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Ubiq / Re: Casualty Rap/Rhyme Thread
« Last post by VB3 on January 21, 2019, 11:17:14 PM »
Quote from: MauveHand
There once was a man in an Enclave
Whose family he worked hard to save.
His efforts were naught
Despite how he fought
In the end they're all in a mass grave.
General Discussion / Re: In Character Brutality
« Last post by Dadalos on January 21, 2019, 11:02:58 PM »
Not gonna lie, been itching for a good game for a while. Only been able to run Market for a little while now, and the group got torn up due to the real world. Fun to reminisce on it.

I've been in much  the same since the last game i was in dissolved after a successful retirement run. I have found that running solo run (generally one-shots XD ) scratches the itch and dosent require a lot of investment. started off as being a way to test char concepts but turned out to be fairly fun to run as-well.
General Discussion / Re: Question about Dependents at creation
« Last post by Dadalos on January 21, 2019, 10:58:11 PM »
That is Lucille levels of questionable sanity.

I love it.

Please tell me he took a trauma check every time he flubbed a roll bad enough to lose upgrades.

He doesn't just love his gun, he is in love with his gun.

so, i cant recall him ever having to do that because he was the kind of person that always rolled just good enough to avoid those kind of problems XD, and if not he would definitely die before he let anything happen to his gun XD. 100% a Lucille levels of 'dependency'.
Ubiq / Re: LordSkys' Blog
« Last post by LordSkys on January 21, 2019, 09:10:12 PM »
January 21

If anyone thinks LordSky (the character, not me) is being a bit of dick in this post, In Real Loss she wasn't just yelled at. She was called some things that would secure insta-bans on the general discussion threadunder the guidelines of hate speech. She also was following a spot because of this and got a Will out of it.

One thing that really gets my goat is when someone can't understand basic health and food.

So this crew, the Vander-Beasts, comes back in with a truck of produce. The enclave is all rejoicing and shit. They open up the back of the movers truck, and it's grain.

Bushels upon bushels of grain.

Not produce, not vegetables and fruit. Grain. Seeds in fact. At first I think we're supposed to grow our own. Then I smell the warm Chestnut  smell of Alosine Select Flaxseed

Now don't get me wrong, food is food, but I see the people in the enclave. I see rickets and scurvy. I see Thompson's bones grinding under the skin because they don't have basic veggies. Staples.

I knew we should have taken that job; but because the Vander-Beasts have jobline privileges and we try to not undercut people (that's generally in bad taste if it's not necessary), and can't tell a potato from a stone, our strong enough diet of wheat, sorgum, and barley has been supplemented by flaxseed.

Everyone in the enclave was already kinda pissed at the meager addition to the one type of food we already have when I go up to the dumb ass in charge. He starts getting confused when I yell at him about how the people in charge sent them to get some vegetables from one of the three enclaves around us selling them. He gives me this dumb stare and says:

"We did, flaxseed is one of the strongest, safest vegetables in the Loss. Back off ///redacted for strong language" Strongest? Safest? Vegetable?
///redacted for strong language?

I start spilling on the guy. I first point out to him the reason it is so strong is because it ruins any other crops around it by leaching the surrounding nutrients. (The Alosine Flaxseeds give off a specific aroma. Learned that from Digger Doug, and how the prey on other crop's soil.)

Second off, what makes them safe? Oh...
He thinks they are non-GMO. They threw the old produce (actual lettuce, tomatoes, and shit) they were supposed to buy in the river outside the enclave they got it from because it was GMO. Then they spent an extra day going to another enclave, getting ripped off by a flaxseed farmer that the crops were 100% GMO free, (they weren't) and thus would satisfy this dumbass Detoxin crew.

Thirdly, Vegetables. I have mentioned how much of dumbass this group is. FLAXSEED IS NOT A VEGETABLE. Especially not an acid that may help reduce scurvy and/or rickets in children and the elderly, let alone full grown adults.

As for the last comment, I gave him my meanest right hook and prayed I hit above the nose and below the hair. Elise wasn't exactly happy with my behavior, but I gotta admit it felt good.


The archivists seem unlikely to bristle at the thought of indecent nutrition. "We're not meant to be next" and all that.

The Crusaders, Shepards, and every man seem more than a little peeved. There's a call for the council to dock the pay or even evict the Vander-Beasts. I didn't even think we had Detoxin in Lexicon, but apparently they all came together as part of the crew or it's dependants.

Lexicon is an utter theocratic meritocracy. The place itself is an archivist stronghold, but there is a smattering of religions here and there. They have to agree to contribute to the library of Lexicon; keep the dead from gaining entrance, collecting books, scribing the knowledge, etc.

(I do a mixture of the last two)

I'm kinda in the doghouse with Elise, but she isn't too mad.

I'm just glad there are no Randians here.
Ubiq / Casualty Rap/Rhyme Thread
« Last post by VB3 on January 21, 2019, 08:42:58 AM »
No Blight.

Freedom in Sight.

I gotta Confess.

Recession be best.

Break my Rhyme.

Criticize Me.

Address your issues to a Casual-T.

Some Takers broken, Some Takers Tired.

I'm good 'till my Soma Tea expired.

I know the Beat is only in my head.

But it beats getting Eaten instead.

On Reflection.

Does the Blight give Optimisation?

Or Vector Perfection.

Using Taker Bait.

Don' leave the Loss with any hate.




Ubiq / Re: LordSkys' Blog
« Last post by LordSkys on January 20, 2019, 05:04:58 AM »
January 19

Lexicon is a quiet place. Kids here are indoctrinated into the faith pretty quickly, but it's interesting to see how many non-archivists live here.

The shepards here are kind, and they help the archivists by bringing the C's away from the walls, and a crew of Crusaders set up shop in an old TiberCo shop. Anyone remember them? One of the designer animal style businesses that got eaten alive by Alosine during the Crash. I'm pretty sure that the main difference between shepards and archivists are whether they are researching a cure for the blight, or protecting those that are "afflicted" by the blight.

I can't really subscribe to either philosophy. No point waiting for a cure that won't come, or protecting a corpse that wants to eat you.

I can understand the valor of wanting to have hope, but a lot of people lost hope a long time ago. I'd happily help either group in finding materials, but I won't be working the midnight oil over a microscope any time soon.

Elise and I found a hole in the wall that we can call our own, at least for now. She's trying to convince me we should buy a pup off of Dane. Dane is a hunter that domesticated some hounds after the Crash, an has been using them to find fresh and huntable creatures since the Crash.

Dude occasionally makes a buck selling jerky, but is just as likely to bring in livestock alive. I don't understand how he can get em to work with him. Anyways, his prize hounds had a litter, and they seem to be strong and loyal. I don't blame Elise for wanting a new companion out here, but I'm afraid if she loses another one it will take time to recover.

Currently reading an A/C repair manual. Interesting stuff.

I hear that a shipment of food will be coming in soon from another crew based in the area; so that should be a good event to see.
General Discussion / Re: In Character Brutality
« Last post by LordSkys on January 20, 2019, 04:20:27 AM »
Not gonna lie, been itching for a good game for a while. Only been able to run Market for a little while now, and the group got torn up due to the real world. Fun to reminisce on it.
General Discussion / Re: What's your story?
« Last post by CodeBlue on January 18, 2019, 10:48:25 PM »
huh, well that changed, ah well!  I haven't had a chance to play anyway. XD
General Discussion / Re: In Character Brutality
« Last post by CodeBlue on January 18, 2019, 10:47:54 PM »
+1 bounty to Lord
Ubiq / Re: LordSkys' Blog
« Last post by LordSkys on January 18, 2019, 08:13:03 PM »
January 18

We've been guarding the site for two days now.

Protecting a dozen workers from wandering casualties is a bit harder than a bait may realize. The freedom of salvage on the dead is useful though.

We had a sandstorm blow through, which buried a lot of the salvage, and my skin is all sorts of screwed having to hold the fence as the dust and C's threatened to topple it.

I think Lupa's arm got some sand in the diodes, because it isn't working properly. Should be able to catch a ride back to Lexicon, since we're almost out of steel to be salvaged here.

Update: So there was an old amusement park half buried in the sand (Iowa dust bowl valley, baby) that we needed to salvage steel from the track and buildings for reconstruction. Or rather, the archivists did to better protect Lexicon while they continued to fill out their library; and we protected them from C's in the area.

At this point, everything worth salvaging is either taken or under six feet of sand. So I think it is a job well done.
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