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Thanks! I'm loving all of Ian's jobs. We're working on the final one now...

I think I need to increase the cost of horses to reflect their amazing value.

I haven't read Company of Liars yet, I should!

I'm glad you're enjoying the new APs! I love the jobs that Ian is writing. We're just about ready to run the final job in this campaign, and I'm hyped!

General Discussion / Re: RM Supplements
« on: June 26, 2021, 02:48:27 AM »
Hey, Vaarlax! I think you were asking about RMBD recently? We're still playtesting, now running Ian's jobline, with a new aberrant! Check out all the current episodes here!

Still listening to new RM Black Death on technical difficulties.

I'm a fan. Looking forward to your future supplement release.

Stay safe now.

Thanks, Varlaax! I'm *really* digging this campaign/jobline that Ian's writing for us right now.

General Discussion / Re: Are any new supplements planned...
« on: July 20, 2020, 07:12:10 PM »
I know that work is continuing on some of the books planned during the Kickstarter. I'm not really aware of the specifics, though.

Personally, I'm still slowly working on Red Markets Black Death, but I doubt that'll be an official supplement. It'll probably end up being my own thing. Though I'd of course be happy the other way, too.

General Discussion / Re: Gear and Jobs Card Deck Clarifications
« on: July 20, 2020, 07:10:02 PM »
Fantastic! Seems like a much better approach than what I was doing. I was trying to do it in Indesign, to fit with DriveThruCards' templates. I got hung up on the InDesign learning curve and never really made it very far. Glad you're getting there!

so inspiration that doesn't necessarily need to be magical in origin. Hmm. Yeah that sounds religious enough to fit. Still charm based I assume.  Okay glad you got the mechanic you needed. 

My only other thought is that unless you have a blacksmith on the team, your main weapon will always be reduced to splinters before you end a job. Will upkeep be affected to /slightly/ lessen, if one assumed to carry two weapons, or will you be able to refresh your weapon between encounters with ADP to represent your maintenance on it?
I actually haven't had anybody totally wear out a weapon on a job yet. Remember, you only lose wear'n'tear charges on successful hits and parries, not misses. 10 charges actually goes a pretty long way. But yes, the best solution is to carry a backup weapon, like they did in real history.

i had a thought about references.  There's a literacy skill. What if that acted as your contacts equivalent? Case in point:  Playtest 3 with Ross had a spot where Literacy was rolled to help provide other medical options.

So here's the idea. A more literate character will have more books on them. A character that needs a success on something that a book can provide, they spend a bounty to represent the book being there.

Good idea! Unfortunately, Medieval people weren't generally in the habit of carrying books around with them -- with the exception of small breviaries and prayer books by wealthy folks. But I've actually already implemented something similar, with Literacy being equivalent to Research. You roll Literacy not just to read stuff, but to have already read something related to the situation in the past.

As for References: Caleb gave me a great idea when we playtested at Moon City Con. References become Intercessors. Instead of calling up a Reference, you say a prayer to a saint. Then their intercession helps you succeed! Whether you attribute that to actual divine intervention or a psychological placebo effect, that's up to you. But either way, you're gonna need to make a donation in their honor next time you can, to thank them for their help. So it's the exact same mechanic as References with no changes except the name. :)

Thanks, Vaarlax! We've still got a few more recorded playtests in the pipeline. And Ian's in the process of writing a jobline! With a new aberrant!

Meanwhile, I'm grinding away on the setting document, trying to explain the Middle Ages in something like a reasonable word count...

General Discussion / Re: "Margins and Dividends" Supplement Thread.
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:34:01 PM »
Cool stuff so far, LordSky! It's funny, how several people all seem to have had the idea for upgrades that increase Upkeep cost at around the same time. :)

General Discussion / Re: Queries on Negotiations
« on: September 03, 2019, 07:26:45 PM »
1) So if black is on At Value and red is on 100% Mark-Up, and black gets 1 sway while red gets 2, then red would move down to Labor and black would stay on At Value, thus negating black's 1 sway, right?

2) Ohhhh, yeah that would make more sense. Where RAW says the client can "sacrifice a turn to learn one spot" I didn't see what could be sacrificed except the auto-sway. So a client can sacrifice the ability to play a spot he already has in order to learn an extra one, which doesn't help him out at all in the current negotiation (because you can only play one spot per round) but in the next negotiation, assuming there is one, he'll have a ready-to-use spot against the main negotiator. Right?

3) So the anti-spot Intimidation option is the equivalent for the Taker. It costs them a sway in the current negotiation but so long as there are at least two more rounds then it could prevent the client from gaining a bonus sway and also prevent the client from gaining an advantage in future negotiations. Yes?

I really don't get the notion of 'it is the extra sway that actually move the dice'. If you prevent an extra sway but it cost you a sway to do it, that's zero gain isn't it? Same result as gaining 1 sway and letting them have their extra sway.

4) Nope, sorry I still don't get it. It all seems like gain a sway now or gain it later with no ultimate difference unless the negotiations time out (so always go for the early sway) or the same-space rule (depending on the interpretation) cancels a sway one side but not the other.

5) There's no cost of opportunity in the negotiating taker using a spot. Without a spot he gets 0 or 1 sway and with a spot he gets 1 or 2. Time isn't an issue (if you're running a scam then there must be a next round) so the only difference is whether the bonus sway will be lost because of the same-space rule.

I might just have to hope my players don't analyse the crap out of it like I do with every system!

Good questions! I'll do my best to answer them, speking of my own experience with the game, not in any official capacity.

1. There are two spaces between them, and this situation is not explicitly described in the rules. The way I would do it: First the Red uses 1 Sway to move down to Hazard Pay, and then the remaining 1 Red Sway negates the 1 Black Sway. So Black would stay at At Value, and the Red would move down to Hazard Pay.

2. Yes, there are potentially long-term benefits to gaining Spots. It can be a little hard to keep track of these things, so I don't think we've ever really used that in my groups. Normally, the automatic 1 Sway is what the Client loses by choosing to gain a Spot on the Takers' negotiator. It's true that they could just push 1 every round and never change, but that would be a little boring. Having different choices available to the Client varies up the roleplaying, even if they're mechanically equivalent. And if the Taker fails some die rolls, dramatic swings in negotiation can be really exciting.

3. I think you might have misunderstood the rule here. The Taker doesn't give up their chance at gaining Sway by trying to negate the Client's use of a spot. So for example, if I'm the Taker and we're heads up, if the Client uses a spot on me, I make two rolls: a Self Control roll to try to negate their use of my spot, and then a CHA skill roll of my choice to try to gain my Sway for the round (which could be 1 or 2, if I'm also trying to use one of their spots in the same round). If I fail on both rolls, then they'll have 2 Sway and I'll have none. If I succeed on the first one and fail on the second, they'll still have 1 Sway to push me down.

It's "the extra sway that actually move the dice" in the sense that if both sides have the same amount of Sway, nobody moves from Heads Up. Both the Takers and the Client need to have more Sway than the other. If I fail my CHA check to gain my Sway, the Client will always push me downwith their automatic 1 (unless they're gaining a spot instead). I hope that makes sense.

4. It's true that it doesn't really matter when you get your Sway advantages, unless you're running out of rounds (or if you messed up your initial roll and don't know how many rounds you have!). It is in fact better to push as hard as you can as early as you can, instead of trying to save spots for later. Keep in mind that you don't have to choose between using a spot and protecting your own spots. You should always do both whenever you can.

5. As for other scams: it is possible to run out of spots before you run out of scams. If you have 5 rounds and 4 scammers, if everybody succeeds you will have more scams than spots. Generally speaking, it's true that gaining spots is the most valuable use of any scam, until you have them all.

Finally, I think the core thing to understand about Negotiations is that it's not meant to be a really deep, meticulously-designed strategy game. It's meant to prompt good roleplaying. Make sure your players understand this. That's why you can roll different CHA skills, even if there's no mechanical difference from doing so. It represents different types of approaches that you can roleplay differently. The same thing goes for different overall strategies that have basically the same mechanical outcome: you can use those choices to express your character's personality, not just to optimize the outcome.

I hope this helps!

General Discussion / Re: The long road campaign pitch
« on: August 20, 2019, 10:12:18 PM »
I love it! I've had similar ideas based on taking a river trip down the Missouri to get to the Recession. Keep us posted as you develop it!

RM Black Death RPPR.

Thank you RPPR crew/Tech Diff and Ethan.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy this session! If you have feedback, let me know!

General Discussion / Re: SPD of horse in combat
« on: July 02, 2019, 10:46:36 PM »
So for RMBD, the horse movement rules as I currently have them:

Basically, horse speed operates on a different scale from human speed. They move based on Range Increments (melee, short, medium, long) rather than Shambles.

Horses have three movement paces: walk, canter, and gallop. Walking is the same as human walking, canter moves one Range Increment per round, gallop moves two range increments per round. I also made a "Fast" upgrade for horses; but since even a slow horse is way faster than a person, all the upgrade does is make them faster than other non-upgraded horses. Past that, I go into a lot more detail, since horses basically replace vehicles as the main mobility gear investment in the medieval setting.

If anybody is interested in seeing my current stuff (and maybe leaving helpful comments!) here's the doc:

General Discussion / Re: "Margins and Dividends" Supplement Thread.
« on: June 05, 2019, 10:09:37 PM »
From a quick read, that's some great stuff! A couple of the Tough Spots might need a little mechanical balancing, but this is a ton of great ideas!

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