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[Contract] The new sacrament
« on: August 21, 2018, 04:19:45 AM »
This contract was written where the Takers enclave has a rival enclave nearby and are in a cold war with each other.

Contract“The new sacrament ”

Goods/services: Henry Graven, a born again believer has found a seller of immune blood. Go fetch two units of immune blood, verify its authenticity and return it to the enclave so his small congregation can partake of the Eucharist. Bring crackers if you can but they're not essential. The seller is in an enemy enclave.

Equilibrium: (B4/R5) – There seems to be an intermittent supply from this seller, who knows how long it will last. Henry however is eager to hold mass. But it's not urgent.

Economy: Mixed, however the seller requests an item in exchange, some insulin.

Client: Henry Graven –  A 9 to 5 office worker with a checked shirt and glasses. Worked in finance and accounts payable for a local electrical equipment manufacturing company servicing poles and wires. He was your honest dweeby two point three children and wife American who went to church each Sunday. He is worried they missed the rapture and is now earnestly trying to atone for no reason and has built a small congregation of immune blood believers.
  • Soft Spot: “Good Samaritan” – Henry is a genuine nice guy who helps people, you can twist this to your advantage by playing poor "I have mouths to feed”.
  • Weak Spot: “FOMO” – Henry is worried this supply might dry up and this is a limited time offer. He's also worried he's missed out on getting into a nice afterlife.
  • Tough Spot: “Authenticity ” – Henry needs this blood to be authentic immune blood and demands it be tested or verified. Demonstrate you can do this and offer a guarantee.

Competition: “DHQS” – Your local DHQS steward cell is super keen to know where this immune supplier is and will do the job for next to nothing. They probably won't complete the job however and fake IDs are easy to come by when your department runs the bounty system.

Travel time: 3 legs to the site.
  • Leg 1: a group of frightened civilians running from 1d10 casualties.
  • Leg 2: crossing the border. Scouts from the enclave. Avoid or engage.
  • Leg 3: outside the enclave you'll need to sneak in. But there's a casualty in the way. Awareness spots it's clutching a live grenade. It will drop it if killed or alerted. Drawing attention.

The Site: Rival enclave (can be replaced with a similar location appropriate to the game’s setting)

You are in enemy territory. You need to keep a low profile and pretend you are not rival takers, while seeking out the contact you have to meet, trade for the stuff, test it or verify it and then sneak out.
The enclave is in poor condition. Impure water, food wrappers, beggars, and a clear stratified community. The efforts the enclave has gone to in putting up a resistance to the outside and your enclave has led to the neglect of its people. Their defence of their territory has reduced their ability to recover materials from it and now unprepared people are crossing the fence in desperation. Those people you met earlier.
You are also in a potion position to sabotage the enclave and strike the enemy. What does your enclave leader think? Do you take this opportunity or just get on with the job. Or is your view inside given you pause that continuing this fight will just hurt these people more?

After eventually finding your seller through some social interaction you find it's a poor guy selling his immune uncles blood to get by. He's past 60 and diabetic. Humanity hits.

Complication : the DHQS could be watching your ubiq use and tracking you to the supplier. Consider not using ubiq.

Questions: what is the possible fallout from going undercover in enemy territory to trade insulin for immune blood. Do your takers sabotage the enclave and what happens to the power structure
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