Author Topic: Rations - how many can you have?  (Read 837 times)


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Rations - how many can you have?
« on: December 16, 2019, 08:58:51 AM »
In my game I have multiple players who have bought more than one of the Rations item, so they have 20 Rations available to them without having to Refresh.

We play with the bust variant rule where you have to roll foresight to Refresh so it is a very smart thing to do, even if it cost more upkeep.

I could find no places in the book that ruled you can only have one Ration item.

However you also have one back pack at character creation (as well as a Ration) and I do not think buying another one would double your Haul and Refresh.

How do you play it in your game? Do you allow more Rations to be bought?


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Re: Rations - how many can you have?
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2019, 12:17:23 AM »
In many games (rpg and vidio mediums alike) im whats refereed to as a pack rat. I collect everything, if its not bolted down I find a way of collecting it, and if it is bolted down that means i get a set of bolts to go with it. if you start the game with a water-skin and 2 days food by the end of character creation ive probably finagled a second water-skin and at least 1 more ration.

none of my crew have ever needed another set of rations because they take great care to 'live off the land' as much as possible, restocking rations from legs or even taking a side job and doing some hunting.

in a bust game where your specifically making things grittier and harder the extra food id rule as one of the characters haul slots. not unreasonable considering the weight of carrying another persons worth of food and water around.

in a more boom game (or mix there of) so long as they maintained the upkeep on it I wouldn't worry to much about them having it, but if one of the themes of the enclave is a food shortage you might play with the upkeep and the reception those party members receive when others learn they are hording food.

let me know if this helps or if you think its something that should be looked into further, I love topics like this and am always looking to see what other groups are doing.
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