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Hit: Little NightBite
« on: October 13, 2018, 03:25:29 AM »
There is a picture of a young girl, pretty short, with ripped jeans, an orange and white striped tee, blonde dyed silver hair, tattoos down her right arm of blue butterflies and vines rapping around a knife,  and a silver necklace of an Irish cross. A taller, androgynous fellow has an arm around her shoulder, though the picture blurs most of the face. They are both smiling happily at the camera.

There is this petite girl who is about seventeen. Her name is NightBite and she lives in the Sierra Nevadas. She was working the corner in an enclave in the area. I decided to take her under my wing, because she needed the help.

My mistake.

We were on the way back from a major hit, felt like we found JOLS in his fucking underwear and beat the ever living shit out of him, when we get ambushed. About 8 in total, compared to our five. I think we have taken tougher crews, but point blank will make it difficult to come away without a scratch. I motion to NightBite to take the two on the left.

Then as I begin to make a move, she turns and stabs my brother Coyote in the neck. We've been working together for two months, and now she stabs my brother in the throat!

She tells the rest of us to lower our weapons and maybe we can get out alive. It's now three against nine and my latent via suppressin brother is about to go Vector at my feet.

Long story short: I put down my brother, then they stole everything we had on us.

After that as she duct taped a DDJ to my other brother Foxtrot (Coyote's twin), and Cigs and I had to take cover before I could disable the remote detonator. I refuse to use DDJ's on principal after seeing that.

I will pay anyone that brings me NightBite, alive in one piece, enough bounty to settle in a suburban home in Maine for the rest of their days. They can keep what and whoever is with her, but she is mine.

Last I heard she was in a bar fight in the Callous Falls area, but she got away with some Cartel runners.

NightBite is actually an immune. She prefers to use a crossbow with bolts dipped in Blight, and she has amassed a small number of guards.

She now is working an angle as a cartel runner's/pimp's prostitute, which means she can get some extra help from there, since she is worth more as a prostitute for latents than being sold out to StopLoss. She occasionally kills her clients for fun, and one or more may be tied up in her cab depending on the time of day or how recently she had a customer.

She plans to sell out the pimp the same way she sold out LordSkys

Depending on what is in the runner's truck, if the runner is at a way station, and how hard it is to get to NightBite this may be a simple find and retrieve to a damn near JOLS
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