Author Topic: Job: Housekeeping, an experiment in procedural generation  (Read 684 times)


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Job: Housekeeping, an experiment in procedural generation
« on: October 22, 2018, 04:11:10 PM »
Contract: Housekeeping, an enclave is preparing to claim more space from the Loss and needs takers to go in and clear it of casualties. This is a big project and it's calling for four taker crews.

Good/Service: Service, clearing a nearby abandoned hotel.

Equilibrium: as dice but minimum black is 5.

Client: The People's Republic of SouthGate (an enclave, the PCs negotiate with secretary Rodriguez)
Soft: The greater good: Rodriguez wants to be a samaritan, he does as much good for others as he can afford. Takers who have gone out of their way to help people earn his trust.
Weak: Vindictive: There's a long shit list of people who've done him wrong in reality or his mind. Takers can easily find some of them and shit talk them to get on Rodriguez's good side.
Tough: This has to happen. The whole enclave has been working towards this project for two years. While the enclave isn't overpopulated now, it will be soon. This project is the third step in a long plan  to claim more living space as well as begin setting up some farm space. Rodriguez is negotiating but he has to hire the takers.

Competition: Nobody. The job is taking all the takers they can find.

Travel: 0 legs (from the enclave, more if the takers come in from afar.)

Site: The West Hill is a massive hotel and convention center located about a quarter mile from the enclave. The Hotel section is a 5 story monster of a building with adjoining “spa,” parking structure and big empty convention hall. The hall and spa have been cleared during phase 1 A wire fence reenforced with wood and metal has been built around the hotel proper as phase 2. Phase 3 is the job, four teams of takers will enter the hotel and after clearing the East stairwell, each will be given one floors to sweep. The fire doors in the stairwell will be secured from the outside until the enclave can confirm they're safe to open and the takers can go.

The hotel is laid out in an “L” shape with a bank of dead elevators in the middle. Each floor has12 rooms. Four “VIP Suites” on the shorter corridor and eight standard double beds down the other. There are unsecured internal stairways half-way down the longer hall next to a broken ice machine and a vending machine.

The “guest spa” a swimming pool,  hot tub, sauna, and steam room, all full of mold, and an open floor with derelict exorcize equipment. Right now it's got three fencemen from the enclave operating and recharging the drone they'll use to scout the floors after the takers call it done. They will offer no help to anyone for any reason.

The convention hall is mostly secured, it was gutted by a fire during The Crash and only the outer walls still stand, the unburned remains of the roof litter the broken concrete floor inside. There's nothing of value here beyond a pretty good sized area to convert to farming someday in phase 5.

The parking structure was essential to phase 2 when it was turned into a massive casualty harvesting center where loudspeakers drew casualties to the roof and several latents were harnessed up and suspended about 5 meters off the side. Later the enclave's latent population spent a week pulling bounty from the pile. It's how they've funded getting the fence up and hiring the takers.

The Takers will be on the 4th floor.
Well, this is more an experiment in making a procedurally generated job site but.
About halfway through the job the taker crew on 5 goes vector and at least one comes screaming onto the Taker's floor. If the takers took time to secure the interior door they'll hear the vector bashing it down and have warning, if not they'll know when it comes screaming at them.


Let's try two methods:

First: Roll red and black as normal:
Critical failure: Aberrant, casualty ambush, corpses that look like dependents.
Failure: Casualties, maybe a scene of horror worth a self control check.
Success: There's something of use beyond casualties.
Critical Success: Mostly loot or at least no threats.

Second, mixing goodish and badish things: For each room roll red and black taking both results
1: Suicide: the room has people who opted out of the crash. the Market can choose to call for self control rolls.
2: Trapped: the door/entry hall is trapped, mostly with improvised tools, tripwires and rusty nails abound.
3: Casualties: there's a half mob in here.
4: Damaged, the room is empty likely because of structural damage. Attempting to do anything here is an athletics check to avoid bad floors, rabies infected guano etc.
5: Abbitor: the room went really bad, whoever was in here died ugly and all over the place, self control checks for detachment or stress.
6: Casualties: there's a full mob in here.
7: Spoiled loot: anything of value here went bad.
8: Goddam coworkers: this room becomes dangerous as smoke from fires and stray shots, or casualties knocked down a hole menace the takers.
9: Aberrant: the most likely are a small ganglia, the shuffled, or a recruiter coming out of a torpor.
10: Surprise casualties: the mob here is concealed somehow and you need an awareness check to notice them, otherwise it's like a jumpscare mob at 1 shamble coming out of closets and under beds.

1: Nothing of value.
2: Fringe loot: there's something in here that might be sellable if you squint at it. A bag of books for archivests maybe.
3: Last stand: somebody tried to hole up in here during the crash, they're dead now but a scavenging check can refresh a firearm, if there's casualties lower the number by 1.
4: Bounty: the ID's of the travelers were left here.
5: Stash: somebody's been Spidermanning up to the room to store contraband. The takers find one haul of loot that would still be looked down on.
6: Maybe something good? The room can be looted by standard rules.
7: Broken casualties: there's half a mob here (or a full depending on red) but they've been damaged enough that the takers can kill them at leisure.
8: Prewarned: the wall in here has been slightly damaged, takers can get a look at the next room without exposing themselves to significant danger.
9: A spy was here: somebody was spying on the mall, they left a small cache behind, takers can refresh one piece of gear. But it's been booby trapped with an IED. [Only once.]
10: Score: someone left something valuable here in a good supply. A d10 haul of marketable goods.

Aftermath: The takers will have to clear the fifth floor but they'll only need to do two rooms as the other two crews can come up to help them. Contract says the hotel has to be cleared before it's done. Otherwise Rodriguez pays up and they'll have a jobline open for looting construction supplies as well as escorting specialists responsible for cleansing the place.