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Hi, everybody, it's Ethan Cordray from Technical Difficulties. I'm in lovely Columbia, Missouri, which will be overrun by refugees coming down the Missouri River.

I'm planning on posting regular articles in character as Freebird, my Taker from the beta test.

Ubiq / Free As A Bird 1 - Introduction
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:31:19 PM »
Hi everybody, Freebird here.

Some of you might remember me from back in the old days, when I was running with the Reformers around the vicinity of the Four Seasons enclave, back in what used to be Missouri. If so, hope you’re doing well out there. Heck, a few of you might remember me from way back in the really old days, when I used to run around with the Douglas County Avengers. In that case, sorry and/or fuck you, depending on why you remember that stuff. Or maybe you’re somebody over here in the Recession, just reading this board for fun or something. If that’s who you are, hi neighbor.

I guess I’ll do a little nutshell introduction for anybody who doesn’t know me. I’m a Taker who made it out. Thanks to hard work, good fortune, and (especially) good friends, I made the bank I needed to retire and got set up in a safe spot on the nice(r) side of the fence. It’s not a half bad life, I do what I enjoy, I take care of my kid, and I don’t worry too much about the Z stuff. But you know, sometimes it’s a little boring. Good problem to have, I know.

Anyway, I thought I might take a shot at writing a few little columns or posts or whatever, to share my views about what things are like out there in the Loss, maybe give y’all who are out there a little advice or something. I guess I kinda won the game, so maybe I’ve got some tips on how to play it. But it’s take it or leave it type stuff. If you think I’m talking out of my ass, say so.

Stay tuned for more.
Stay free as a bird out there,

*Also I know a thing or two about guns. PM me for specific advice, but I do charge for that sort of thing. Reasonable rates for non-assholes.

Ubiq / Re: Ubiq Board Rules
« on: June 21, 2017, 09:44:30 PM »
Thanks for the rules, and thanks for the work on moderation!

Question: is there any way to have multiple Taker characters without having to register multiple accounts? Or, is there a rule against registering multiple accounts in order to have multiple Taker characters?

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