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General Discussion / Re: Legs that are more than legs.
« Last post by RinserofWinds on September 21, 2017, 09:47:47 PM »
I think Hobo Sign is definitely cool in it's own right, and I know it's how Respites get marked.

I was imagining this as a pretty open-source thing, coming from a rational and humanitarian place. (Ie. it's nice in general to help people, but we sure as hell don't want more Vectors in the neighbourhood.) Could even be an initiative from a Black Math group who's taking the long view: the more people are healthy and alive wandering the Loss, the more C's they'll eventually kill.
General Discussion / Re: Legs that are more than legs.
« Last post by theblazeuk on September 21, 2017, 07:58:56 PM »
Could be like Hobo Sign -

Signs for fellow travellers, but not for the rubes.
General Discussion / Re: Legs that are more than legs.
« Last post by RinserofWinds on September 21, 2017, 06:25:37 PM »
I'm chewing on the idea of a group deliberately adding information to the Loss, who gives out bonuses in exchange for Ubiq posts or spraypainted warnings.

Perhaps it's the Moths, perhaps it's a well-meaning non-profit or Believer group. If you mark, say, three sufficiently scary Legs, you could have a small bonus in Bounty or rep spots.
General Discussion / Re: LALA's and other NPC ideas
« Last post by RinserofWinds on September 21, 2017, 06:10:17 PM »
The famed archer, “Paris” is a Papineau who uses Blight-tipped arrows. Maybe she was actually named Paris pre-Crash, or maybe she just loves Greek mythology. (Paris was the one who shot Achilles in the infamous heel.) She is an extremely thin Latent, with track marks on her arms and eyes to make your Roach character blink.

In game-mechanic terms, she has both the Roach and Latent tough spots, as well as the Trained advantage. (She's survived this long for a reason.)

Solo, sneaky operator. She hikes up to DHQS camps in the Loss, and stalks them over time. She'll hit folks on the walls, if she knows there's no drone or air support nearby. Generally, though, she goes for patrols. Always shoots to wound, no need to make it harder for your eventual Vector, eh? Once she starts hearing Apologies, she'll flee and check back later.

Utterly enormous price on her head, but she's a damn good shot and some folks see her as an anti-DHQS hero. Comes into a single enclave in the area occasionally, to trade for supplies. (Which Enclave it is varies based on your setting. Likely extremist Rebels or Chosen.)

Check on Detachment to even see her, because of how horrific it is to deliberately infect fellow humans. She is not Meek, though. This is just the worst thing she can practically do to the ones she holds responsible for nuking her home.

If she meets players in the Loss, she will be polite, but very distant and with an eerily flat affect. She will offer stolen DHQS military supplies in exchange for Stim Sauce, arrows, or food. 
URGNT: need 9mm clip/ration/water drone dropped 39° 16' 28.2864'' N
94° 55' 27.4008'' W. Heavy weather in and out. Alone. Fire escape east side. Hurry plz

2B + supply fee. Good for it now or crypto. Help

Sorry Owl, drone delivery is not my deal, I am not great with those things I had one once, tried using it to drop some ordnance on some Cs, couldn't get it out of the blast fast enough because I crashed against a lamp post.
General Discussion / Re: Bust Rule: Maiming
« Last post by Askew on September 19, 2017, 11:57:51 PM »
Oooo... nice. I'm checking with my players (one of whom this will apply to immediately) if they want to run with this.
Ubiq / 9/19 - Blue's Diary
« Last post by CodeBlue on September 19, 2017, 10:16:19 PM »
This is horrible.  Why does everyone have to lie to you?  Isn't the world bad enough off without everyone willing to kill you just for a meal?

I guess I shouldn't be too hard on them.  Until two weeks ago, i've been nearly gnawing my arm off with hunger.  Today, at least, I have a full belly, and maybe tomorrow too.

So I met up with some of these freelancers in 10K lakes.  I don't know the lingo really yet, but the negotiator comes out and says that he's made a deal, and none of us really know what's going on.  But he says we got four legs to go in order to try to turn back on a pipeline that's part of some Nat Gas deal. 

So we hit the road, and I try to get to know everyone, but nobody wants to talk, and I get why.  Everyone's all 'to survive we must protect ourselves from forming bonds.'   But that's not how it works, not in the long run.  We need each other, now more than ever.  Now that there's a ton less politics, and pointless arguments, maybe we can finally be more than this nonsense we've become.  But anyway, they're not too chatty with me.  One of them just grunted and called me Latent anytime he needed me to do anything.

Guy's a jackass.

And things are normal, meaning weird.  We saw some Cs roped to a cart of some kind, my guess is that it was supposed to be easy transport. No arms, no mouths.  But it didn't work out that well for the driver, looks like he died of...well my guess is botulism brought on by tainted food.  We dropped the Cs and raided the place, buuut not much there worth salvaging.  I did find an MP3 player, so that was nice.

Saw some wildlife, I always kinda like it when I see something natural still roaming about.  Like birds.  I mean, most of them seem to be doing okay, at least the ones that aren't scavengers...weren't scavengers.  It's refreshing.

The job itself was okay I guess, I mean this contact we found was just trying to lure us into some sort of weird slavery camp.  We got caught, and stripped of gear for three days before we snuck out.  Most of us lost our guns in the process, but at least we got that pipe turned back on.  Thats a full belly and a new pistol for me maybe...
Ubiq / Re: Info Broker, you need something and I will do my best to provide, for a fee.
« Last post by Dadalos on September 19, 2017, 05:10:04 PM »
URGNT: need 9mm clip/ration/water drone dropped 39° 16' 28.2864'' N
94° 55' 27.4008'' W. Heavy weather in and out. Alone. Fire escape east side. Hurry plz

2B + supply fee. Good for it now or crypto. Help

From Hardy, AR I can get a drone to you in 8 hours, but thats the best I can do from this far out from you. but give the word and well work out pay later mate. unless someones closer send me a PM and Ill send this out after confirmation.
General Discussion / Re: Running the Market - Tips and Tricks
« Last post by Dadalos on September 19, 2017, 05:01:55 PM »
that's essentially how we've been using electronic charges. spend a ubic charge and your good for that seen unless whatever your using says otherwise.  :)
Ubiq / Re: Where Were You When
« Last post by Dadalos on September 19, 2017, 04:53:21 PM »
what's your lucky charm that you always carry with you on jobs?

Its been a while since I Last went over the walls, we did good on a run on the job before.  anyway I wouldn't call it a luck charm per-say but I feel good about carrying it so i guess it counts. Its a leather bound journal. Found it out on my first run as a rookie way-back. far as I can tell its had 3 other owners before me. each of them takers and the only things in it is: the first few pages are some believer scripture, then from then on each has filled in their names and a short bio telling who they are. Ive put mine in there and carry it with me and for some reason when I think im going to bite it its some how comforting to know that when the next person picks up this 'memento mori' I wont be completely forgotten.
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