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Contract (Mr. JOLS?): Jusqu'au bout
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:19:19 AM »
This Contract was jointly inspired by the US Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle Pennsylvania, and dreaming about whatever the WAR expansion for Red Markets may hold for us. I would love to discuss details about the job and about massive combat scenarios.


Jusqu'au bout

NOTE this job is built to change over time. If the takers accept the job when it is first offered, use the primary Equilibrium, Tough spot, complication Etc. If the Takers delay on the job it escalates, and the sections marked with an asterisk * come into effect.

Goods and Service

Retrieve the 3D printer housed at the US Army Heritage and Education Center


6 Black, 2 Red – 8 bounty Flooded: There are a lot of ways to get a 3D printer, this isn’t the only one in the Loss, and while it will make life easier at the enclave, it's not high on the priority list for leadership. Besides, it seems like Packrat is the only one in the Loss who even knows that it exists.

*10 Black, 7 Red – 17 bounty Volatile: Suddenly the word is out and a lot of different parties are interested in getting their hands on this specific 3D printer. Maybe its because it was lightly used, or that the Army Heritage Center seems to be an easy target for the taking.


In the chaos of the crash, people hit the most obvious places for resources first. 5 years later enclaves need to get a little more creative to meet their needs. The factories, warehouses, and 3D printer companies were raided early on. But people forgot about the 3D printer installed at the US Army Heritage and Education Center, to build dioramas, maintain antique military equipment, and create replicas. Even one 3D printer goes a long way to help maintain lifesaving equipment in the Enclave.


Packrat. Packrat is a scrawny local archivist who is kept around for his “library” of technical and operational manuals. Packrat would be more accurately described as a hoarder obsessed with military history and artifacts. He used to be the janitor at the War College associated with the Army Heritage Center.

Weak Spot: Rome Conquered Greece: Packrat’s personal brand of Archivist fatalism comes from his belief that the Blight has Humanity logistically and strategically outmatched. There is nothing they can do to combat such a widespread fighting force that actively assimilates and weaponizes its victims.

Soft Spot: But Greece Conquered Rome: While they believe humanity itself is doomed The Archivists seek to protect the culture and history of Humanity for whatever comes next. Although he only sub-vocally hints to what he thinks will inherit the earth, Packrat believes it is most important to preserve military history. There is little else in the human experience that influenced life so widely as war. Everything from technology and medicine to art and politics is connected in some way to war and conflict.

Tough Spot: Non-essential acquisition: The enclave really doesn’t need a 3D printer right now and no one else actually seems to know about it. There are much higher priorities than just acquiring one 3D printer from a dusty military museum

*Tough Spot: DHQS Essential Target: In the sudden boom of intrigue surrounding this 3D printer, The Army Heritage Center has been declared an Essential Target by the DHQS.

Gift Spot: Mortar: if no one has the artillery specialization Packrat has the operations manuals of different “clearances” available after negotiations for the price of acquiring the skill. *The Mortar is equipped with 1 upgrade of the taker’s choice. Packrat has plenty of different munitions hidden in his library.


Bombshell: a scrappy conglomeration of enclaves who are just looking for a small but easy bounty score. They are absolute amateurs to the taking game. *If the takers wait on the job Bombshell does not come back from their maiden voyage.

*Whistle: A subsect of the taker crew Eat Clean. They are super marathoners and parkour enthusiasts that turned their passion into their livelihood after the crash. They are named after the whistles they use to kite casualties away from the targets in the field.

Travel Time (Legs)
3 legs Randomly Generated
*2 legs Randomly Generated
 “In the distance, the sound of what can only possibly be thunder is heard, but there are no clouds and it does not pass.”
(I suggest the interlude topic of War)


The 3D printer was donated to the Army Heritage Center by Ubiq before the crash. However, the old 3D printer was one of the ones used to create and test Ubiq’s highly sought after Aloft Servers. As such, buried in its programming are locked Aloft server blueprints, along with server firmware. A skilled enough programmer could jailbreak the 3D printer to create and maintain their own private Ubiq network. Anyone who possesses it could name their price. The Moths want it back but a rogue cult of Archivists are holed up in the recreation WWI trenches that surround the facility protecting the museum and library archive “Until The End”.

*The Moths want it back… and the DHQS will do anything to get it. The DHQS has joined the standoff for the Army Heritage Center. They will stop at nothing for the opportunity to secure the plans for their own Aloft network. Any Negotiations have broken down and the area surrounding the Heritage center has been turned into an actual No Man’s Land. Artillery, mines, razor wire, sniper fire, mud-filled craters, scorched earth and Casualties drawn to the noise of combat. The Crash happened 5 years ago and WWI long before that, but this is truly Apocalyptic.

Job Site

Think of the Job site as a giant target. ZONE 1: The Army Heritage Center is in the very center of the large complex. Just outside of and connected to the center is a series of Recreation WWI trenches added too by the Archivist Militia to encompass the Center. ZONE 2: Beyond this is a series of parade grounds for the military college and walking paths for visitors to the Center. This is the largest section. Also, in this ring are recreations of us military encampments including revolution era wooden watchtowers, WWII and Vietnam era base camps. Interspersed through the grounds are inactive military vehicles on display including a grounded hooey Helicopter, several tanks of various age, and inactive artillery units. ZONE 3S: to the south are the WWII Pillbox and trench recreations that run from the highway to a small river. ZONE 3W: To the West just on the other side of the river is the recreation of a star fort circa 1812. ZONE 3NE: To the northeast on the grounds of the military college is the urban warfare training facility. 

The Archivist Militia (as they are calling themselves) are holding the Army Heritage Center and its fortifications. The Moths are in the WWII Pillboxes to the south. When the takers arrive, they are attempting to make contact and deal with the Archivists who will not accept. They will not give up the printer because of its necessity in maintaining the collections of the Heritage Center. Options available are: to negotiate with the Archivists, sneak in and steal the 3D Printer from the Heritage center, Wipe out the Archivist micro-enclave. (and anything else your takers can think up) The moths will pay extra for the printer to keep it for themselves, but the takers will gain a negative rep spot at home for failing to complete the job. They can allow the moths to destroy the hard drive of the 3D printer and avoid the negative rep spot at home and still get paid if they succeed a reasonable check when they give it Packrat. Or they can steal the 3D printer and with all the specs and get extra pay and a positive rep spot at home. But it will be violence with the Moths catch them.
The Moths commander is Sidewinder, she was part of Operation Utility that betrayed the state after Gnat’s whisper. Sidewinder was the name of her squad for Operation Utility, most of which she had to kill. Weak Spot: Judus (She betrayed her comrades, country, and friends for what she believed was right. Soft Spot: Idealist (She believes in and wants to be part of things larger than herself). Tough Spot: Firewall (Protect the security of the Ubiq network at all costs).
The Archivist Militia Leader is Homer. An Archivist Cult leader obsessed with protecting the Heritage center library and Archive. “Let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter.” Weak Spot: “We men are wretched things” (He is a misanthrope, he hates people and what they do) Soft Spot: “Everything is more beautiful because we are doomed” (but he loves the things that they have created) Tough Spot: “No man or woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny.” (He is an archivist to the death and will give his life for what he believes in.
*The DHQS command is Captain Smith, James. He is military through and through. Weak Spot: Humorless (whether it is his focus or devotion Cpt. Smith does not, will not, or cannot take a joke). Soft Spot: Lead from the front (There is nothing that he will ask of his men and women that he himself is not willing to undertake himself). Tough Spot: … against all enemies, foreign and domestic (as far as Cpt. Smith is concerned all those in the Loss, The Moths most of all, are domestic terrorists and enemies to the United States, and the retrieval of this Printer will free the US from the extortion of the Moths)

*Negotiations have broken down and the DHQS has arrived and taken residence in the Military college and ZONE 3NE. Everything in ZONE 2 has been reduced to no man’s land. foliage is dead and burned. The ground is pockmarked and charred. Slurry pits checker the parade fields. All recreations are reduced to rubble and the downed military vehicles seem all the more ominous: bullet-riddled, silent, and trapped in the muck. The field is now laden with mines and razor wire. Casualties attracted to the fray are trapped in craters, razor wire, and among the rubble. Those whose legs were blown off by mines drag themselves confusedly around the chaos of the conflict. The Archivist militia has unblocked the cannons and artillery and reduced the majority of the Military College campus to rubble and debris. They have also set up snipers in the trenches to kill anyone who enters no man’s land. every now and then a Latent archivist will weaponize themselves by committing suicide in No Man’s Land. The Moths would settle for destroying the Center but lack the resources to do so from a distance. The DHQS have the logistic superiority, but they will not risk harming the building with their precious 3D Printer inside. And their armaments mean little to the thick WWII pillboxes of the Moths. While the DHQS could mount a successful assault on the Archivists, the Moths to the south make the crossfire too dangerous.

Steal the Printer, Negotiate Peace, Pick a side, Sabotage the enemy, Destroy the printer, Lead the Charge over the top. Fuck them all and go home. The DHQS will by far pay the most, then the Moths, then your enclave, no matter what you will probably make enemies this

Welcome to the True Apocolypse.
-Creating a significant subtraction one former US citizen at a time.
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Re: Contract (Mr. JOLS?): Jusqu'au bout
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2018, 06:19:44 PM »
Like it!
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Re: Contract (Mr. JOLS?): Jusqu'au bout
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2018, 03:58:26 AM »
Thanks! I was so excited to share it with the forums, I thought it might be a fun and horrifying situation.
-Creating a significant subtraction one former US citizen at a time.
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