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LordSkys Introduction
« on: October 27, 2018, 05:50:23 AM »
A picture of an androgynous person with neon blue hair cut in a bob is shown. Their eyes, nose, and most of the face is blurred out, but a smirking mouth with purple lipstick stands out at you. Military grade cargo pants and women's black tank top are visible, and they have tattoos of a Celtic cross and a tree with roots growing down the left arm. They have their arms on the shoulders of a set of male twins, carpet armor on the arm around the latent one, her tattooed arm on the one that's not. There are black X on each eye of the twins. In the lower corner is an elderly pissed of man with a large pint and a very large cigar.

I realize I haven't exactly introduced myself. My name is LordSkys. Before you say anything... yes, someone "like me" did survive the Crash. As far as I'm aware I'm the only one that has survived to this point. Prefers she or they pronouns.

The hair was dyed before the Crash. "Evercolor Blue #97" has lasted five years. Lipstick wore off a while ago.

In the picture is my crew. Foxtrot and Coyote were my brothers. Coyote is the latent, Foxtrot was not. And that other guy is Cigs. Cigs is... well he's Cigs. Anti-tech type. I don't talk much about Foxtrot and Coyote, but suffice it to say I'm in the market for new partners.

Speaking of partners, Elsie is my rock. Our would-be wedding was crashed... bad choice of word... "invaded" by some neonazi Hicks. And then crashed... better use, still not a great word... by some vectors.

We made it out with Foxtrot and Coyote. Saw Mother Johnson's neck get torn open and ran with them and didn't turn back.

I'm a taker by trade, but I work on tech. Will sell information or unique gear for the right price. Unique is my specialty, and a passion. You can count on a fair deal on any unique items I pawn or get pawned.

U beasts is a great distraction from the Loss. Got a 13th level Alt-color Fearataur, max abilities. Looking for a Cryofin, must be female and have the "adventurous" desposition. Will trade just about any U Beasts for crypto, won't go the other way around.

Lightning Round

Abberants: They're real, but not well understood. Wierdest one I dealt with had four arms and threw a vector at Cigs like it was a football. That... wasn't fun.

Randians: Fuck em.

Latents: They're dangerous but still human.

Palbickle: Dead.

Gnat: Necessary. Ubiq is the only way 98% of humanity has stayed alive, some people are just to stubborn to admit it.

DHQS: A necessary evil. Terrible people, good loot.

Recession: Not for me. The crash was bad, but the recession eats people like me for breakfast. Plus I like the openness of the Loss.

Killing: Meh. I had killed before the Crash, self defense. It's not nearly as dangerous or as intimate at 500 yards.

Meds: No SOMA or Stim Sauce. Slow release medication implants pre-crash. Got another two years before that shit is up, and I already have replacements ready.

Umm... I think that may be it. Oh... Um... I do document some things, and... Damn how do I say this...

I have some vids. If... you need to buy some. Most are technical. A few are of the more... adult themes.

I only do requests as personal videos, and watermark them accordingly. If I find them out there it stops.

Link to


So LordSkys is a Roach. They (at the moment) have Str 1, Spd 3, Adp 3, Int 2, Cha 1, Will 3.

She has the Weak Spot of "Difference breeds Resiliance". She has been different all her life. Boy, girl, other, trans, f****t, she's heard every term in the book. She holds back, but saying just the right thing can make her hot headed, and her trust is not won easily due to those scars.

They also have the Soft Spot "The Few who are Loyal". She has a soft spot for those who are loyal to a fault. She never had that kind of support in her life before Elsie, and she sympathizes with those that are so desperate for that connection, whether or not it is a healthy or mutual relationship.

They have maxed Shoot, Athletics, Scavenge, Awareness, Self Control, Profession (Drones), and Mecahnics. She also has a smattering of other skills.

They are Lost for life, and more than a little unhinged. They are also willing to do desperate things for desperate times.

Finally, she has a unique rifle with all upgrades and a digital scope which doubles as a fully upgraded set of binoculars. She also has carpet armor, a Kevlar vest, a versatile club, and a wrist mounted EverLight. She has recently acquired a limited edition DHQS Special Ops Light Chassis drone, which has the hampering quality removed, whisper drive, and autocomplete algorithm. The Light Chassis cannot be taken with BeeMail Chassis.
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