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Ubiq / Lookin for some Info.
« on: August 18, 2017, 04:48:33 PM »
Anyone got any possible leads on a quick score up near Helena or Missoula Montana? Got a job that's gonna take us up that way, but it pays shit. Lookin to make a little extra. Gotta get my bud a new leg.

Also if anyone has any updates on the 'weather' up that way I'd appreciate it.

Ubiq / Crazy things we see.
« on: August 03, 2017, 05:41:51 AM »
God-damn. It's crazy out here. Just got back from the League's first job. Simple pick up job for some crazy lady who wanted her wedding bands so she could marry her fiancé. No biggie right? Here's where it gets....interesting.

We've had some of them StopLoss guys holed up at Fort Stone for awhile and three of em got bored and accepted this crazy coot job months ago. Never came back. But we take the job anyway because we need some scratch, but as we were leaving this crazies house i..noticed something that was off. So we do the job, easy enough. Ran into a few casualties but nothin we couldn't handle.

Get back to the house, this crazy lady had it all ready done up. She had a dress on, a preacher man, and her....fiance. At this point I am completely sure this insane lady is about to get hitched to a casualty. But hey, she paid me so who am I to judge. Asks us to bare witness to the wedding. Not a big fan on weddings but we the back...with guns in our hands.

Ceremony ends. Preacher man says you can kiss the bride then very hastily throws himself out of a window and takes off like the damn Road runner. Turns out its not just a casualty. Its a God-damn vector. One of them Ever-Vectors I'd heard about. She had strapped up inside a BDSM suit under the tux but when she let it go to 'kiss the bride'..well we all know what happens next. I promptly shoot the vec while it's tearing into the wife, then run up and dump a round in her head before she  was able to turn...because F*<k Vectors.

We searched the place. Found a pile of corpses in the basement. Even found the StopLoss folks. Best I can tell is when people would come for the job, she couldn't pay what they wanted so she fed em to the Vec and used their shit to offer more to the next crew. Psycho. Crazy. Shit.

Either way, I got a nice payday and ended the killing spree of a crazy lady. Life goes on.

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