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General Discussion / Re: Journey to the City, a Red Markets hack
« Last post by Teapot on April 25, 2018, 04:45:46 PM »
The setup is each abandoned place/places form a section with a similar aesthetic. Each section also has a threat, some kind of thing that may have once been a person or an animal, lost here for too long they've been shaped by their new environment into something awful and murderous.

Say an abandoned shopping mall somehow built into a sheer cliff. The top floor lets out near the top of the cliff so the way up is through. Each section takes 2-4 legs, each leg is an encounter or set piece.
For the shopping mall the first is the basement, dank chest high pools of eyeless pale koi, which you can cook, they won't damage you but they do like to nibble on anything moving.
Leg 2 is the beginning of the jumble of scaffolding filling the central open space of the mall, the ground floor is full of abandoned shops, each might have salvage. Here the PCs begin to hear some movement above, the scaffolds occasionally vibrating, they also find bones scattered about. This leg ends when the PCs find a nest of the things that live here, they're like backwards jointed people but their bodies are painfully thin and their arms and legs are unpleasantly long. They scuttle about the scaffolding looking for meat. Their eyes are small and beady while they seem to locate things by sound or vibration.
Leg 3 is trying to get up the first few floors, sneaking or running.
Leg 4 is finding the way out at the top and discouraging pursuit.

Between sections the PCs must find some shelter to rest and recover, there are also special encounters, some with people  who live here, they once came to find something but just sort of settled down, establishing their own little kilometer of something. Some are friendly, some are unable to interact with visitors, and some are ax murderers. All of them are differently sane.

The game covers a number of sections that the GM/group want and then leads to The City (It's Carcosa) which leads to The Lake and then The Party at the Castle. The last session is trying to escape the castle as it settles into it's new ownership.

So the broad mechanical strokes is: bounty is gone, upkeep is gone, hungry is gone, Charisma is folded in Adaptability, references are gone (replaced with flashbacks which cause a self control check), dependents and refresh are gone, most of the high tech gear is gone, you can't pay for healing.

Vignettes are now just one at the end of a section where you describe a small creature comfort you've found/stored and are using, an ipod with a bit of battery left, a single cigarette, or an instant coffee. It clears two columns.

Gear is found by scavenging, a roll lets you find gear, refresh it, or add an upgrade. It's meant to be more transitory in this. The GM has say over what kind of thing can be found in what place.

Personal development is changed, each set on the journey has three options, you can pick two:
1. At the beginning of a section you have a flashback establishing your life before and a skill you had, add +1 to a skill you don't have.
2. Under duress, before you roll a skill add +1 to it, as you grow.
3. Lessons learned, at the end of the scenario you can add +1 to any skill you used or saw used.
Ubiq / Re: Weird Casualty Aberration
« Last post by Silver on April 25, 2018, 06:12:18 AM »
Abberants. Not real.

Abberant rumours and stories?

Certainly. Now to finish my Soma tea.

[laughs and then cries]
Ubiq / Re: Crazy things we see.
« Last post by Silver on April 25, 2018, 06:11:05 AM »
Something crazy I have seen is a C walking around with a door around its waist. Like it had broken through a a door halfway through then the door broke, but the thing is the door was in great condition. It wasn't scary, it was damn near comical.

The shit I see hanging off Casualties could probably fill a scrapbook. Barbed wire crown, toilet bowl ring, picture frame...

One time I even saw a scrambler with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs on its wrist. Was missing the other hand though.
General Discussion / Contract: Daddy's got to have it
« Last post by bubba242 on April 23, 2018, 10:59:02 AM »

1: Job
Retrieve a ‘documents’  from the family mansion of the Parriot’s – a well known oil dynasty in Oklahoma.

The mansion was used as an early research base for the blight. The lower level has room after room of infected strapped to tables. They are in torpor at the moment. The straps holding them are threadbare. It’s not going to take much for them to be pulled off.  They are being ‘cared’ for by a member of the Shepherds. To get to the top, they are going to need to go through….somehow. DO they wade through and kill the shepherds flock? Or do they find another way and leave the old man with a potential horde of casualties to unleash?

2: Client
Harold Parriot is so over this lost palava. Being the son of an immensely wealthy oil family meant he never had to do a days work in his life and it was only sheer chance he was in New York when the Recession came into place. Now he is stuck there, waiting for the days of reclamation. His financial team has made sure he is still wealthy beyond words and covert investments in places like the Bank of the Lost mean that he will stay that way.

Recently he’s had legal problems because of a lazarus claimant - an imposter that claims to be a living member of the recession in the hopes that they will be paid off or con enough people into believeing that tehy are the real deal. He’s claiming to be Harold. To prove it, he needs some form of ID – all of which were left behind in the mansion. The imposter has some – but the real documents would prove without a doubt who was who.
Luckily, you have a contact in the Bank of the Lost who may be of some use.

Weak Spot: God, I hate dealing with the help
You’re distaste for the common man knows no bounds. Prove you are of a ‘higher calibre’ and this client will be more amenable to your suggestions.

Soft Spot: The finer things in life make it all worthwhile
No living in a car park for this client. It’s mansions and bottle of dom for this cat. He will respond better to those who not only understand about the better things but that can talk about them as well.

Tough Spot: I’m being hassled by little people – why must I put up with this rubbish?
As distasteful as you find all this, it’s gotten serious enough that you need to get Takers involved. Harold wants this handled quickly and put behind him. Promises of timely and proper delivery will go a long way.

None. The commission are preferred providers on this job -if they take it straight away. If not, they will be facing off against the Rangers again.

Base price: 15 bounty.

3: Legs

The Job Site:
Once a beautiful mansion, its now open to the elements and crumbling. Outside there are old military barricades, ripped tents full of broken test tubes and stretchers.
•   Research can show mentions of the place in the early days of the crash as a first contact administration and policy implementation center. Crit success shows that it encouraged early victims of bites to attend for treatment.
•   Foresight shows no way to scale walls – too high, too dangerous. Possible entrance through roof of pool house. Athletics check.
•   These casualties are being watched over by a shepherd. He is a tall skinny man dressed in leathers. Smells funny. Speaks just above a whisper. First Aid check to determine smell. He has copious amounts of scent blockers – one of the first places to discover this byproduct and harvest it from the casualties – so has the run of the place.
o   Willing to talk to the takers but warns against loud noises due to his herd. Self control check – fail is 2 in trauma when takers realize they amount of casualties that are in the house.
o    At the first sign of trouble, he runs back into the house towards the stairs, making enough noise to alert his flock. The takers must deal with all the casualties – killing, kiting – before they can get to the old coot.
•   Upstairs is the safe – requires prolonged concentration task – at least 3 rounds of success to open the safe. Crit failure will alert the casualties down below.
Once the takers find the safe, they are able to get out of town – if they can – and head back to the enclave.

Once back, they get contacted by the imposter. He promises to ring them in on the scam if they get rid of the originals corroborating documents. Do they keep their word or do they join in on the sweet sweet scam this guy has going?

Self control – detachment AND stress for the money they could make if they went along.


General Discussion / Contract: Smoke 'em if you got em
« Last post by bubba242 on April 23, 2018, 10:55:17 AM »

1: Job
The enclave’s dope grower has gone missing and they need to find him and return him to the enclave. There is also a crop that needs returning.

Swindpole’s skills have come to the attention of a rival enclave. They have tracked him and followed him to his farm. They are currently holding him and intend to take his crop and skills back to their enclave.

2: Client
Dr Akita Top worked at the enclavemedical centre. She was no ones favourite and her lack of networking skills kept her from being invited to the golf club. However, she is talented and tireless and the people of Nowata praised her as much as they cursed her when the chips were down. She is the chief surgeon, head of every department – you name it, she’s had a say in it. Ever the pragmatist, she has reached out to the dope growers, meth makers and anybody else with the slightest skill in pharmaceutical to supplement her dwindling supplies.
Weak Spot: Smartest Person in the Room
What a bunch of idiots. Yokels bore her, bullshitters annoy her. Show a trace of intelligence and intellect and she might – MIGHT – have some respect for you.
Soft Spot: Don’t die on me damn it!
The only reason she hasn’t been strung and quartered for her handed approach is that she never gives up on a patient. She will fight to the bitter end to keep her patients alive. This attitude has extended to any of her staff. Show loyalty and dedication to those under your care and she may melt for a moment.
Tough Spot: Meatball surgery is getting the job done but we’re running out of supplies.
She is a pragmatist and a realist. No help is coming. Supplies do not miraculously appear. She needs Swindpole and his ilk to keep on providing the most basic of care.

Dirty Bastards. A small group of latents who journey from enclave to enclave offering their services. They are well armed, well trained and absolutely fearless fatalists. If a client can get of their fear of latency, they are known for providing top shelf services.
Base price:  18 bounty.

3: Legs (1)

4: The Job Site:
Swindpole has taken a page out of the Mexican cartel and uses his family’s horse farm to grow his stash. Scavenged solar panels light up the nurseries. Wire mesh covers every window, barn door and entrance to keep casualties from getting near his plants. He has a small living quarters in the middle of the stable. The rest is dedicated to growing and cultivating.
Access to the area is provided by a couple of metal scaffolding setups – far too difficult for casualties to climb and skylights along the roof. It’s a good setup against the walking dead but not humans.

•   The other enclave have sent a 4 man squad. Three are the muscle, 1 is the techie / scientist in charge of the drones and the crop. All are armed with rifles and handguns. There are 2 drones for surveillance and 2 dogs for kiting casualties and early warning.
•   Swindpole is tied to a chair in the centre admin area. 1 guard is with him at all times.
•   The others rest and take it easy waiting for the next truck to return to pick them all up. The techie guy has the drones set to patrol and the dogs roam the stable.


General Discussion / Contract: Mineral Rights
« Last post by bubba242 on April 23, 2018, 10:49:47 AM »
I got lucky with my enclave creation and Picher was nearby. Perhaps you'll be as 'lucky' when creating yours or you can substitute in a similar location from nearby.

Mineral Rights

Find and exterminate one of the last owners of the Tri-State Zinc and Lead Ore Company.

Picher is highly toxic, filled with sinkholes and crumbling buildings. And that was before the Crash. The last heir decided to head here to ride out the storm, reasoning no one else was around, so no casualties’ right?  Unfortunately, he encountered casualties galore, attracted to the lower area and now he is part of a mindless horde stuck milling in one of the sinkholes in the area. There are lots. Luckily he has his old survival gear, including an RFI tracker. SO, just a matter of finding one casualty, inside a toxic dump full of sinkholes and hordes of casualties.

•   Bounty – 4 per player.
•   10 Haul ( 5 bounty per haul ) from Old Miner’s Pharmacy – medicine shipped there by mistake during early days of crash. Sealed and ready to be transported.
•   Contact in William Aarons for Retirement plans

2   Client
Weak Spot
Nothing rewards paranoia like the total breakdown of society. This client has been rewarded so many  times for pessimism and excessive planning that the slightest kernel of doubt can grind things to a  halt. One way for crew's to exploit this is to leave nothing to chance, presenting themselves as a sure thing. However, it's far easier to paint the competition as untrustworthy and reap the  benefits of being the lesser of two evils.

Soft Spot

The client does not like surprises. At all. Survival for many came in the form of memorized procedures followed exactly, and this client worships routine as savior and provider. Crews than can project the most robotic response to the task get the job. Overwhelm the client with tons of Taker rules, guidelines, and contingency plans. Putting the deadly and unpredictable into tidy boxes comforts the client and loosens the wallet.

William Aarons. Specialty lawyer ( aka fixer ) who works for large corporations that need tasks done out in the Loss.  He is a middle man and finds Takers who will do the job. He uses people like the Bank of the Lost as a further layer of deniability. His client needs proof that all descendants are gone so they can put in a future claim for the toxic land for drone mining. He wants the takers to do the job on spec so that he can evaluate them and maybe use them for future tasks. He also uses any takers “I owe a Guy” weak spot to get the starting point of  this job to start at ‘as a favour’.

Tough Spot
 No-one else will take the job due to the toxic nature of the site – he’s become frustrated by their lack of gumption. He will deliberately not mention the name of the town unless personality check / 1 round of scams is used to find info and drag it out of him. If they do figure it out and threaten to withdraw, he offers additional hazard pay of 2 bounty each to cover any possible medical expenses.

The Job Site

•   In 2005, after a high population of the children in Picher were found to have toxic levels of lead in their blood, the state started offering buyouts for residents to relocate. In 2006, the federal government began buying out homes and businesses. Picher residents were left choosing between their health and their home, while deteriorating underground mines threatened to swallow the streets.
•   Although most of the residents have left, a few still linger amid the vacant buildings and desolate roads, where trucks hauling away polluted waste are the only traffic. With no electric, city, or police services, the town is dark and unattended, frequently vandalized and subject to theft.
•   There are 6 major sinkholes in town. Each has dozens of casualties in torpor, sprawled along the steep edges and trapped in the mines under the town. The mines are long sealed off and entrances filled in so at least they can’t escape that way.
o   Investigating the sink holes will require self control checks by anyone watching the footage of the masses of casualties inside the mines doomed to lie there forever.
•   Takers may think that they will need to search the hole to find the location of the last heir and either take a picture using a drone or using some other method to prove that he is indeed a casualty and thus legally dead. Takers don’t actually need to kill him – only to provide proof that he is no longer living and able to mount a challenge against the corporations claims.
•   Investigating the area will find the Old Miner’s Pharmacy and inside they will find 10 crates of medicine. The EPA accidentally sent the delivery there during the early days of the crash and it has been protected from the elements and scavengers due to the toxic nature and reputation of the site. However, the building is starting to sag and collapse and requires foresight roles to get the stuff out without the building falling on people.
•   The toxic nature of the site means that extended periods here will start to make the takers sick. Resistance checks are necessary every ½ hour due to the crap being blown around. Failure means 1 box of stun damage in the chest area unless breathing apparatuses are used. Any kind of face mask will add +1 to the roll.
•   Every area investigated means the chance of buidlings collapsing. Foresight roles are required to make sure falling debris and the like don’t hit the takers and cause damage. Self control checks are required with each building they search.
•   The good news is that the target isn’t actually in the mines. He got chased up the water tower and his elements ravaged corpse is up the top. Takes will find him – and some ID – up the top, out of sight on the platform that rings the tower. Lucky takers might stumble on him, or it might be a spot they retreat to when the hordes start poring out.


General Discussion / Contract: Drone Cover
« Last post by bubba242 on April 23, 2018, 10:42:26 AM »
Hey all,

Thought I'd throw up a couple of contracts for you to use ( seeing as I pinched a few ideas from the minds here already )

Drone Cover

Find extra drones for added security around the enclave. Drones are found at a UPS depot in Claremore, just outside Tulsa.

 Depot is currently occupied by a Last Man On Earth ( LOMO), Lord Bob. Bob is a driver who survived the crash and was able to program the drones – what else did he have to do? – to protect him. They are his subjects. He has gone quite mad.
How do the takers get the drones without destroying them? What about Bob? If they take the drones, what happens to the poor mad bastard?

•   Drone shotgun pellets
•   Reference in Dusty Davis
•   Bounty 10 – Scarce B4, R6 – 5 drones. Bonus 2 bounty for any extra drones on top of that. 5 bounty bonus on any technical manuals that come back.

2   Client
   Dusty Davis, head of the weather and communication boffins. Been a pre crash life long storm chaser. When the crash hit, he used his tech knowledge and salvaged gear from the storm chasers to set up weather warning systems and early communication lines with other enclaves. Know that he needs to value add now that UBIQ and lifelines are more and more prevalent. Wants to get the drones UPS were using for deliveries and set up an early warning / surveillance system for around the enclave.
Weak Spot: Burden of responsibility
•   Got to look after his team, they were there for him back in the day. Appreciates good leadership and people who do their bit for their team.
Soft Spot: Only trekkie in the village
•   Being a life long geek in rural Oklahoma ain’t easy. Has a soft spot for anyone who’s not a jock or cowpoke, someone more urban than rural.
Tough Spot: Got to hustle to stay on top of the bustle
•   Worried that council might not be seeing value of a bunch of science nerds living it up on top of the enclave. Needs to do this to keep his hand in the council and keeping his people safe.
   Gift Spot: Drone takedown pellets
      Drone takedown pellets – on a success can be used to bring down a drone without damaging it through direct gunfire.

•   A small herd of deer are visible in the middle distance, grazing peacefully. On a successful Shoot check, Takers can pause to hunt and gain one refresh for their rations from butchering the results. Casualties are attracted to loud weapons, as usual.

•   The Takers come across the crashed vehicle of another Taker crew. There is a Casualty in torpor strapped into the driver's seat as well as one or two other corpses in the vehicle, either also Casualties in torpor or dead by self-inflicted gunshot wounds to the head (mix and match at the Market's discretion). There are 3 Haul of goods in the trunk (roll for price point), 1d10 of bounty on the dead Takers, and one charge of gas in the vehicle.

The Job Site

•   Awareness check – if success, spot 5 drones on surveillance when you get there, buzzing around the warehouse. If they watch for a while, Any random casulaties are led away by one drone while the rest settle on the roof. When it returns, they all resume their surveillance.
•   Mechanics – Awareness – If successful, spot that some have jury rigged weapons strapped on.
•   If the takers come forward, the drones start buzzing around them. UBIQ specs get a general message broadcasting to them. It’s Lord Bob. He demands the takers leave his kingdom and never return.
•   Persuasion / Intimidation can get him talking about his kingdom and the rules. They are completely at his whim and change during the conversation. He will not give up his loyal knights ( the drones ) and any attempt to intimidate him will result in him screaming to execute this foul miscreants.
•   If takers start taking down his drones, he launches 5 more. They can be taken out, but due to their constant buzzing and moving, they will attract casualties and Takers do not get the benefit of cover.
•   There are a few ways for the takers to enter. Successful Foresight to figure out the options.
o   Front door – athletics, criminality, mechanics to force, pick, unlock the door.  2 successes / critical success to open and get past the barricade.
o   Athletics check – jump on old cars, trucks and climb upto the roof. They can then jump down into the warehouse.
•   Once inside, the drones cannot maneuver well enough to take shots at them – roof too low for their autonomous programming to compensate for. Lord Bob starts taking potshots at them with an automatic rifle.
•   A successful intimidation check or persuasion  check can get him to stop shooting and another can get him to surrender. Threats against the drones can add weight to theose checks (+1)
•   If he’s talked down, he will crack for a while, howling and raging until he finally weeps for a while and then seems to change. Bob has been alone for a long time now. He’s gong quite mad. He sees the drones as his protectors, providers (raiding caches of food supply warehouses) and the only company he has.
•   Takers will find a small ‘throne’ room with a working machine shop and parts for the drones along with notes and modification pieces that Dusty will get quite excited about ( mechanics, foresight ).  The drones themselves are programmed from a bejazzled UBIQ specs set. If Bob is still alive, he will offer to come with them to the enclave in exchange for getting him and his loyal subjects there alive. If takers agree, he can kite off any casualties and program the drones to head to the enclave.
•   If Bob is dead, programming / mechanics check to get the drones to the enclave
o   Crit failure – they fly off, never to be seen again
o   Failure – only 3 make it
o   Success – 5 of the 10 make it
o   Crit success – All 10 make it.


Ubiq / Re: Crazy things we see.
« Last post by Gully on April 23, 2018, 07:17:20 AM »
Before my aunt and I joined Summit three years ago, we spent most of our time innawoods. Not many stories, really, unless you want to hear the thrilling tale of when I dug a spiderhole and sat in it with a camo tarp over my head for eighteen hours straight again.

(I saw a cricket. And felt a lot more. And only got to use my specs for an hour of it, because we were low on charge.)

Anyway, we're walking around, looking for berries and maybe some good trees to pull edible bark from and not saying a thing to each other because that's how Aunt Fish does it, and we basically bump into a casualty.

Aunt Fish takes care of it before I'm done processing what we walked into, because she's the best, and we notice that it hasn't got any teeth in its mouth. None.

We keep going. That bark isn't going to collect itself.

It isn't long before we come across another one, though, and this one's further in the distance so Aunt Fish decides it's time again for me to practice shooting. I basically nail it, but she wants to get up closer to see exactly how far off I am from the dead center so that she can criticize my technique.

It's got no teeth, like the last one.

Maybe twenty minutes later, we finally come across this campsite with a couple more of the toothless SOBs wandering around. At this point Aunt Fish is more curious than she is paranoid, and supplies would be nice, so we get rid of the casualties and scavenge the camp, eventually making our way to the shack where the counselors or whoever would live, and... there's ten more of them, all standing in a cluster near a bed except for one, who's strapped to the bed.

That one's got about half its teeth still in its mouth. The others, I presume, are in the dish on the little coffee table, which in turn is next to a humongous jar with a lot more teeth in it. And then Aunt Fish almost gets bitten, because one of the free casualties does have teeth, but what it doesn't have, we figure out after, is the top bit of its left middle finger.

There's a lot we don't know here. Obviously, some wackadoo, maybe an evil dentist (or good dentist? it was dentistry done on casualties after all), was capturing casualties and removing their teeth. Not sure why. Also, obviously, dude got bitten by his final patient. But, uh, why was it still strapped down and why was he still there? Did he just sit around and wait to turn? Did he somehow strap down a Vector and not have time to finish or get away or anything? I'll be trying to figure that one out till I die.

Also, addendum: I took the jug of teeth with us, because what else was I going to do the next time I had to sit in a spiderhole for eighteen hours, and, uh, judging by the number of teeth in there, there were at least twelve more toothless casualties wandering out there. I wonder what happened to them.
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Jokes
« Last post by Gully on April 23, 2018, 05:46:00 AM »
these are all terrible and you should feel pleased with yourself
Ubiq / Re: Were all different people than we were five years ago, right?
« Last post by Silver on April 22, 2018, 06:50:30 PM »
Thank Christ I'm a different person now or else I never would've made it. The Loss isn't friendly to stoner vegan communication majors.
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