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Hit List
« on: June 23, 2017, 01:44:50 PM »
The main purpose of this list is to give takers and opportunity to earn extra bounty on low paying jobs, or further boost high paying jobs. Generally, if a GM wants to allow takers to locate a person or group on the list it should require extra resources/legs on the actual job. Feel free to add your own jobs to the list and I'll try and update the thread weekly with new jobs. I'll try to have at least 3 or 4 jobs up today.

     Business has been good for me out here in the loss. As such, I've decided to set up a hit list for the small fries that aren't worth my time. This list can range from a single taker all the way up to a DHQS black site. I'm not a poor man, but I'm not going to fund an entire job. Think of this list as a bonus on a job you already have.

Target: Vertrag
Price: 15 Bounty
Information: This Randian fuck decided that he wasn't obligated to pay me because he never signed a contract for the information he received. I shouldn't have been surprised that a Randian would pull some shit like this but i really believed my reputation would keep him in line.
Complication: The information he got was about an old DHQS munitions stash. He also had 3 others with him that I'm sure are gonna fight to the death. Even if they don't like the guy I'm sure they are contractually obligated to die for him.
GM's you can make this fight as hard or easy as you'd like. Vertrag should be a full blown character with will. The other guys could be full time or part time. The main thing players can gain from this other than bounty are weapons, ammunition, a vehicle, and probably refresh of any sort.

Target:DHQS Agents known as "Vowels"
Price:5 Bounty
Information: Do not engage. I will pay 5 bounty if you can give me some concrete evidence of these agents in your area of the loss. Don't be a hero, I don't need anyone asking me for reparations because Taker Frank decided he was a badass.
Complication: It's a DHQS steward. They are smart, paranoid, well armed, and aware of their surroundings.
Basically a serious of skill tests and probably humanity loss.

Target: Taker crew known as "Real Steel"
Price: 10 Bounty/Head
Information These boys just left their second enclave burning to the ground. Somehow they are yet again unscathed. Clearly, they are in bed with the DHQS. What I want is to see them all dead. If you squeeze them for useful information before you kill em I'll throw in another 20 bounty.
Complication: These boys are no amateurs. Do you know why they call themselves "Real Steel"? It's because there isn't a single human limb left between the 4 of em. Not to mention the fact that they all carry some serious firepower.  That's how they got on my radar in the first place. I can't understand how any taker crew can afford to maintain that kind of gear with the typical jobs in the loss. If you find them don't say I didn't tell you they were well equipped.
Between the pay on the job(negotiable for your own game obviously) and the gear these dudes carry this could probably be a full blown job. All 4 characters should have stats and will. If anyone needs some pregens I have already made sheets for the crew. Just let me know and I'll post it.
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Re: Hit List
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2017, 09:25:51 PM »
Yo what's up Takers and Takerettes, I'm just passing this one along from the Realpolitick boys operating out of Utopia. Heard this bitch got em good.

Price: 20 Bounty
Information: (Forwarded from Bismark) This one is fucking nuts, nearly killed all three of us on a routine stampede RFID tagging. Bitch has got grenades, a shotgun, and a fuckin' bone to pick with whoever messes with her "babies." See, we were going through this little shithole town, when we come across this bigass school, Britcher Academy for the Arts or some shit. Then we see these casualties all spread out around this playground, but they didn't attack. Didn't even fuckin click their teeth when we got close. Jo-Jo gets the bright idea to cap one and see if the others would move, but as soon as we did that we started eating frags from across the playground. This bitch, throwing frags and screaming that we "hurt one of her babies" needs to be put the fuck down. Cost Juan most of his face, and the noise brought like 50 C's down on our asses. I think the bitch is immune too, cause she was fuckin HUGGING the nonresponsive ones while we were hightailing it. You kill her, we want the footage. Realpolitick@ubiq we'll pay good crypto for this.

Compliacation: Catcher is Management, carries Grenades with H.E upgrades, a fully upgraded shotgun and a breastplate from a Basilisk suit.
She is no small undertaking and should be approached by a highly prepared Crew. She is also immune and will call Casualties to the playground before covering herself in Repellant and blending in to drop grenades on and shank the Crew while dodging around the casualties. Successful research checks show that she is a legendary Taker with a fondness for wayward children, whose adopted dependents were murdered during her retirement plan, driving her insane. Particularly scummy Crews can try to take her alive before selling her to StopLoss or another Immune hunter group.


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Re: Hit List
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2017, 03:06:25 AM »
Target: Pillbug
Price: 20 Bounty
Information:Something I ran across doing consultancy work. A few months ago I got a whole string of calls about .50 cal Browning M2s blowing out barrels. Now these were ex-military pieces, mostly in perfect condition. It wasn't poor maintenance or user error either.

Turns out the common factor was ammo. There was this fucker named Pillbug dealing M2 parts and ammo over drone delivery, and I guess he figured he could pad out his replacement barrel business by selling bad ammo. I actually took the time to hire a kid to dismantle a whole box of rounds, and we found exactly 1 in every 75 was deliberately loaded wrong.

I'm not the sort of guy to put out a hit, but this asshole has probably already gotten some people killed. Hell, maybe whole enclaves, if they were counting on that .50 to hold their fence. Plus, you know, the Ma Deuce is a work of art. Deliberately ruining them is a goddamn crime in itself.

Pillbug is a heavy weapons dealer, which means he's as well armed as is possible in the Loss, including heavy machine guns and high explosives. He likely also has at least one or two employees with him. The bonus upside is that if you catch him at his home base, you can help yourself to his inventory.
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