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Flapjack and Baz
« on: June 18, 2019, 03:44:42 PM »
One of the random legs in the book involves a trucker duo who offer to give the Takers a ride to their destination in return for riding on top of their truck and fending off casualties. I think i'm about to spring this one on my group, and looking for ways to spice up the combat that will take place on top of the trailers as they cruise past the various horrible legs that I had planned for on the ground.

Has anyone run this leg before, and if so what did you do to keep the ride interesting beyond a series of combat rolls?


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Re: Flapjack and Baz
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2019, 07:59:19 PM »
I havent run this particular one but some things that spring to mind would be things like:

1. them having to clear the road of a blockage (natural or constructed - with that what you may  ;))
2. Low bridge where they would have to abandon the roof or deal with things jumping down from above.
3. raiders / bandits / ect taking pot shots at them from time to time, even if its not a concentrated effort.
4. the truckers themselves are 'red-eye' express truckers for a reason, perhaps have something go wrong with them or the truck and have the takers have to cover until the problems fixed.
5. have the 'cargo'* be something that causes some unease with the takers (ether individually or as a whole) make it an opportunity to earn back some willpower - *casualties / caged vectors / barrels of blight (perhaps one or all of these 'rupture' at some point) / Human cargo - (latents / munes / normies) / huge stockpiles of 'X' that your enclave desperately needs...

Just some of the ideas, might have more later or inspire some other takes on it. theres plenty of opportunity to have even something like this that looks like a pure combat require other investments to get past, such as the rig breaking down or having to negotiate/navigate some terrain issues that dident get scouted ahead of time due to a course change. might look at combining the leg with elements from other legs to 'spook' even if they dont interact. perhaps they see something - drone buzz past them / a horde on the horizon / a potential job site / ect.
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