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Ubiq / Re: Casualty Jokes
« Last post by Varlaax 2.00 on Today at 11:36:42 AM »
Merry Christmas Blight.

May your infection rate spread to animals.

(Said the pre-ambushed Meek before they decorated my Christmas tree.)
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Jokes
« Last post by Varlaax 2.00 on Today at 11:35:17 AM »
Q: Why don't Randians believe in Santa Claus?

A: Because they don't believe in Socialism.
General Discussion / Red Dead Markets
« Last post by CodeBlue on December 10, 2018, 10:49:06 PM »
I'm probably going to be cobbling together an Old West hack in some form or another for RM.

Scores could be actual robberies and heists in addition to anything else.

Clients could be robber barons, Pinkertons, train magnates, the Govt, post-war Confederates, etc.

Does anyone have any kewl thoughts on fun things to happen in this time frame?
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Jokes
« Last post by Varlaax 2.00 on December 09, 2018, 12:08:33 PM »
Q: What's Black Math favourite book?

A: The Kamikaze Kama Sutra.

(Thank you Mauve.)
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Jokes
« Last post by Varlaax 2.00 on December 06, 2018, 05:24:50 PM »
Stress from living in the Loss?

Sure, I know some Takers who experienced burnout.

Of course they were Meek.

Oh sorry, I thought you meant stress relief.
Maybe most of the interior planets are blight free, but because of how they need to remain separate they need the natural ores and materials that the outer planets have.

Another thing could be that while air power can work, you still need to get the fuel and resources to keep your ship aloft. Owning a ship is akin to owning a vehicle in standard RM... expensive, but useful if you can afford it.

In addition, planets have enclaves on them, there are no planets without blight on them in the outer areas of the galaxy. It's sudden, deliberate, and fast acting; starting in just about every star system simultaneously. The central planets have the fire power to stop the transmission, and they even firebomb all the inner planets infected with the Blight.

There can even be certain groups that believes in only living on "natural" planets that formed life on there own, because they believe the blight is a side effect of the terraforming process.

Also, while that may be a problem in theory, strafing C's is only surviving, it would be the same as holing up in an enclave. Plus you have to deal with space pirates, or even roaming enclaves aboard starships.

Plus there could be an interesting Mortal Engines style bent where certain enclaves of multiple ships (like in Battle Star Galactica) might absorb other ships and crews into their fleet, at times stripping the ship for pieces and/or food,other times taking control if the ship is useful/big enough.

I see a lot of openings for problems with both other survivors, warring clans and factions, and with the blight itself in this set up.

Also, the size and capabilities of the ship correlate to the price and how far it can travel. Larger ships mean more crew, which means more food, which all costs more bounty. Chances are you aren't getting out of a solar system unless you are aboard a roaming enclave or something similar very past tech meets the space era.
thematically it fits, but air power does a LOT to negate the problems of the Blight. There's got to be enough of a limiting factor that nobody can just strafe the Cs for three weeks and call it a win.
General Discussion / Re: Plot over Profit
« Last post by CodeBlue on December 05, 2018, 03:19:59 AM »
agreed, I'm liking where this is going.
Ubiq / Re: LordSkys' Blog
« Last post by LordSkys on December 05, 2018, 01:58:09 AM »
LordSkys Blog
Date: December 4
Starting Casualties: 71

Chapter #9: On the Road Again
Update 1: Total: 68
Wait... LordSkys isn't dead? They aren't gnawing on some poor Idaho farm boy?

jokes aside, I've been coping.

Last week was interesting.

I was on my way back to High View after a quick closure job for a client. We stopped by a hobby shop to see if anything was worth grabbing, when I found the back room was unlooted. Drone parts, animatronics, the works. Then I found it.

A picture of Cigs next to a shelf full of 3D printer plastic. It looks like 5-8 haul.

Cigs is calling that a horde is on the way to the fence, gtg.

Update 2: Total: 147

Been up all night. Had to clear the gutters before going to sleep.

To clarify we call the giant pit trap around an enclave a gutter. Most of them i know of in Idaho have gutters.

We lost 17 fence guards, and Cigs got some use out of the new upgrades I gave his arm. It's technically the 5th, so I'm going to sleep the day and night off.

There were a lot of Vec's and fresh C's last night. We think one of our sister enclaves fell, but since there was no contact from any of the enclaves (damn balloons haven't been here for a week). We have to send scout out either by drone, falcon, or man. The enclave really have the resources for any of those, but maybe High View will get me a contract for a couple long range drones; since Whirlibird was one of the 17.
Reserved for basic concepts #2
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