Author Topic: Job: Work the line, or Whoops, all legs  (Read 644 times)


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Job: Work the line, or Whoops, all legs
« on: September 29, 2018, 05:49:35 AM »
Contract: Work the line, or  Whoops, all legs

So I'm messing around with less traditional joblines. This one is mostly legs instead of one site.

The Barriot, an independent semi-enclave train festooned with bear paintings has come to town. They're preparing to spend a season in the [Midwest] and need to make sure the route they've got is still viable after all these years.

Good/Service: Service, the takers have to clear and assess a train route through the [Sierra Nevada] mountains. They are to repair the tracks where necessary. The train is on call to assist with any questions they have about specific repairs.

Equilibrium: as dice

Client: James, a ticket agent for The Barriot.
Soft: Freedom, James respects people who make their own way. Impressing on him how little help a taker needs will win him over.
Weak: Rose tinted, James was a taker for a couple of years, he co founded the Barriot with the cash from Mr. JOLS with the other survivor. He likes takers and any that can make him nostalgic for the old days will find a way into his heart and wallet.
Tough: Beat the heat, The Barriot has made some enemies in the [West] and they need to get out of the region soon.
Gift Spot: A hand cart, a piece of gear that'll make the job much easier? James will offer it pretty early because he thinks it's super useful.

Competition: Standard local

Travel: 3 legs

Site: The site is about 40 miles of train tracks crossing the [Sierra Nevada] mountains through forest, over canyons, and into tunnels.

Complications: Afternoon thunderstorms can give way to sudden snow flurries. The weather can cause  frostbite, bad footing, hypothermia, reduce vision, or anything else the market things appropriate. The takers will be ranging between 2,000 and 3,000 meters, the Market can call for strength checks to avoid altitude sickness. (Failure causes ration spends to be double for a day).

Second is the jobsite itself. Instead of a single location it's three legs, each with an encounter.

1. Forest collapse, the first leg is interrupted by a landslide, about 20 meters of track are impassable covered in mud and a few small trees. Cleaning it isn't hard, it just takes a couple hours and five successful athletics rolls. The noise of clearing will draw one mob of casualties.

2. Tunnel of terror, so a couple years back a DHQS team came through here with a lot of latent prison workers. Something went wrong in the tunnel and the results are trapped here. The mountain tunnel blocked the signal to the head bombs and a lot of the workforce died pretty ugly but intact.

The tunnel entrance is blocked off by old DDJs and festooned with torsos and headless corpses. (Detachment check). Clearing the initial DDJs lets the first mob roll out. Moving into the poorly lit space the takers find several more DDJ blockages, most hiding casualties behind. However, some punctured their victims and these casualties move much more freely, able to surprise attack takers using the DDJs as a barrier to fire.  Going through the dark hellscape is worth a stress check.

3. Fear of heights, when the DHQS came through they put a quick fix on a failing rail bridge, it was meant to last a few months while they established a different supply route. Over the years their patch job has re-failed. The bridge runs about 200m across a ravine maybe 300m deep at the center. While the bridge is intact, even a cursory look shows severe damage and the failing patch job about 40m above the ground on the far side.

If the takers call the train James will just tell them to fix it. They'll go as far as to send a drone out and confirm the materials themselves but they'll give them a negative rep spot for it.

But all is not lost. There's a small shack on the other side as well. It's a simple stress check to cross the bridge and the shack has a good bit of repair materials. The takers can use the materials to re apply the patch job on the bridge. It'll take some athletics rolls to get to the point and once there a mechanics roll to apply the patch, as the bridge rocks there should be trauma and stress checks for everyone. Also the canyon floor has a lot of casualties, most of them broken and gooey, treat them as the gooey abhorrent.

Handcart: This piece of gear has an upkeep of 3. carries 8 haul, and can carry up to five takers across one leg for 4 rations as long as there are tracks to ride it on. It can also skip a leg with a successful athletics check.


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Re: Job: Work the line, or Whoops, all legs
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2018, 11:55:17 PM »
I think the Missionaries did a job like this, it worked out very well, It definitely leaves the crew ragged, and more wary to dump gear bonuses onto things.  I approve and want to see how it plays out.
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