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8/23 - Blue's Diary
« on: August 23, 2017, 09:20:34 PM »
I'm not exactly sure what I expected.  I mean, I know its not magic to just become a Taker.  You don't just instantly get wealthy and skilled and smart.  Its hard, horrible, exhausting work, I'm sure.  I've even been saving up about half my rations in order to be ready for the carbs needed when I hit the road for whatever misery hits.

I tell you this much, its totally not glamorous.  10K Lakes, as some of you have noted already, doesn't seem to have much of a steady Taker crew.  It just has this weird...I want to say, menagerie of people who are occasionally willing to do work.

I found a group.  There aren't really any names up here either, and I tried to lobby to get in with them.  Said they already had a medic, and a latent.

Okay first off, its better to have two medics, and second, a latent isn't a freaking job.  Its a thing.  its a terrible thing to be.  Its not like you have specific roles for what you need out there.  You need people, not

Okay enough, I'm ranting and I don't have a lot of battery time.

I'm just tired of being hungry.  I'm tired of having no little place to call my own, even if its three square feet.  I just want something tangible. 

On the bright side, there's need for latent medics, so I can advertise Latents 4 Less again.  On the down side, I got hit by a concrete chunk when someone called me a 'race traitor'

I don't even know how to respond to that.  I'm guessing they mean race as in human?  Does that mean the C's are a race?
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