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General Discussion / Re: Selling loot that is not gear.
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:00:43 PM »
roll equilibrium per haul and sell via networking roll...

the problem with that is the networking roll, I dont have my books with me as I am currently at work but the OP's group want to unload the supplies without using their work/life actions to make individual sales on the packs of haul.

Isn't that pretty much the theme of the game though? TANSTAAFL, man. You can spend all day in the real world collecting scrap metal for extra cash, but at some point you need to take time out of your day to haul it to the scrap yard to actually sell it. Even selling in bulk i'd say it's reasonable to have to spend a work/life action to unload gear, *especially* if it's all in a big lot they've been hoarding - someone has to set up the flea market. I think it's both fair and in the full spirit of the game to think that if they want full value for their goods they should expect to have to put some work in to get it.

That said, the earlier suggestion might be a good compromise. Simple black, maybe even a black/2 if they just want a quick turnaround without making any rolls or spending actions on it, proper networking check if they want to get decent prices or sell in bulk. You can dump it easy and quick, or you can work for top dollar. It's all part of the hustle.

To provide a little context, the Chimeara in question will be a result with experimentation on how the Malgnant blight will potentially affect subjects. The result being a shambling goo pile constantly adding to it's mass even as the dead rotting bits slough off into black puddles. Gonna be a fun one. =]

My players tossed a real curve ball at me last session, causing me to basically completely re-write the scenario into some kind of crazy escape mission from a Crusader/DHQS site. The Chimaera might be the answer to a question I didn't have a reason to ask before they chose to turn themselves in.

I thank you, Mauve, although I doubt my players will share the same level of appreciation.  ;D

Chiming in a bit late here, but I've gotten to where unless the casualties are an imminent threat or if acting out the scene will be interesting, I usually allow the group some kind of short cut to wrap things up. If over 10 shambles away (or if 1 move will put them there), they can simply walk away. If the c's are mid-range but the Takers can easily just keep backing up  to avoid them, give me an Athletics or just burn a ration to run away. Athletics rolls can also be used to run between groups if there's enough space to reasonably avoid attacks. If they want to just shoot them all down, I allow the 'roll once then overspend to kill the entire group' that comes from shooting from safety.

Basically, I try to skip the not-fun dragged out casualty combats, and it works out well so far.

General Discussion / Re: Red Markets @ Pax West 2018?
« on: August 14, 2018, 01:48:52 AM »
I ran two games over the weekend at a local con, designed to squeeze in at around 4 hours. One was the official quickstart packet and one was my own scenario, both set up assuming that we'd have people who had never played before, which was true for both games.

I started with a basic rundown of the setting, and went over character sheets as they looked at their options from the pre-gens I had printed out. The basic mechanics came in then as well, with the rest to be explained as it came up.

I explained that would include vignettes, but that we'd be skipping them since it was a one-shot. Same with the pre-work actions like searching for jobs since we had one ready to go. Basically cutting out bits that wouldn't be adding to the fun unless you'd have the players more invested in the long term. We jumped right to a negotiation with enough rounds to let all players run a scam, again no reason to introduce elements that would potentially leave anyone out of the action. The scenarios themselves were pretty simple so I went with 3 legs, ones that did a good job in informing the setting without getting too complicated (the Wait and See massacre was used in both games, for example).

Overall I'd say it went really well, though one ran a little bit long. Good luck at the show!

General Discussion / Re: Contract - "The Hive"
« on: July 13, 2018, 03:31:55 PM »
I really like this one, but the low starting cost means that if any other gig is available my group wouldn't give it a second glance. A higher price might not be warranted though unless other factors weighed into why BeeMail needed the building back. Hrm.

General Discussion / Re: Red Markets Actual Play-My Darling Nicky
« on: June 26, 2018, 08:13:17 PM »
Aside from being set in Prince's home state, is there some relevance to the campaign being called Darling Nikki? I haven't really picked up anything during the recordings that seem to reference this and it had me curious.

General Discussion / Re: Running elections in the Loss?
« on: June 22, 2018, 11:55:55 PM »
For a successful coup to work, she needs to assassinate the other leader's character while simultaneously making herself look like the only obvious choice.

Or assassinate the other leader and make it look accidental.  With Latents, that could be as simple as making it look like the other Latent turned and had to be put down.  If possible, killed by someone who ISN'T a candidate; people will talk about how "convenient" it was that she was there when the other leader turned...

The bit i'm getting stuck on is that it shouldn't be obvious the client is sending the team out to do something that would alter an election, at least not until the team is really neck-deep in it. Something as blatant as an assassination of the faction leader would be a bit blunt...

General Discussion / Re: Contract - "Bounty Don't Grow on Trees"
« on: June 19, 2018, 02:59:55 PM »
"We should play something more cheery and upbeat after that last session with MauveHand... maybe a game like Russian Roulette? We'll start with 3 in the cylinder. Roll for initiative."

General Discussion / Re: Running elections in the Loss?
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:46:24 AM »
So is it the preview to a coup or just trying to change a law?

Either way if they're trying to change an election she likely needs some kind of triumph.

Definitely a coup, and events of the last session (last night, after I made the initial request) up the stakes quite a bit...

General Discussion / Re: Running elections in the Loss?
« on: June 15, 2018, 02:57:05 PM »
Points are well taken, perhaps I should expand on what I'm working with to give a better sense of the kind of inspiration i'm looking for:

Oz is an enclave built around the Bagnell Dam in the Missouri Ozark lakes region. The government is run by a council comprised of 2 representatives from each of the various factions in power (only one from the latent community, which leads into my request). Representatives are voted in by their respective factions and enjoy authority both within their faction and helping shape decisions across the entire enclave.

A radical faction within the latents group is trying to gain more power to better reverse the second-class citizen status latents have within the enclave, but is wary about an open revolt so trying to sway the election is her way in. She'd be hiring the takers on a job to help make that happen, but it should be done in a way that won't be obvious what she's doing (at least not until later). So the goal is to send the takers out for something innocuous that will ultimately help her seize power. I'm struggling to come up with what that mission would look like though...

General Discussion / Running elections in the Loss?
« on: June 13, 2018, 07:51:21 PM »
I'm working on the seed of a plot idea, and it would revolve around the mechanisms of an election. How would some of you think an election would be run in your average enclave? Specifically in context of some group looking to influence/subvert that election?

Paper ballots seem too prone to issues and not as open to to the story i'd be looking to build, and there would be too many people for a voice roll. There are different kinds of electronic means, but i'd be interested in any ideas that might result in a crew being sent out to get/do _____ in order to either influence or get the means to influence an upcoming election. Ideally, the Takers wouldn't realize this until it was too late to back out without loss (if at all).

Any ideas, fellow Markets?

I had a similar idea that I had posted to Reddit here:

I think the bits mentioned there that aren't here already that I liked best were the Hazmat Suit and some gear upgrades

Hazmat Suit
Upkeep: 5 for purchase purposes only
Effect: Protects the taker from any liquid or gaseous substances that could cause harm, including blight-infected objects.

Clunky: Stealth checks at default only; no skill bonus
Hooded: +2 to the natural Red die for all Awareness checks
Hampering: takes up one Haul and one Refresh while equipped or carried
In Demand: cannot be refreshed, but costs no upkeep after purchase
Fragile: gear breaks with a single hit as the suit gets breached

Upgrades (DHQS issue?)
Lash Mic: has embedded communications equipment that provides radio contact
Custom Tailored: removes the hampering quality
Padded: buys off the clunky quality
Headlamp: attached flashlight allows for Awareness checks in darkness

Rifle Upgrade: Grenade Launcher
Allows you to fire a grenade without using a twitch action to change weapons. Skill to use becomes Firearms instead of Athletics, grenades become long range. Uses grenades as ammo, purchased separately. Qualities: Capped and Single Shot.

Knife Upgrade: Bayonet/Mountable
Allows you to use a knife as a bayonet, allowing a melee attack with your rifle without using a twitch action to change weapons. All other knife qualities apply.

Club Upgrade: Crowbar/Tool
Like a lockpick adds to chances to unlock a door, a Crowbar adds +1 to Resistance checks to break down or force open doors and similar. Perhaps include the Manpower quality as well?

Listening now, I like a lot of the rules you came up with to adapt to the setting. Driving home from work with it on, I did wonder why you didn't make retainers more like the animals/drones from the current rules. You could have a base upkeep (i'd think 2 instead of 1, since proper outfitting and training would require more resources than a child sitting at home) and then buy upgrades to allow for the varied functions a possible retainer might have. At base the retainer could take basic actions in the way that some of the animals would, have a base carrying capacity of one Haul, and possibly with one 'free' upgrade to define his role. Then you can specialize them with other upgrades to serve other purposes. Give them the standard 10 'charges'/wounds that can be refreshed with rations, and otherwise mechanically take cues from what's in the rules.

Some ideas for upgrades to reflect the training they would have:
Squire - allows the purchase of heavy armor (and other special items you had listed as needing a retainer for)
Hardy - Buys an extra Haul of carrying capacity (can be purchased multiple times)
Skilled/Learned - retainer has a skill/craft of 1 that they can roll for (like having a personal blacksmith or scholar as a retainer)
Industrious - allows the retainer to take a work action while the crew looks for contracts
Hunter - Retainer can gather d10 of rations every day from hunting local game
Combatant - allows the retainer to use more than base clubs as weapons to aid in combat/allows then to participate in combat at all when not desperately needed to survive
Scout - allows the retainer to operate ahead of the crew and make Awareness checks in the area at a +2

All that said, i hope you share more of the rules you came up with, I'd love to get a better look at them. Really interesting mod to the system!

General Discussion / Re: Survey for people who listen to podcasts
« on: March 26, 2018, 08:56:55 PM »
I submitted a form. I'd love to hear another campaign! I started recording my own as well, but the production values are really awful, so I doubt i'd ever podcast-ify it. Good luck!

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