Author Topic: The Feed Feed: Immunity in Animals.  (Read 702 times)


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The Feed Feed: Immunity in Animals.
« on: September 22, 2020, 03:03:45 AM »
So, this is all going to be a "What-If" scenario. Nothing like this exists at all as far as I'm concerned, and there is no proof otherwise. This is merely purely hypothetical, based on a conceptual basis.

So, maybe you manage to find an old outpost. No LALAs, no survivors. Few Casualty. Scrounging around the outside of the perimeter one finds massive Mastiff hound corpses. They have bite marks, but evidence of post-mortum coagulation. Dogs are placed about 20 yards apart on 15' chains making a half circle diameter that led to 'kill chutes'. Find evidence of starvation and blood loss from bite marks, which remain Blight free. Find evidence of Casualty remains around those that died of exposure or dehydration. Autopsy of the hound finds partially digested Casualty remains in the gut. Test gut culture against local Immune gut culture, and find 80% similarity along the mammal line and evidence of something else. Something else consists of evidence of biological contamination and gene tampering, applying Hominid Immunity Cells to Canid DNA strands.

Return to site for in depth testing. Find evidence of animal farming. Most animals share 60-65% same gut culture and between 65-95% similarities in gene pool. Find evidence of frozen Canid embryos. Testing confirms Hominid Immunity Cells and 85% gut culture similarities. Embryo is administered Hot Strain in contained environment. Embryo survives. EMBRYO SURVIVES 95% testing procedures.

Question: Beyond human tampering, Blight just out right murders animals. Or turns them latent. Does the evidence of genetically manipulated, Blight resistant animals mean the DHQS are making Bio-Drones? Or does this COMPLETELY MADE UP SCENARIO prove that that man must actively take a hand in that which we destroyed? Does that mean critters like tardigrades and extremophile bacterium might prove resistant or immune to Blight? Does this also mean that Clone Meat is now on the menu?