite certain failed Athletics rolls (dodge) leads to getting damaged. And yes, you can get damaged twice if you fail both Atheltics checks to run away.

3. Does this mean that by using option a, you are safeguarded against getting hit on failures?
  Yes it does. Option A is the safest thing you can do in the short term. As the text mentions:" Attacking and then running is riskier than focusing entirely on escape." Only use option B if you are alone or option C if you are not alone.

4. using option a, if the taker fails the first check granted by the tactics, does that mean he would have a twitch left to do something else with, or was that spent as well?
I would say it is spent. I think you declare at the start of your turn ( like Full Offense/Defense combat maneuvers) that you are going on full defense and trying to get away from the mob. So your Tactic and Twitch are dedicated to that goal. If the Market called that it was a Task there would be no problem, as a Task consumes both Tactic and Twitch.

I was sure I read that mobs could split their attacks somewhere! I think it was a bit weird that for example 10 casualties would absolutely maim/kill (+9 to damage) one Taker/round instead of attacking all avalaible meat.

However I do think you are mistaken about when Mobs attack. P. 297 specifies that if R3 is rolled, casualties will attack at the end of round 3 (if the Takers have not moved away or killed all casualties).

In the example on p 300 B7R2 is rolled and so Teapot gets to act two times before the casualty mob reaches him and bites him in the thigh. You might have misread, R2 is rolled, not R3.

Under Casualties in combat on p. 297 it says that when a Mobs Shamble reaches 1, they attack the character they just reached.

What if there are more than one character?
Is one chosen at random?
Or can a mob attack all characters they reach?

Essentially, how many attacks does a mob have?

Yeah I was also thinking about using the Gods Blight Bust rule so you do not add STR.

We have not started playing yet but I just think that buying Immunity for 1 Will (if you upgrade a succes to a critical succes) is BIG thing to get. And I was worried that it might incentivise players to seek getting bitten early in a campaign. But I guess we will start playing and then see if it is weird.

General Discussion / Re: Does Spray take a twitch action or not?
« on: May 21, 2019, 08:24:03 AM »
@Dadalos nice to see you also got to the same conclusion.

When we start playing next week I am going to play that Spray requires a Twitch, and see how it works out in real play. So you can not do a full offense AND spray on any of the Tactics. Teapot would probably have died if they played it this way ;)

It makes going action hero shooty a bit more dangerous though so the Takers has to consider it carefully.

General Discussion / Re: Quick-Start Takers
« on: May 19, 2019, 06:39:49 PM »
This is awesome. I will send it to my players as they are brand new to the game. It will probably make it a lot easier to make characters for new players.


General Discussion / Riot Shield maybe a bit too good?
« on: May 19, 2019, 06:38:26 PM »
As my players and I are preparing for our campaign start next week a flurry of questions has come in. The latest is the Riot Shield.

It has the armored quality so it can absorb damage from all hit locations (except head) for a charge.

So  it can basically remove 10 hits from casualty/vector combat. Thats seems reeeeeeeally good!

It costs 8 Bounty so it is pretty expensive though. And with a helmet you have reduced your risk a lot for going into combat for 10 bounty.

What is your experiences from play? Is it too good?

General Discussion / Re: Explosive weapons
« on: May 19, 2019, 01:46:15 PM »
That makes sense. And it is the most streamlined way to play the rules.

But it is mentioned on p. 298 that Casualties die from headshots, and anything else has little effect.

It would have been nice to have it in writing that one C is killed per given on the Black. Do you have page number?

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