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General Discussion / Re: Enclave: The Plantation
« Last post by VarlaaxvUK on September 21, 2020, 08:57:21 PM »

Worth a look.

I like the use of Detox as a cult.
Ubiq / Re: Query: Is Palbicke alive on an Island or DHQS Facility
« Last post by VarlaaxvUK on September 21, 2020, 08:52:26 PM »
Im pretty much all for Palbicke as an AI god.

Didn't you hear a rumour about the ghosting machine by some dam in the US?

Heard a contract was made by DHQS according to old US connections. This was a good while ago though. I'll have to relisten to the /repeat produced performance recording/.

So Palbicke uploaded his brain to the Internet and...

That's way too much Soma tea for today.

And biscuits.

I'm out. Appreciate your replies.
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Rap/Rhyme Thread
« Last post by VarlaaxvUK on September 21, 2020, 08:38:17 PM »
You gonna copy me?

Take my style?

Make me smile make me

Inject to infect by

Use my Suppressin

Show me you aint messin'

Cost me an arm

Takes you a leg

Imma' real Taker no faker

I see you Fake Take

You to the Morgue

Put a tag on your Toe

Hope no show but

I see you running home?

Then we'll know

You ain't no real Imoon

Just another Loon

I gots the silver spoon

Cus' I'm the real

Immune with my Boon

General Discussion / Re: Are any new supplements planned...
« Last post by VarlaaxvUK on September 21, 2020, 08:18:42 PM »
Black Death RM is awesome.

But to be fair to Palbicke (Mr C) we all want the global expansion Red Markets.

When everything(?) is back in track.

That would kick off so much Red Markets games.

Shame we're living in a literal pandemic. Does it mean that RM becomes more trendy due to a need for escapism or less trendy due to realism...

Anyway, new supplements for RM is great. Will buy.
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Jokes
« Last post by VarlaaxvUK on September 21, 2020, 08:10:42 PM »
Q: Why do Takers hate being paid in toilet paper?

A: Because all the arseholes use it up.
Ubiq / Re: Casualty Rap/Rhyme Thread
« Last post by varlaaxdontshootup on September 21, 2020, 03:51:46 PM »
I told you don't shoot at me

I told you I'm not the sprinting dead

Now I'm gonna shoot up the  big bad B

Take down your whole Enclave

General Discussion / Re: Homebrewed Materials That I Wish to Share
« Last post by The Passerby on August 26, 2020, 09:48:13 AM »
Leg: The Holiday Steward

The Takers see working Electric Lights out in the Loss miles from local respites and other such small Enclaves. It is a Hesco Barrier encampment approximately two hundred meters square around the remains of an old Gas Station with a solar power pump shade.A small earth mover with a DHQS emblem is parked in the parking lot, along with an up armored HUMVEE. There is also parked a regular pickup truck next to it. A man can be seen on top of the gas station in a little sand bag emplacement.

A LED sign: Vacancy Open flashes above the entrance.

Research/Networking Check will reveal that this place is actually what it appears to be, including the DHQS decals being legit. A woman by the name of Kilo Baker operates a small road side fortified inn sort of deal to make side money and from what people understand, she is quite open about why she and her team are there.

It is a dead-end pissant job in the middle of nowhere as a "forward radar detection" station for "hostile air power". She and her "boys" appear to be a collection of either aged federal agents or twitchy fuck up Air Force trained teenagers run what is ostensibly a radar station in the Loss. Though she isn't the only woman there, she refers to them all as her "boys.

Of course, there is no one out there flying anything anymore, and if there was hostile air power, NORAD and what's left of American Satellite assets would have caught it. Theoretically, they could be a part of a net against low altitude drone smugglers, but there are not enough similar bases and not enough equipment to differentiate the difference between a flock of birds or a multiple delivery drone.

GM Notes:
Kilo Baker and her team are just running down the time on their deployments, and while policy is that Homo Sacor are to be avoided, or shot if deemed "mission necessary", they're still people stuck out in hostile country with no real mission other than to waste time. If the Takers are peaceable and approach without any active known "Warrants", they can each spend a bounty to heal an amount of humanity damage to represent either staying at the "Roadside Inn" for the night or doing some trade for Recession goods out of the soldiers rations and care packages.

Kilo Baker, while willing to make a buck, is still a DHQS steward. She is all too willing to just shoot people that seem like trouble, and as with most DHQS operations or Recession Corporate forces, they have an Immune hunting remit. So if the Crew does wish to stay the night they will have to risk a blood test.

Leg: The Burn Pit

The Takers stumble across an abandoned DHQS Forward Operating Base in the middle of nowhere. It seems like a substantial effort was made to clear out a two hundred by two hundred meter square encampment with Hesco Barrier walls. The Hesco Barrier walls remain, along with DHQS decals plastered along the sides. There appears to be nothing actually remaining inside the camp itself, though it seems obvious that there had been some temporary tents and a mobile generator had been set up given the tracks inside. 300 meters away there seems to be a large mound of blackened earth or asphalt. This is a large five meter by five-meter pit that appears to be where the DHQS forces burnt their trash.

GM Notes:
Aside from the walls themselves, there is nothing else left inside the walls except camp litter and an overturned portapotty. Persistent takers might stumble across graffiti or little messages from some conscripted teenagers from the New York National Guard that foreshadow campaign rumors. The Hesco Barrier bags themselves are worth a bounty a piece, but dumping them out and folding them back up for transport will probably take more than a week. Treat this knowledge as being worth 1d10/2 bounty if the Takers think of selling them.

Research/Networking/Reference checks will reveal that the camp had been a known factor in the area and the last anyone saw or cared to post about the place was about a week ago. The purposes of the base are unknown, though most speculate that it was probably in support of some DHQS operation in a near by urban area. It was in operation for a little a month.

The Burn Pit approximately 300 meters from the DHQS camp is where the Takers might find profit compared to the camp, and while there probably isn't much worth there, DHQS trash is still probably salvage worth something to someone. Used MRE bags, "broken" equipment, etc. If the Takers wish to engage in this Leg without engaging with the NPCs, they probably can make some stealth checks or scavenging checks to investigate the bit.

Possible Results:
A somewhat still usable "large tent", the canvas not fully burnt because of the haste to leave. Treat as 1d10/2 bounty for 1 haul, higher value just means it survived the fire much better.

A collection of blood-spattered and shot through police officers' uniforms and equipment, though without guns. They find three pairs of pants, and some skeletal/burnt remains. Salvage either 1 completely fine Kevlar vest, or two damaged but still usable Kevlar vests. Also, make available one set of "Finest" police credentials if Takers bother to ask for them. Humanity tests if necessary.

Several semi-burnt and water damaged, but still "good" packages of base supplies. Treat as being worth 3 bounty per haul, goods include misshapen and now grody toilet paper, food containers with damaged labels and "broken seals", "damaged tools and consumable goods" such as packages of unused zip-ties. Cause humanity damage based on Bust/Boom rules due to the thought that people would throw away such "precious" stuff.

Critical Failure, a casualty had fallen in sometime before the Takers get there and was concealed by some of the ash. It attacks the Taker making the Scavenging check.

Leg: Are You Missing This Person?

The Takers encounter a lone man and a team of dronkies, he is a stranger to the local area, but his dronkies are quite distinctive. A cloth throw over each of their sides say "Hoover Groover and the Groovy Train". He waves the takers down and seems to be a some sort of wandering trader or scavenger. A research check towards the dronkies indicate they belong to a man named Hoover Groover, some trader from "mostly out west".

He is willing to trade, and will restock 1 refresh for 1 bounty on the condition that the Takers "read some of his pamphlet." Takers can also buy common items and upgrades from him mid Job. Another pistol, or a melee weapon, perhaps some carpet armor. Nothing as major as say a Dronkey or a Rocket Launcher.

GM Note:

Hoover Groover is a Shepherd with a twist. While he is an honest trader, he is a Shepherd working with a group searching for "lost family". He will hand a Taker a tablet and ask them to look through a gallery, he doesn't expect a Taker to look through all of them, but he does expect the Taker to look through a good amount. Enough to spark a humanity check as the sheer amount of casualty pictures he has suggests there is a herd out there with quadruple digits. Or perhaps it is because the pictures are given "filters" to make the Causalities more presentable and it makes one uncomfortable compared to just a straight up normal picture.

If a Taker is willing to spend the time to look through an entire "pamphlet" of 100 pictures, Hoover Groover will give that Taker a discount or a "token for the effort". Examples being a single bounty, or a small useful item like a Everlight Flashlight. The Taker will have to take 1/3 Detachment Self-Control check after looking over 100 pictures of posed casualties.

On a critical failure the Taker recognizes a dead relative.

On a critical success the Taker recognizes an old enemy from the "first year".
General Discussion / Re: Homebrewed Materials That I Wish to Share
« Last post by The Passerby on August 13, 2020, 03:06:44 PM »
I need some balancing ideas for the two things, and Nolo still needs some work on its core premise.

Like, feel free to suggest something or playtest it or whatever. It's all in good fun.

Still working on other things.
General Discussion / Re: Post blight World map page 45..
« Last post by Mordante on August 12, 2020, 07:38:14 PM »
Thanks for tge map I appreciate the effort.
General Discussion / Re: Damage queries
« Last post by Dadalos on August 07, 2020, 07:27:20 PM »
You have the right of it (as far as I can tell without referencing my books for an exact quote)
1. location damage carries over to the chest if the limb maxes out, and will take further dmg from bleeding should it get to that point. I had a poor solo run involving land mines and lets just say that now I double down on leg work.

2. in our games kill always gets applied first, followed by any stun. so your first example would be the one we would run.

and then there are always room for boom / bust variations so if your group finds one way of calculating dis-satisfying talk it over and decide what works best for you XD. 
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