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General Discussion / What fonts are used in the book?
« on: May 29, 2019, 08:55:52 PM »
I'm working on a set of gear cards in InDesign, and I'm trying to match the look of the book, but I'm not extracting images directly from it.

Can someone tell me which fonts were used in the book? I specifically need to know the font used on the character sheet, and the one used on the main headings in the book (the angular, socialist-looking one). Thanks, anybody!

General Discussion / Rules hack: Split Rolls and Stealth
« on: November 26, 2018, 07:43:42 PM »
Listening to a recent AP episode (, it occurred to me that my "split roll" idea would be great for Stealth tests. As a refresher, here's what Split Rolls are:
On a Split Roll, the Taker rolls the Black in the open, the Market rolls the Red in secret.

That way, the player has some idea of the likely results of the roll, but not complete knowledge. For example, if the Taker rolls a B1, they know it was a really bad bite and they are almost certainly infected. But a B10 is a very weak bite, probably not even breaking the skin, probably no problem. The continuum of B results between the extremes represents how bad the situation seems to the Taker in character. Gameplay-wise, the player knows the odds but not the actual result.

I originally came up with the idea for Infection tests, to insert some dramatic uncertainty into whether the result is likely to be positive or not. But it seems to me that Stealth test are a very similar situation: the PC is likely to know generally how quiet they are being, but not how vigilant their opposition is being. So a Split Roll is a good way to convey that situation.

What do y'all think?

General Discussion / Bust Mode Idea: Primo Gear
« on: July 15, 2018, 02:53:33 AM »
Here's a Bust Mode gear idea I've just thought up, thanks to a post over on Facebook:

Primo Gear
Upgrades are generally the best value in the game, since they increase the value of gear without increasing its upkeep cost. There's nothing wrong with that. But after a certain point, walking around with super nice, highly upgraded gear is going to attract some unwanted attention.

Every piece of gear with at least three purchased upgrades -- or if fewer than three upgrades are available, all available upgrades -- gains the quality "Primo". For each piece of Primo gear that a Taker owns, they must roll a Foresight roll at the beginning of each job. On a failed roll, the piece of gear was tampered with or "borrowed" by someone in the enclave before the job. The Taker must spend 1 Bounty to have the item ready for the job. On a critical failure, the piece of gear was stolen by someone in the enclave between jobs. It's gone for good.

It's been bothering me a bit lately that Refresh as-written is basically free.

So if I blaze away with my assault rifle and spend 3 Refresh on extra bullets over the course of a job, it doesn't cost me any more than if I'm very frugal and have all that Refresh left over unspent afterward.

I want to make scarcity-based behavior a little bit more realistic, by introducing a little incentive to conserve resources. That said, I really like the way Refresh abstracts away the fiddly business of counting specific resources, so I don't want to go into full count-the-bullets specificity.

I've devised this simple rules variant:

  • At the end of each job, for every point of Refresh a Taker spent during the job, they must pay 1 Bounty to recover that point of Refresh.
  • For example, if a Taker with 3 Refresh spends 2 Refresh during a job, they must spend 2 Bounty before the next job to regain those spent points. If they don't, they will only have 1 point of Refresh available during the next job.
  • Markets might allow Scavenging rolls or pre-job work actions to substitute for the Bounty at their discretion.

What do you think?

Hi everybody, if you don't know, this is Ethan Cordray. I'm in the process of writing a conversion/adaptation of Red Markets, moving the setting to historical 1350's Europe in the wake of the Black Death. I'm super excited for this project, and I figured I'd share my progress and solicit input and feedback from the community.

As of now, I don't know whether my goal is going to be something I can pitch to Caleb as an official supplement, a third-party licensed published book, or just a big ol' exercise of those sweet sweet Creative Commons BY-NC-SA rights that ends up as a plaintext PDF. But anyway, I've decided I'm not going to put off writing while I figure that out.

So this thread is where I'm going to put project updates, and listen to any feedback you'd like to share about what I'm putting together. Enjoy!

General Discussion / Unusual game idea: "One Big Job"
« on: November 04, 2017, 07:42:51 PM »
I've been kicking around an idea for a type of one-shot, revolving around a job or score that is so high value that it basically represents an entire career's worth of wealth. Basically, like a standalone Mr. JOLS.

I'm struggling a little bit with how to make the Negotiation mechanics, and the pre-job section of the game, interesting and meaningful in this context. Now, for a score, I could basically do it like a normal JOLS, generating the scenario of the Score. But if it's a contract job, it seems a little trickier.

The idea is, if the Takers pull off the job, they'll be able to cash out completely, so negotiation doesn't really matter all that much. So what can the Takers do with their actions, scams, etc. that could be interesting and valuable?

The example I'm working with is, a billionaire hires the Takers to steal something off of a superyacht out in the Pacific Ocean (this crazy thing). Money is no object to this client, he's gonna chopper them out there and everything. So what can they get out of the negotiation?

I'm think it makes the most sense for their payoff to be information and logistical support rather than money. So maybe instead of using the Sway tracker, I just have the client give them better information and more gifts as they succeed on negotiation rolls.

Anybody have other ideas for how to set this up?

General Discussion / Copying old threads from other boards?
« on: June 27, 2017, 09:39:15 PM »
Is there any way we can import or copy the old Red Markets threads from other places? Specifically, the RPPR Forums, where we had several very long threads with tons of good stuff in them. I know RPPR also runs the Simple Machines Forum software, so maybe it would be easy?


Ubiq / Your Next Score! Coordinates for Sale
« on: June 27, 2017, 12:48:02 AM »
Here's the thread for posting locations of stuff that your crew has found in the field that you can't take with you, but that you know might be valuable to the right folks. So let's auction those coordinates and get our finders' fees!

Standard auction rules:
1. Poster must provide evidence that the score is real. This can be a photo, a video, or just a really persuasively-detailed block of text. If buyers aren't buying it, nobody's gonna buy it. Get it?

2. Proper etiquette is to provide the general region in which the score is located. You're not trying to trick some west coaster into bidding on a score in Iowa.

3. Poster implicitly guarantees that they haven't sold the coordinates to anybody else already. It's your responsibility to inform the community when somebody buys the coordinates. Multiple sales of the same site are a violation of the thread rules. An exception would be if a certain amount of time has passed and you can confirm that the  buyer hasn't hit the score yet. But that should be made clear in the posting itself, as should any other type of irregularity in who might know about it.

3. Buyer normally agrees to pay immediately upon receipt of the coordinates. There might be exceptions for payment later or as a percentage of the score's value. You'll have to negotiate that in private messages.

4. Buyer can do whatever they want with the coordinates. Hit it themselves, subcontract it, sell it on, make it public -- no rules apply. The information is their property once it's sold. No seller bitching.

Any violation of these rules should be adjudicated in a separate thread or with PMs to moderators with banning powers. Fight your backstabby flamewars off the main thread, please!

Imagine that each post has a running auction amount underneath it, like an Ebay item. Feel free to comment or criticize locations offered for auctions in the thread, but I'd like to see the bulk of posts be actual score ideas that we could use in our games. Enjoy!

Ubiq / Free As A Bird 1 - Introduction
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:31:19 PM »
Hi everybody, Freebird here.

Some of you might remember me from back in the old days, when I was running with the Reformers around the vicinity of the Four Seasons enclave, back in what used to be Missouri. If so, hope you’re doing well out there. Heck, a few of you might remember me from way back in the really old days, when I used to run around with the Douglas County Avengers. In that case, sorry and/or fuck you, depending on why you remember that stuff. Or maybe you’re somebody over here in the Recession, just reading this board for fun or something. If that’s who you are, hi neighbor.

I guess I’ll do a little nutshell introduction for anybody who doesn’t know me. I’m a Taker who made it out. Thanks to hard work, good fortune, and (especially) good friends, I made the bank I needed to retire and got set up in a safe spot on the nice(r) side of the fence. It’s not a half bad life, I do what I enjoy, I take care of my kid, and I don’t worry too much about the Z stuff. But you know, sometimes it’s a little boring. Good problem to have, I know.

Anyway, I thought I might take a shot at writing a few little columns or posts or whatever, to share my views about what things are like out there in the Loss, maybe give y’all who are out there a little advice or something. I guess I kinda won the game, so maybe I’ve got some tips on how to play it. But it’s take it or leave it type stuff. If you think I’m talking out of my ass, say so.

Stay tuned for more.
Stay free as a bird out there,

*Also I know a thing or two about guns. PM me for specific advice, but I do charge for that sort of thing. Reasonable rates for non-assholes.

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