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General Discussion / Re: Rules questions and other sanity checks
« on: August 15, 2017, 10:01:21 PM »
When do scams take place during a score?

Ubiq / Re: Ok people. It's time to quit feeding the wild dogs.
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:39:44 AM »
It's been a slow month over here at Bridge. Too many takers and not enough work landed me taking shifts on the fence for a turn. Anyway, a few weeks back I saw movement coming up the street. It was dusk, hard to see, but when I pulled up my field glasses I saw one of those mutts sauntering up with not a care in the world, kind of yellowish with a choke collar dangling from its neck. It sat down right after like a trainer had given it a command, but there was not a person in sight, and I didn't hear anything from where I stood. I was wondering about it when a dozen more dogs freaking materialized out of the dusk and sat down in a line, just out of rifle range. One foot further up and our shooters could have clipped 'em. Trust me. We have it marked, and those dogs just knew.

I'm full on concerned about this turn of events and about to call to some of the other sentries when every Ubiq device in the place goes off like T-minus never has come. Turns out all along the fence people were seeing this, and I'm talking ALL along the fence. I'm talking on the other side of the river we have dogs just waiting and watching that end of Bridge. Nearly had to change my pants.

One of my crew-mates, he goes by Meat, and he wasn't wasting any time with these things. The crew lost a man on the job recently and he's not going to wait around when something needs done. All the better I say. Anyway, he takes a knee and turns on his specs as he lines up the shot, looking like he's trying to will the bullet to connect with that first mutt even though the distance is too much. He takes the shot and blew the ear off of that thing. Well, it yelped and jumped about five feet in the air before running off with the others hot on it's heels. The sentries at the other end said their dogs took off as well.

It's been nearly two weeks since that night and we haven't seen anything of them, but every time I'm over the fence I feel like we're being followed. If you happen to see that one eared dog, my advice is to get back to back with your crew and ready your weapons.   


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