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Ubiq Board Rules
« on: June 10, 2017, 10:04:22 PM »
Posting Rules

Fiction Isn't License: All forum rules for General Discussion apply for the in-character boards as well:

In-Character Collaborative: This board is for contributing to the setting of Red Markets in-character. Do not post as yourself; post as a Taker with the same handle as you. If someone can't pull your post up at the game table as an inspiration, plot hook, in-setting joke, or piece of flavor text, it probably doesn't belong on the Ubiq board.

Glowing Asides: The rules for General Discussion are complicated by the dramatic irony of writing in character. Remember two things when posting negative things in-character. Firstly, remember that Takers regularly shoot people in the head for a living. While they don't necessarily stay polite all the time, they recognize that shitposting can very quickly turn into actual gunfights. Even if things don't descend into violence, they need LifeLines to survive, so staying civil pays. Secondly, you may use the glowing text button to comment on a post out-of-character. If your character says something nasty to another Taker, be sure to include a just kidding or similar message afterwards. Explain where you are headed with the dramatic conflict if it might be taken personal.

Death of the Author: Text can be misread. It happens to Red Markets all the time. When posting in character, perhaps a poster genuinely intended some racist/sexist screed as a character moment and not a personal attack. The person may have even included a glowing lol jk, afterwards. The mods still reserve the right to ban said person if they don't believe the intentions are sincere. Plan accordingly.

There is No Canon: Someone might write as if your character's enclave doesn't exist. They might claim the Loss is in the East. They might be fighting aliens instead of zombie casualties. All of these are fine. The only canon rule is that there is no canon. What little meta-plot Red Markets has is included in the book, and it stays there. The game is for the players to do with as they wish. If something that violates your head-canon comes up in a thread, ignore it, or treat it as Ubiq spam, or call it out as DHQS disinformation. Just don't report it to mods.

Recognize Your Hot Takes: If you've got some really atypical vision of the setting where your Taker lives, recognize that's not the majority. Such posts could be prefaced in glowing text that highlights the context of the character's post. You could also make a different thread where that canon exists. For instance, don't post your characters talking about surviving in the free city of Montreal in the same thread where everyone else is talking about the irradiated, lifeless Montreal crater. Make your own thread and go play with a like-minded crew.

No Play by Post: If you're trying to organize a game of Red Markets in meat-space or online, the General Discussion board is where to start a topic. While a play-by-post thread certainly has a lot of in-character text in it, it also has a ton of movement description, dice results, and other stuff not useful for the Ubiq boards. This is a collective fiction document players should be able to pull up in-game whenever their character wants to see what's popping off on the LifeLines. Save all the B8+2/R9 and other OOC talk for General Discussion; reserve this space as a living game handout.
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Re: Ubiq Board Rules
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 09:44:30 PM »
Thanks for the rules, and thanks for the work on moderation!

Question: is there any way to have multiple Taker characters without having to register multiple accounts? Or, is there a rule against registering multiple accounts in order to have multiple Taker characters?
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Re: Ubiq Board Rules
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2018, 01:34:38 AM »
so we could do a PBP game in the OOC area? if we got one started, could we have our own subforum to keep it from gettin spammy?
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